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The atmosphere surrounding the couples changed as it felt like they were the only one left in the entire world. Veronica slowly opened her mouth giving Williams tongue easy access to it. Sure they had kissed before in the past, but this is definitely the first time they are using their tongues.Willams hand fell on her perfectly sculpted hip using it to pull her even closer to him . The kiss was sensual, passionate and a hint of lust in it. Something both couples has never felt for each other before since their relationship has always been a healthy one even though they’re legally married. William broke the kiss to catch his breathe and that seemed to upset Veronica a bit, she does not mind slowly loosing air and die as long as it means she get to kiss him forever. William stared at her as he slowly tucked her hair behind her ear. Veronica clenched her fist nervously as she stared at his beautiful Amber eyes, the man’s beauty never ceases to captivate him, he was art. Facial features were perfect, He stood exactly six feet tall, while she was 5 feet 8 . William was also admiring her beauty just like Veronica was admiring his. Her big beautiful brown her eyes,her beautiful plump lips, her unique facial features, pale skin and long beautiful brown hair.


“I am only forgiving you” he slowly pulled the string of hair away from her face “so you will stop doing things to hurt yourself” his hand was still on her hips using it to hold her close to him and that little action didn’t seem to bother Veronica at all.


“It doesn’t matter your reason forgiving me ” she bit her lower lips before nervously ” as long as you forgive me, I am okay with whatever reason you might have” William looked at her for awhile before he smirked and moved away from.



“I will be on my way now” She announced picking up the white fur ball William had gotten for her earlier. The excited puppy barks as it licks her face making Veronica laugh.


“Where are you going?” A very familiar voice asked as they both turned their head simultaneously to wherever the voice came from. Very mouth fell open in shock when she saw Catherine and William expressions didn’t seem to change at all. From her last encounter with Catherine, she didn’t seem to like her at all since she strongly believes that Veronica is the one behind grandmother’s death. Unsure of what to do , Veronica looks at William who kept his eyes fixed on Catherine and then she looked back at Catherine again, lowering her face a little since she is way to ashamed of what she had done in the past. The intimidating woman walked rather elegantly towards Veronica overshadowing her a little with her height as she stood only two feet away from her.


“I am sorry ,I will be on my way now Cat…”


“This is your house” She said cutting in as she looked at William. “I will admit I am not happy with you right now, infact I do not like you one bit but that doesn’t mean I totally hate you either. Unlike you, I truly care about one person and that is my brother, if he is happy with you then I am” she inhaled deeply as she walked past me. The woman use to like me so much but now she doesn’t feel anything towards her, not even hatred.


“Bye William” she waved at him while he folded his arms and waved back at her with a light smile on his face. She didn’t want to leave, and he wasn’t doing anything to stop her either. She couldn’t help but Wonder when she is going to get the opportunity to see him again, it might take a couple of days , maybe even weeks. Veronica walked out of the Morgans mansion as she stopped a taxi and got into it. She stared out the window of the taxi as she hugged her little fur ball forgetting it a dog, not a stuffed toy”


“Now what should we name you” She Said as she brought the puppy close to her face” I am thinking Doodle” she Said. It definitely a hilarious dog name, but it suites her dog perfectly. Veronica spent the entire day thinking of the day she will get the opportunity to see William again. She already moved into her New



comfortable and we’ll furnished apartment, sure it was nothing to close to the Morgans mansion in terms of size or Interior design , it was nothing fancy but it still very comfortable and cozy.


Veronica had her clothes scattered all over the house, she barely had enough time to clean since she has to leave for work as early 6:30 and come back later in the night Exhausted. She spent the entire day Cleaning the house but paid no attention to her bed that had her bras and panties scattered all over it.


Later in the evening at exactly 6:45pm , she got ready to clean her bed just before hearing the doorbell. She arched her brow in confusion since she wasn’t expecting anyone, but something suddenly hit her mind as she smiled “must be the Chinese food o ordered” she opened the door with a smile on her face


Oh hey William” she said casually as she left the door opened and turned to leave but then something suddenly hit her mind as she widened her eyes in Shock “WILLIAM! ” she exclaimed as she turned around abruptly. “You..h…what …how are you here” shock written all over her face as she stared at her husband like she just saw a ghost


“Are you not going to at least tell me to come in Orr”


“Just one second please” she Said using her finger to signify her words as she slammed the door in his face. She ran towards her bra and panties scattered on her bed as she parked everyone of them and squeezed it in her wardrobe and laid her bed properly. She definitely doesn’t want her husband to think she is dirty or unorganized especially when he is some kind of cleanliness freak . She gave herself


a quick check in the mirror as she walked towards the door and opened it for him.


