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“Hello” Veronica greeted as she walked into Linda room


“Hey, Veronica…Good Morning ” She greeted with a genuine smile on her face


“Good morning to you too, I just wanted to know how you are doing this morning”


“Well I think I am kind of okay, just a little hangover”


“Had too much to drink?”


“Kind of”


“So I was thinking we should all go to the restaurants for breakfast, you, me, Kyle and William how does that sound?”


“Sounds pretty good to me, I will just take a quick shower. I will be out in a few minutes”


“Okay that is great,” Veronica said as she turned to leave


“Wait Veronica” Linda called




“I really hope you are not at all bothered by me being here?”


“Why should I be?” Veronica asked


“I am here pretending to be your husband’s fiancee, I am sure that must bother you a lot”


“I haven’t known you for a long time, but I feel like you are the only one I can trust. I should be thanking you, you are doing me such a huge favor by acting”


“Oh no, don’t say that, I am really happy to do this for you and William”


Veronica smiled and placed her hand on her shoulder” we will be in the restaurant”


“Okay,” she said just before nica smiled and walked out of the room. Linda smiled lightly to herself just before she grabbed her white towel and walked into the bathroom.



Linda walked into the restaurant and the first person she made eye contact with was Kyle.


“Oh you here, seat,” Veronica said pointing at a chair right next to Kyle


“There?” She asked


“Yeah there, do you perhaps have a problem with sitting so close to Kyle?” William asked while Linda laughed nervously


“Why should I, I have no problem doing that” she sat down next to Kyle who smiled lightly to himself



“Let order ” Veronica picked up the menu on the table while Kyle and Linda glared at each other


“I think I will have this what about you William?”


He held her and smile “I will have whatever you have”


Veronica smiled while Linda clenched her first trying her best to control her feelings. Kyle noticed the sudden change in behavior as he also picked up the menu and tried to distract Linda


“Are you going to order something or?”


“Yeah, yeah sure I will order something” she said blinking abruptly as she collected the menu from Kyle and blinked abruptly to control her tears from rolling down her cheek.




“Are you sure you are going to finish all this?” William asked Veronica who was fully concentrated on eating her food


“yes I am”she answered


” Veronica are you okay, I am asking because I am a little concerned” Kyle said


“Let her eat all she wants” William said as he picked up a white napkin “here you have something here” he said as gently wipes her lips with the napkins


“Thanks” she said with a smile as she kissed him while Linda who couldn’t take it all anymore slammed her hand on the table and stood on her feet


“Hey Linda, what wrong?” William asked looking concerned while she forced a smile and said” I am sorry about that, I need to visit the restroom”


“Okay” Veronica said with a smile as Linda walked away.


“Excuse me, I will also be in the rest room” Kyle said as he stood on his feet



Linda ran into the bathroom and cleaned her face with water “stop crying already you fool when will you understand that he belongs to Veronica and not you….he


belongs to Veronica” Linda said to her reflection in the mirror as she bit her lower lips to control her tears


Linda walked out of the bathroom few minutes later and reduced her speed when she saw Kyle outside the bathroom


“You, why are you here”


“I was in the bathroom, and I came to give you this” he said as he gave her a tissue “I thought you might need it” he said as he turned his back to walk away


“Aren’t you suppose to tell me to stop crying or something, instead you gave me a tissue to wipe my tears”


“Will you listen to me if I tell you to stop crying?”




“Then what is the point?” He asked as he walked away leaving her alone. Linda stared at the tissue in her hand and back at Kyle.


“He is such a strange person




why do you have to work around the house dressed in that..i am trying to focus on work here” William said trying his best to focus on his computer


“That what I do not want, who brings work to a vacation?” She asked as she closed his laptop, tossed it aside and sat on his laps to straddle him


“This is pure temptation” William said as his hand went under her short dress and grabbed her butt



“That is the point ” she said as she buried her hand deep in his hair and slowly engaged their mouth in a deep kiss while she gently moved her hips back and front against his hard member.


William broke the kiss before saying” I need to check on something, I will be right back”


“And what is that”


“It is a surprise” he said as he gently kissed her on the lips


“Okay” she said as she stood on her feet and slept on the bed while William smiled, stood on his feet before walking out of the room.




“I want it perfect and prepare a room for their arrival unless you all want to get fired”


“Yes sir” the island manager bowed slightly just before be he walked away. William sighed as he ran his hand through his hair. He must do absolutely anything to unite Veronica and her family


“Hey William” Linda greeted as she walked towards him


“Hey Linda, how are you?”


“I am okay I guess..” She said


“Is anything wrong with you?”he asked with a concerned look


” I am fine, absolutely fine”


“I have known you ever since we were kids. I know when you are happy and when you clear to see that you are not happy”


“William..i am fine”


“Okay…wait are you drunk?” He asked


“I just had a little alcohol” she said while smiling


“You many times do I have to tell you that alcohol doesn’t help solve problem”


“I was hoping it will fix a broken heart”


“And who is the jerk that broke your heart, a name is all I want and i will not hesitate to teach him a lesson”


Linda stares at him for awhile as she blinked abruptly trying to control her tears


“Linda sit” William said as he helped her seat on a chair while he bent down in a squat “why are you crying?”


“I am not crying”


“I think it better if we talk tomorrow then, you currently drunk so I do not think you are in a condition to talk..i will have one of the workers here escort you to your room…we will talk better tomorrow okay” he said as he cleaned her tears with his thumb and stood on his feet and turned to leave


Linda also stood on her feet as she called his name “William”


“Yes” he answered as he turned her back abruptly and the next thing Linda did shocked him. She kissed him on the lips and William pushed her away lightly


“Linda” he called her name “why did you do that?”


“I am so sorry I….”she stopped talking when she turned to her side and her eyes


widened in shock like she just saw a ghost


what, what are you looking at?” Williams asked as he turned to his side and his mouth fell wide open in shock


“Veronica it….” She did not allow him complete what he was about to say before


she walked away


“Veronica wait” Williams called as he ran after her


“Oh no, oh no…what have I done?” Linda asked herself “I shouldn’t have done that…why did I do that, what came over me…why?”














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