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CHAPTER 69 . (Reread episode)












Warning: Strong Sexual contents ahead. Please feel free to skip if you do not like reading explicit stuffs.


Veronica slowly entered williams room while holding her dog very close to her chest and looking around in fear like her attacker is going to pounce on her again like they did in her apartment.


“You okay?” William asked as she placed his hand on her shoulder while Veronica Forced a smile and nodded lightly


“If you not okay sleeping in the same room with me, I can always excuse you”


“No William” She slowly dropped the puppy on the floor as she hugged William placing her head on his chest ” I do not think I can sleep alone, please do not leave me alone here”


William couldn’t help but smile lightly as he used his hand to gently brush her hair. He loves seeing this side of Veronica. The hard and tough side she always display was just a cover. The truth is deep in side, she is nothing but a big softie.


I am here Right? No one will try to harm you okay. Veronica nodded as she moved away from William.


“I will sleep on the couch then” She said pointing at the couch while William just simply stared at her coldly. When she got no reply from him, she lowered her head as she walked towards the Closet to get a duvet. William grabbed Veronica’s by the wrist and spinned her around before she could touch the closet door knob.


“We will sleep on the bed”


“What William I..”


“You what?” He asked as he lifted his left eye brow


“But William I..”



“Do not worry i am a bit tired tonight, had a long day at work. I have to be up early tomorrow for a business meeting so i have to go to bed early which means I won’t lay a finger on you I promise”


Veronica nodded her head while William slowly unbuttons his shirt


“Hey what are you doing ?” She asks while William ignored her and had a mischievous smirk on his face as he removes his shirt revealing that perfect body that Veronica always drools over. He had a V line on his abs that goes all the way down to his hips. Veronica looked away while William smirked and grabbed his towel as he walked into the shower.


She exhaled and rolled her eyes as she climbed on the bed and covered herself with the duvet. she created a wall between them with pillows in order to avoid all physical contact with William. William walked out of the bathroom few minutes later wearing a sweatshirt and joggers while Veronica closed her eyes pretending she was asleep.


He smirked when he saw the pillow wall and wasted no time in demolishing it. He lied down next to Veronica as he grabbed her by the hand and pulled her close to him.


“William what are you…..”


“Aren’t you supposed to be asleep by now?” He asked with his eyes closed, while his left hand was around Veronica’s waist


Veronica raised her head to look at him and smiled lightly. He was her husband anyway, there is no need behaving like he is some kind of stranger. She gently placed her head on his chest and arms around his waist as she also went to sleep that night.






it was a simple mission Louis, I told you to kill the girl but you let her escape” A huge man holding a cigar betweens his fingers and huge looking bodyguards guiding him said as he looked down at Louis ” I am lord Pablo, I hate it when people fail, you had a simple job”



“I was going to do it sir, but then she hit a vase on my head and ran to her husband”


“Who is her husband?”


“Famous business man William Morgan, he was the one who got her released from jail”


“William Morgan, I had no idea that boy was involved in all this , I guess I will just have to take him out first in order to get to the girl”


“Sir I would have finished her off on Williams house, but the security is way too tight ”


Lord Pablo cocked his gone as he stared down at Louis “you had one job but you failed. Your life is of no use to me anymore”


“Sir please forgive me …I didn’t meant to….” Louis could not finish what he was


about to say before lord Pablo sent a bullet straight to his head


“Clear this mess and Compensate his family. And yeah, I want William Morgan and Veronica Hathaway dead in one week”


“Sir I suggest we wait a little, after the attack tonight William Morgan will be on full alert. The security will be extra tight and there will be no way to get him killed


. I think it is better if we wait and attack him when he least expected” His trusted advisor said while he nodded his head I’m agreement


“You have a point. But I want the both of them Dead before they gather some evidence to prove I was the one behind Beatrice Alfred’s and her daughter death”


“We made sure to cover our tracks. It will take some time before they figure out that you were the one behind this, there is absolutely no need for worry sir”


“Okay then”





She slowly opened her eyes the next morning and rubbed her blurry eyes till her vision becomes clear. She looked around for William but he was nowhere to be found, where could he have gone to this morning?


Veronica stood on her feet ready for work as she walked into the shower and came back few minutes later wearing a black flair green dress with floral print and black ankle boots.”William,you still around?” She said to William who stood in front of the mirror buttoning up his white shirt




“Oh , I thought you left for work this morning”


“Where are you going to?” He asked still focused on the mirror and adjusting his Shirt


“I am going to work”


He stopped what he was doing as he turned to look at Veronica “to work?”


“Yes” she answered casually as she picked up the hair dryer to dry her wet hair “do you have a problem with me going to work?”


“I have a lot of problem with you going to work”




“Whoever attacked you yesterday, do you think they are just going to stop. They won’t stop till they get you, I can’t have you wondering around the street with no protection”


“I can just hide myself away in your Mansion for the rest of my life, what am I Rapunzel?”


“You will go out only when you agree to bring bodyguards along with you ”



“Okay William” Veronica said as she moved close to him and placed her hand on his chest ” don’t you think you are being a little overprotective” she said using her hand to signify little as she had crane her neck a little to be able to make eye contact with him


“Look at your neck, and repeat what you said just now”


Veronica looked away while William held her by the chin so she makes eye contact with him ” I am doing what I feel it best, I already lost a lot of people in my life . I do not think I can add you to the list”


She stared at him for awhile before blinking abruptly “Fine I will take the bodyguards, are you happy?”


He smiled lightly as he planted a soft kiss on her lips” you and I have some serious business tonight”


“What business?” Veronica asked innocently obviously clueless


He smiled lightly as he wraps his hands around her waist” what business can I be talking about?”


