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An ambulance soon arrived at the scene of the crime and rescued the girls just before the car could explode. The whole event wasn’t reported by the press which made Veronica a little safe from the police


‘Those two girls looks like each other ‘a nurse said to her fellow nurse


‘Yes ,one of them happens to be Veronica Hathaway, a murderer and according to this business magazine the other one is Chelsea Meyer, fiancee of super business man Chelsea Morgan and they are about to get married’ the other nurse said


‘Do you think we should call the press or something?’


‘That against the hospital policy ,it not right at all’


‘Then should we call the police since one of them happens to be a muderer?’


‘No ,no ..we do not know who is who yet and just like us the police will also he confused .And we all know this hospital value it relationship, calling the police will invite the press and we really do not want the press parading this hospital okay ‘


‘Fine ‘ she answered


‘I checked one of the girls phone ,although it was locked ,but her uncle called , i told him about the accident and he will be here soon..i think the man is Chelsea Meyer’s uncle’


‘Where is Chelsea ‘ A man asked one of the nurse


‘And who are you sir ‘one of the nurses asked ‘


‘I am john Meyer , Chelsea’s Meyer uncle ‘


‘Well the girls are in the operation theater, they’re in a very critical condition ‘ The nurse said






‘The girls ,what are you guys talking about ,am asking for just one girl’ i said and they looked at each and stared back at me


‘Well sir ,they’re two girls in there ,one of them is Chelsea and the other one is Veronica Hathaway ‘


‘Who is Veronica?’ I asked


‘Didn’t you watch the news sir ,Veronica Hathaway is a Muderer, famous for murdering the popular business woman Beatrice Alfred and her daughter Loren Alfred and the worst part is ,she looks exactly like Chelsea Meyer ‘she said and i sighed


A look alike


Same replica


Could this Veronica be


No ,no way. I am sure she is not the one ,no way nemesis will catch up with me like this


I waited for hours and the doctor finally came out of the operation theater


‘How is she ?’i asked the doctor


‘Waw you are john Meyer ?’ The doctor asked


‘ yes ,yes ,how is Chelsea Meyer, my niece?’i asked and he sighed


‘Actually they’re two girls of them survived the accident and will regain consciousness soon ..but the other one ‘


‘The other one ,what happened to the other one ?’i asked and he sighed


‘She is in Coma and i can’t tell when she will wake up ,it might take months or even years ..and she might never wake up again ‘the doctor said and this really shocked me . I really hope the other girl is not my Chelsea. Her parents will be crushed if any harm comes her way.


‘Can i see the girls now ?’i asked the doctor


‘Will you be able to identify your Chelsea Meyer, cause they have a very striking resemblance..same facial structure, same height ,same figure ..same skin tone …are you sure this girls are not twins?’ He asked


‘Can i see them..i know my Chelsea very well and i will be able to tell them apart ‘i said and he nodded


‘Come with me ‘he instructed…immediately i walked into their ward . They were in an intensive care unit so i wasn’t allowed in ..i could only stare at them through a glass in the wall…i recognized Chelsea immediately i saw her . She had long hair compared to the other girl called Veronica ‘That one is Chelsea ‘i said pointing at Her


‘Are you sure sir ?’


‘One hundred percent sure ‘i answered


‘But that the one in the Coma sir ‘


‘What !’ I Exclaimed as i turned my head abruptly towards his ‘Chelsea is in Coma’


‘Yes sir ..that means the other girl is Veronica ‘


I turned my back and walked towards the bench and sat on it


What will i tell her parent


How will i explain myself


Chelsea is as good as death and most importantly my dreams are about to come through, i am about to get all the money i want when Chelsea finally marries William Morgan . I was going to convince him to partner with me to make my business better. He was my key to having a better future .


‘I think i should call the police now since we already know who Veronica Hathaway is ‘ one of the nurses said


‘No don’t do yet ‘the doctor instructed. Let her wake up first ‘ he answered


About three hours later, i was still contemplating on what to when i was informed that Veronica Hathaway had regained consciousness


‘What is this place ..why am i here ‘she asked weakly as she rubbed her forehead with her hand ..her head was bandaged so she must have hit her head really hard


‘Hello ..what is your name ?’ The doctor asked Veronica


‘My name ‘she rubbed her head again like she was trying to remember something


‘ i don’t know, i can’t..i can’t remember ‘ i answered


‘Try harder you remember the accident?’they asked but she wad trying so hard to remember but later she held her head as she screamed in pain . The doctor and nurses calmed her down by injecting her .


That means the other girl Veronica must have loosed her memory due to hitting her head so hard


I walked to the doctors office ‘the girl is suffering from amnesia right ?’i asked


‘Yes ,i think so ..i can’t say yet since some test are still being carried out on her . But from the earlier occurence i can say that she has lost her memory and if we try to force her to remember anything it might damage her badly …since she is a wanted Criminal, i am planning on handing her over to the police ‘


‘You won’t do that ‘i said and he looked up at me


‘What do you mean by that ?’i asked


‘Between you and i ,who else can tell the girls apart ?’i asked


‘No one sir…just you and i ‘


‘That good cause Veronica will have to replace Chelsea.. Veronica will live Chelsea’s life till she regains consciousness ‘


‘What do you mean by that, i am confused?’ He asked and i ran my hand through my hair


‘I will give you 50,000 dollars ..if you help me with this . We will take Chelsea far away from here till she eventually regains consciousness one day while Veronica will pretend to be Chelsea ‘


‘No sir ….. i really cannot do this’


I smiled and looked at him ‘i am a very dangerous man Doctor steward, and you know am a popular business man ..i did not become popular by getting rejected by people and one thing i hate is people rejecting me ‘i threatened


‘But sir she is a dangerous criminal..what if she harms someone ‘


‘Let me handle that doctor ..and my instincts tells me that girl is not a criminal, there must have been a mix uo and let me have you know that my instincts are never wrong ‘ i said


‘No ,no ,no ,no Mr meyer….. Am sorry but i can’t help you ‘


‘Look Doctor Steward …take my fifty thousand dollar right now ,i can even increase the money if you want ..i cam give you half a million name your price


…am not asking you to kill someone am i … Take this money or i will make you loose your job and you will never be able to work as a doctor for as long as you may live ‘ i threatened ‘ remember you have kids …you have a wife ,how will they survive when their Father is a looser with no job… Who knows your wife might end up divorcing you when you swim in poverty ‘


‘Okay fine …but i want a raise ,you have to pay me 500,000 dollars ‘


‘Okay, you have a deal ..i will send you the Money now ‘


Now Veronica Hathaway will be Chelsea Meyer. This is perfect


That means my dreams will still come through


I trully hope my dear niece wakes up Very soon


But for now Veronica will be Chelsea and get married to William Morgan








Tale of Veronica Hathaway







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