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Warning: Strong Sexual contents ahead. Please feel free to skip if you do not like reading explicit stuffs.


“What! Are you crazy?” He asked as he removed his hand from hers “you want me to end our relationship”


“No,no , I will never ask you to do that. There’s no way you will end our relationship I just want you to pretend for the media that all”


“I still do not understand”


“I went to see Catherine today, she offered me money to stay away from you but I told her no. I told her to give me some time to prove myself, to prove that I really love you”


You do not have to prove anything to Catherine. She is upset and I am pretty sure she will come to her senses sooner or later ”


“No she won’t William, you and Beatrice are currently not on good terms thanks to me”


“That was not your fault, it all Beatrice fault”


“I know, but it doesn’t matter does it?





“William” she said as she cupped his face in her hand while he looked sideways to avoid eye contact “look at me please”she said while William turned to look at her “William I am your wife, you have only know me for about a year now but you have known your sister for 28 years, I refuse to be the one that seperates you and your family, I cannot do that William”


“Veronica” he held her by her wrist and pulled her hands gently off his face “you are not seperating us, I love my sister more than words can describe but I still cannot do what you are asking me too”


“William, I am not saying we will stop seeing each other. We will see each other, but you just have to pretend for me okay, pretend for the Media. It not like you will be getting married to her, it just for me to prove myself to Catherine”


“And how do you plan on doing that?”


“I do not know yet but William, do this for me. I have no family, you are my only family, that makes your family my family. Catherine is my sister, Beatrice is my sister and I will do my best to unite this family, I refuse to be the reason you all seperates”


“Okayyyyy, I will talk to Linda, she is my best friend I am sure she will agree”


Veronica smiled as she slowly kissed him on the lips “I love you william”


He looked at her and smiled “do I have to say it before you know just how crazy I am about you”


“It will make me feel better if you should say it”


He wrapped his hand around her waist and smirked “I love you too” he paused for awhile before saying” so much”



Veronica smiled as she hugged William placing her head on his chest “well I better go get my things now” she moved away from him and said “I need to go now”


“What why, why do you want to”


“William, now that everyone knows that you are getting engaged to Linda, the media will be all over you. It will be wierd when they see me with you all the time”


“But what about what happened last time?”


“I will try to be safe…you do not worry”


“Stay here tonight, I know what to do tomorrow”


“But William” he grabbed her by the wrist as he made her walk with him into the house.


“What are you going to do tomorrow?”


“Do not worry about that Veronica, I have everything under control”


Veronica sighed as she went to the wardrobe, picked up her night gown and walked into the bathroom. Veronica walked back into the room dressed in her see through night dress.


William stared at her as he smiled lightly to himself


“What with that look”


“Nothing” he said as he shook his head


“Okay, Goodnight” she said as she climbed on the bed and laid down on her side.


She felt the bed sink in her by her side as she smiled to herself light knowing William just climbed on the bed.



“What makes you think I will just let you go to bed while wearing that” he whispered in her ear while Veronica smiled lightly and turned to face him


“,Don’t you have a meeting to attend to tomorrow?”


He smiled and bit his lips”I will let you go this time, only because I need to wake up really early in the won’t be so lucky next Time”


She smiled and said “Go to sleep”


“Okay ma”am” he said as he moved her close to him and cuddled her like she was his personal Teddy


The next morning, Veronica was woken up by Williams who already looked dressed for work


“You, why are you awake already and why are you all dressed?” She asked as she rubbed her sleepy eyes


“You have a weak memory don’t you, anyway I need to take you to your new apartment before I go to work”


“My new apartment?” Veronica asked looking confused “what happened to the old one?”


“Yeah, why don’t you go back to the old one and risked being killed, that makes sense”


“This is not the time to be sarcastic Williams”


“Just take a shower and get dressed already”he said as he moved away from her while Veronica ran her hand through her hair, sighed, got up from the bed and walked towards the bathroom. She stopped walking when she suddenly remembered something and turned to look at William “ummm William”


“Yes” he answered fully focused on the mirror as he fixed his hair


“This new house of yours, I am sure it is normal sized house right?”


William stopped spraying his hair as he looked at Veronica and smiled nervously “yeah, absolutely normal”


“Okayyyyy” she said as she walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind her




Veronica had her mouth wide open as she stared at the big house before her. It was not as big as Williams mansion, but it was still half as big as his mansion and a little too much for her .