Veronica immediately figured what he is talking about as her cheeks flushed in embarrassment. William moves his lips close to her here and whispered” my name will be the only thing you are screaming tonight ” Veronica felt a strange sensation in her private area as her pupils dilated. William looked into her eye and said ” you do have an option, you can always run away”


Veronica stares at him for awhile before blinking abruptly ” waw is it getting hot in here , I will be on my way to work. Excuse me” she said as she moved away from him, picked up her coat and ran out of the room nervously while William smiled lightly to himself and bit his lower lip lightly.


“Hey Veronica” Ruby greeted with a smile on her face immediately Veronica walked. She had been Veronica’s friend ever since Kyle sudden disappearance


“Hey Ruby, how are you?”



“I am fine and you?”


“Well I am okay ” Veronica answered. There was no customers in the restaurant yet and Veronica couldn’t stop thinking about what Williams Said


“What wrong?” Ruby asked as she placed her hand on VERONICA shoulder. She looked a bit concern while Veronica held her hand and led her to a table


“I need to talk to you Ruby” she said as they both sat down on a chair opposite each other


“About what Veronica?” Ruby asked as she placed her hand on the table


A friend of mine has been married for a while now, but she has never had s£x with her husband”


“Really, it okay if they have been married for like a day or two. I mean she might not be ready for that yet”


“What if they have been married for more than six months?”


“More than six months, and no s£x? How is that even possible?”


“Well ..”


“I mean why didn’t you have s£x with your husband for six months Veronica?”


“That is because…..” Veronica stopped talking and her hands immediately froze in


the air as she stares at Ruby who had a smirk on her face.” My husband? I am not even married and …”


“I am not stupid Veronica, you walk around with this wedding ring and you think no one will figure out that you are married” Veronica dipped her hand in her pocket in an attempt to hide her ring as she blinked abruptly


“Hiding it won’t change anything why?”



“Why what?” Veronica asked unable to look at Ruby


“Why you know what” Veronica sighed as she folded her arms , there was no use lying to Ruby again and besides that what the harm in telling her this “it was an arranged marriage”


An arranged marriage? That sounds like something rich people do are you guys rich or what? ”


“Yea my husband is William Morgan” Ruby kept a straight for awhile before she started laughing


“You really have a great sense of humor Veronica how funny. I mean you pretty and all, but someone like William is way out of our league”


“Yea,I was just kidding. How can William Morgan be my husband” Veronica said faking a laughter.


“So why !”


“Like I said our marriage was arranged,we never liked each other but then we fell in love in the process. Now he wants s£x but I am scared”


“Why are you scared”


“It kind of embarrassing”


“Just tell me ”


“I am a virgin okay, I have never tried it before. I think first time s£x is some kind of scary experience”


Ruby smiled lightly as she placed her hands on hers and squeezed it lightly


“You love your husband and he loves you, don’t you think your first time should be with someone you love”





“I mean heads off to you ,I had my first s£x when I was eighteen years old to a boy I didn’t even love .I did it out of peer pressure and you get to have s£x with your husband the man you love what the hold up?”


“I am scared, that the hold up”


“There is nothing to be afraid of when you are with the man you love ”




“Yes dear, if you are with your husband, his touch alone will make you melt. It will wipe all fears away and it going to feel like you are the only one in the whole world. Do not be afraid to get intimate with your husband Veronica. It the best thing.. I feel like if he can’t get what he wants from you, he will get it from other women”


“No my husband is not like that, he loves me and me alone”


“Yes, but he is a man after all, it what they want. You can’t avoid it”


Veronica nodded as she thought of what to do for awhile


It probably wouldn’t hurt if she gets intimate with her husband.


She loves William alot and i will definitely do anything to make him happy.


Veronica got back home and saw William sitted outside the house while going through something on his phone and smiling




“Hey. Veronica, you home early”


“What are you staring at on your phone”




“I want to see”


“It nothing trust me ” William said as he hid his phone


“I see you have been cheating on me, I mean I get the fact that I am not pretty enough for you or maybe you have higher standards but I am…..”


“Wait hold on what are you talking about?”


“I am talking about you being attracted to other women, isn’t that what you were staring at on your phone” Veronica said as she folded her arms in anger while acting a bit childish.she was not really upset because she knows William will never cheat on her. She was just using it to mess around with him.


William smiled lightly before saying” you want to know what I was staring at?”


“Yes I want to”Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from



“Fine have it” he said as he gave his phone to her


“What is this William, this is just my picture” Veronica said as she keeps scrolling through his phone and all she sees is her picture


“You see ” he stood on his feet ” few weeks ago when we were not on good terms, whenever I miss you alot I just look at your pictures and today I was kinda missing you so I decided to stare at them”


“Oh” Veronica said as she lowered her head unable to look at him


“Are you happy now”


“Whatever William” she said as she wanted to walk into the mansion


” I did not expect to see you here today”


“Why ?” Veronica asked


“I thought you were going to run away scared, I was serious when I said you and I have some serious business tonight”


“I know, I am curious to know what that business is all about that why I am here ” she said as she wanted to walk into the building but William stopped her again with his words


“If you go in there now, I won’t be able to control myself and I promise I won’t stop even if you ask me to this time around” Veronica smirked as she walked closer to him craning her neck to look in his eye


“Less talking more action William” she winked at him as she walked into the mansion shaking her hips to both side while William smirked and bit his lower lip


He likes this side of her, the new confidence and the sudden courage


He is going to make sure she regret being so confident


In a good way though











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