“Please come in ” she said moving out of his way as she used her hand to direct him into her house.


“Thanks” he said as he looked around the house, it felt like the walls and ceiling were closing up on him as he is not used to being in such a tiny apartment. Even his bathroom back in the mansion was way bigger than the entire apartment.


“I am sorry ,it a bit small compared to what you are used…”


“Did I complain?” He asked cutting in. He looked around the small sitting room for what to sit on and when he couldn’t find any he looked back at Veronica.


“Oh sorry” she apologized blinking abruptly “I didn’t get the time to buy furnitures in the sitting room yet, but I will definitely do that soon . In the main time, there is a chair in my room. You can sit down on that “She Said as she lead him to her room.


“Please make yourself comfortable” she Said pointing at a white sofa in her room while William sat down on it. She has no idea why she was being too formal with William, but she couldn’t help it as the aura surrounding him that evening was different. It was different from his normal caring and humble husband who always listen to their wife into a cold looking, intimidating and arrogant Rich husband who always tells their wife what to do ,even in bed. The little fur bull ran towards William with something in his mouth while Veronica who wasn’t paying attention stared at the wall clock. William removed what the dog had in it mouth as he stared at Veronica with a smirk on his face ” I assume this belong to you” his deep voice making her turn to face him. She immediately wished the ground could open and swallow her up as William stretched her bra towards her. She snatched the bra from him and immediately hide it away in her cupboard as she looked away from him clearly embarrassed by this situation.


“It really not good to run around with my wife’s bra in your mouth” he said to the little dude as he stroked him gently. Veronica was beyond embarrassed as she cursed the little dog in her mind ” so what did you name him?” She asked


“Doodles” She Said while William kept a straight face for a few seconds before bursting into laughter


“Hey what so funny? ” Veronica asked in a rather cute way


“Who names their dog doodles, that a strange but funny name ” he said as he relaxed in the sofa



“Well every sane person in the world does” she folded her arms in anger as she glared playfully at William” why are you here anyway, I am sure you didn’t come to insult my choice if name for my dog”


He grabbed her by the arm and pulled her towards him making her fall sitting on his lap. Veronica suddenly felt a bit uncomfortable as she looked down unable to stare in his eyes .


“Look at me ” he said with a very commanding tone as she slowly raised her head to look him in the eyes. “This is a new side of you” his hand slowly moved from her lap down to her legs sending wave of electricity down her body . Veronica could feel Williams d*ck getting hard against her but and this makes her a little uncomfortable even though part of her still liked it. She bit her lips in frustration when she realised Williams little action was making her wet. Not wanting to go too deep, she called his name “William don’t..”


“Shhh , as much as I would love to make you mine right now, I am not here for that and I definitely won’t do that in this small apartment”


“Hey!” She hit him playfully on the chest as she tried to stand up but his grip on her was too strong.


“Then tell me, why are you here?” She asked


“To give you back what you almost died for” he slowly put the necklace around her neck as she stared at him


I even had your name written on it, check the back” he said as as Veronica turned the back of the diamond pendent. She smiled when she saw W loves V


“W loves V, does that mean William love Veronica”


“No it means Willow loves Victor”


“Willow and Victor..wait were you being sarcastic”



“Dummy, it obviously means Williams loves Veronica. Although I do not really love you but I just decided to put that on it”


“Really?” She smiled at him just before rolling her eyes.


“When are you coming back home?” That question caught her off gaurd as she stared at him.




“You heard me ”


“I don’t know , I really want to get Catherine to forgive me before I come back to that house . She is like the elder sister I never had and I did the stupidest thing when ..”


“You were not the one who killed my grandmother, You caused her death but you didn’t kill her , at least you did not do it on purpose and you truly regret your actions. I realised holding a grudge against you wouldn’t bring my grandmother back, neither will it make me a better person. I don’t hate my loved ones same thing goes for Catherine. She is upset, yes . But she definitely does not hate you and very soon she will realise just what I realised and forgive you”


“But until then, I want to respect her by not coming into that house. I want to make her forgive me first ,then I will move back in so we can all live together like a happy family”


William sighed deeply as he moved Veronica away from his lap and stood on his feet. “Fine then, I respect your decision but till then, I will have to find you somewhere more comfortable than this apartment”


“What wrong with this one”


“It tiny”


“But I love it here..I am not moving out ”


“Fine then I can at least make it more comfortable for you ”


“How?” She asked as she hacked her brow


“You will see ..it a surprise” he slowly planted a kiss on her forehead before saying


see you tomorrow” Veronica smiled back at him before waving her hands. She definitely didn’t want him to go, but she is still too proud to say that.


William walked out of the house while Veronica smiled softly to herself


This is definitely the beginning of their love story














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