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Warning: Strong Sexual contents ahead. Please feel free to skip if you do not like reading explicit stuffs.


William’s eyes slowly fluttered open. he glanced at the alarm clock, which said 7:39 a.m.


“Where is Veronica?” He asked as he checked his side and Veronica was no where to be found, neither was the white bedspread. William couldn’t help but wonder how someone was able to remove the bed spread without him waking up. He put on an oversized black t-shirt and Ash coloured baggy trouser as he walked out of his room.


“Good morning sir” his personal maid greeted immediately he stepped outside the room


“Where is Veronica?”


“Sir she has been in the Laundry room”


“What is she doing there?”



“I don’t know sir” she answered while Williams walked into the laundry room ignoring the maids greeting him. William walked into the fancy laundry room and the first thing he caught site of was Veronica long straight flawless legs backing him. She rested on the washing machine unaware of Williams presence in the room. She was wearing a white short gown barely covering her thighs.


“What are you doing here?” William asked while Veronica flinched in fear and turned around to see him.


“William, you …I thought you will still be asleep by now”


“Asleep, it 7:41 in the morning why should I be asleep?”


“I don’t know…i…”


“What are you doing here?” William asked




“What are you doing here and what are you washing in the machine. You don’t have to do any chores, I have about 15maids in this house”


“No, I still feel better if I wash my own clothes”




“Oh please just leave it William. I am done with the cloth, we can go to the room now”


“Veronica, are you sure okay?”


“Yes I am fine, why do you ask?”


“You are acting wierd”


“Don’t be ridiculous William, I am fine. Let us go” she said as she held William by the wrist and they both walked out of the laundry room. Veronica woke up the



following morning only to find blood stains on the white bedspread, she was a Virgin, so a little blood is normal, but she thought it would have been really embarrassing if William saw the blood stains that’s why she made it her priority to wash off that blood stains before William wakes up.


William sat down on the bed as he stares at Veronica, she looked even more beautiful and he Just wish he could have her again like he did the previous night


“What wrong? Is there something on my face?” Veronica asked as she touched her face but he just simply shook his head


She smirked as she climbed on the bed and moves close to William. William made eye contact with her with a cold expression while Veronica placed her hands on his shoulder and slowly planted a kiss on his lips.


“It seems you want more of last night” he said as his hands went around her waist and pulled her closer to him


“I definitely do” she said in an attempt to tease William as she slowly caresses his face with her soft hand while William has no expression on his face even though he was affected by her touch. she was feeling a little bold after the night they both shared in each other’s arms. While kneeling down on the bed, she wrapped her arms around Williams neck giving him a glimpse of her sΒ£xy cleavage as Williams hand traveled from her waist to her butt. “Oops sorry” Veronica said as she held his hand stopping it from going even further,” I am still a bit sore from yesterday, maybe next time” she wanted to move away from him but Williams grabbed her by the hand and pulled her making her fall on the bed laying on her back while William lay on his side using his right hand to support his Head while his left traveled on her body


“I see what you are doing”he said as his hand traveled on her straight legs ” you shouldn’t tease a man like that you know”


“, Tease, did I tease you in anyway?”


She asked


“First you put this on this dress and then you practically turning me on”


“Did I do anything to turn you on. I was just being romantic?”


William smiled as he said’ perhaps we continue what we started yesterday ”


” I was serious when I said I am sore”


“Was I too rough? He asked as he arched his brow while looking concerned


“Not really”Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from



“I am sorry, I have never been with a virgin before I…”


“Shhhh” Veronica said as she placed her long slender finger over his lips. She cupped his face in her hand as she planted a soft kiss on it “Yesterday was the best night of my life, I will never forget it” she wasn’t saying this to make William feel better, she was serious about it, yesterday was truly the best night of her life cause sΒ£x wasn’t as scary as she thought it would be. She felt lot of pleasure,and of course pain too.


William smiled just before he caught Veronica mouth in his for a deep kiss. Just when it looks like they are about to repeat history, Williams phone suddenly rang.


“William your phone” Veronica said while William sighed and moved away from her.


“Hey Daniel” William greeted his friend


Hey man I thought you were married about months ago”


Yes I am”


“Did you get a divorce?”


No I didn’t get a divorce”Veronica suddenly focused all her attention on William immediately she heard the word Divorce ” I am happy with marriage”


“Then why did your sister announce that”



“Announce what”


“Your sister Catherine was interviewed today. She said you are getting married”.


” getting married, but I am married”..


“Dude you got to check out the news now, you story is currently #1 trending topic on the internet”


“I will call you back” he said as he hung up, picked up the T.v remote and switched it on. Catherine immediately appeared on T.v as she had a big smile on her face


“Well I am not supposed to give out personal information about my brother’s life, but I just have to say this. My brother Will be getting married soon”


“Really, William Morgan is finally getting married, that a sad news for all his female fans. May we know who the Lucky lady is?” The interviewer said


“It none other than His child hood best friend and famous actress Linda Carline”


Veronica eyes darted from William to the T.v and back on William again


“What’s going on?”


“I don’t know, I wonder why Catherine announced that publicly despite the fact that she knows I am married to you…. The whole world might not know that we are married, but she knows that”


“Who is Linda?”


“She’s my best friend, we grew up together but that doesn’t matter. This must be some kind of joke, no way Catherine is serious about this.”


“Are you going to get married to her?”



“Is that even a question Veronica. I can’t even think of any other girl but you, so how is getting married to someone else possible” he said as he dialed a number furiously on his phone.


Veronica was still not convinced, he knows William very well and he loves Catherine alot. Catherine is like his mother, so he will definitely do whatever She tells him to do. Catherine knows William will always listen to her, that Why she dare to announce such a thing to the public. If it were to be someone else, William wouldn’t have taken it so likely.


She can’t help but wish Williams loves her enough to say no to Catherine’s ridiculous marriage.


She already loves William and she can’t possibly imagine a Life without him


“Okay.. whatever you say”




“I just said whatever you say”


William lowered his phone as he stares at Veronica ” what is wrong?’




“I can see something is wrong”


“, William I know you love your sister and you will do whatever she wants, and when you get married to Linda what am I suppose to do with my life”


There you go doubting me again” he Said as he ran his hand through his curly hair


“I am not doubting you okay, I am just saying this because I do not want to loose you william. I am afraid you might not feel the same way, I mean you more concerned about keeping your family happy and I respect that a lot but I ..”



“I love my sister no doubt about that Veronica. When exactly are you going to realize just how much you mean to me Veronica. For once in your life, do not doubt me and my feelings for you” he said as he walked away while Veronica suddenly felt bad for doubting him like that


I have a serious problem, Why can’t I Just trust him for once… I need to fix this fast,I just made things worse”










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