*You said the house you got for me is normal”she slowly dropped the little puppy in her hand on the floor as it ran into the house


“Yeah totally normal, even doodles loves it ”


“William, what exactly is normal to you?”




“This is too….”


“It not too much Veronica” he said cutting in


“William I can’t….”


“Come-on , let go inside” he said as he held her by the hand. “I have security cameras every where and then I can watch this house ”


“Wait do you have cameras in the room too”




“And in the bathroom”




“So you going to be watching me all the time”


“Yes, I will be and the door to the Mansion has a password, the security here is tight and I will even have three bodyguards gaurd this place every single day”


“Okay william isn’t this a bit too much, I mean why”


“You can never be too safe, what if something happens to you I don’t Know what I might do to myself”


“William I will be fine”


“Just let me do whatever I want to do, you have already put me in a difficult situation, I do whatever you want me to can’t you just do this for me?”


Veronica sighed and said ” okay”


“That is great I…”


“Hello ma, hello sir ” two pretty girls dressed in maids uniform greeted William and Veronica


“Hello, William who who are they?”


“Your personal maids”


“Maids!” Veronica looked at the maid and said politely “please excuse us for a second”


“Sure ma”am” the said as they walked away


“William why?”


“Leave it Veronica, all I need from you right now is to stop complaining”


“But William…”


“Oh will you look at the time, I am late for my meeting already. Bye, see you tonight” he said as he kissed her on the forehead and walked out of the mansion leaving her behind.




“You wanted to see me ?” Linda said as William pulled out a chair for her in the restaurant and she sat down on it


“Yes I wanted to talk to you about something” he said as he held her hand while people in the restaurant stared at them, some even went as far as taking pictures of them


Linda looked at William as she smiled” what do you want to tell me?”


“You know Veronica is my wife right”


“Yes I know that Catherine told me that”


I have known you since we were kids and you do not have any feelings for me right”


“None besides friendship and the crush I use to to have on you back in elementary school, I was just a kid and I thought you were the angel my Mom is always talking about because you looked extremely pretty”


William chuckled and said”pretty?”


“You looked like a girl back then, my mom use to tell me that angels are extremely good-looking, and just because you were good-looking even as a child I thought you were an angel”


“That funny, you thought I was an angel when I thought you were a pumpkin”


“Hey!” She said as she hit him playfully


“Sorry, I am sorry” he said laughing


She smiled and said “trust me William I have no feelings for you”


That is good to hear, I just want a little favour from you” “And what is that?”


William sighed as he explained the whole thing to Linda who smiled lightly


“You know that i will do literally anything for you William, that something I can no big deal, I can pretend for you”


“Thank you so much Linda, you really are the best friend anyone could ever ask for”


“Do not worry William, I like Veronica and I am sure Catherine will forgive her very soon. She really is the perfect girl for you, probably the only girl able to tolerate you”


“I actually think it the other way round, you have no idea how difficult that woman is”


“I am surprised you still love her, you said you hate sturborn women”


“That what I thought until I met Veronica, there is absolutely nothing about her to hate even if you try to”


“I think she is just naturally a likeable person, I mean I saw her once and I already like her”


“That is great”


“So I will do what you want, like I said anything for my best friend”


William squeezed her hand in his gently and smiled” I have to go now, maybe we will talk some other time. I have work to do”


“Okay no problem” she said


“Do you want me to drop you off?”


“No i still want to stay here for awhile. I didn’t have breakfast, so I might as well have it here”


“Okay, see you later Linda”


“Bye” she said with a smile on her face Williams walked away. The smile slowly disappear as her eyes was filled with tears


“Do not cry again Linda, you are doing the right thing. William loves Veronica, she is perfect for him. She is the type of woman he loves” she turned her head to the side as she wiped the tears that rolled down her cheeks


“How do I tell you this Williams, how do I tell you that the feelings I had in elementary school never left me. I am crazy about you but I cannot say that because you love someone else. This hurts a lot ” she said as she wiped the tears that rolled freely down her cheeks


“Be strong Linda, you are doing the right thing. I am proud of you” she encouraged herself as she forced a smile


“you are doing the right thing”









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