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walked down the empty street while dragging my bag on the floor with me. ‘now where am I going to go? One thing is for sure and that is I have absolutely nowhere to go


I have no relative, and also no friend. Where exactly am I going to go to?.. I walked to a bustop and sat down there waiting for a bus.. After few minutes of seating at the bustop, I began to doze off just before I heard someone call my name


‘jessie’ I muttered her name as i stared at her


‘what are you doing here,?.. At the bustop at this hour’


‘what are you doing here?’ I directed her questions back at her


‘well I was out studying with a group of friends and when I came out of the bus now, was kind of shocked to see you sitting her,


‘well it nothing’ I said as I stood on my feet and dragged my bag along with me


‘you have nowhere to go right?’ she asked and I stopped walking and turned to face her


‘and how did you figure that out?’ I asked as I lifted my left brow


‘I mean it obvious, who seats by a bustop at this hour of the night, with a big bag?’ she asked and I smirked


‘well you smart, excuse me’ I said as I turned my back to walk away


‘you can come to my apartment , it small but it comfortable’


I turned to face her and asked ‘aren’t you suppose to be super angry at me right now?’


‘well I am… But damn my anger. I really can’t ignore a friend in need’



“am not in need and I certainly don’t need your help ‘


bitch your pride ain’t gonna drive me away.. So let go” she said as she walked ahead of me… I stared at her back for awhile before deciding to follow her





“coffee ? ‘


‘Thanks ‘ i said as i collected the cup of coffee from her


‘So what’s your story ‘she asked as she sat down next to me


‘I don’t like to talk about it ‘i said and jessie sighed ‘but since it you i might make an exception ‘ i said and she smiled


I narrated all my life experiences to her and this made tears roll down her eyes


‘Are you crying ? .. i hate it when people cry around me or cry because of me ‘i said as i sipped my coffee


‘Haven’t you ever cried before?’ She asked


‘Crying is for loosers ,it shows weakness…i am not weak ‘


‘I have never seen you smile either’


‘It left my eyes a long time ago’


‘So this is why you always shut me out ‘


‘Do not take it personal ,i shut everyone out jessie …i am tired, i will just sleep on the couch ‘


‘No you can totally sleep in my room ,i have a small mattress there ,it better than sleeping on a couch ‘ she said


‘Waw you are so kind …quite strange that people like you still existed ‘


‘Well you have never gotten close to anyone else order than your witchy aunt and her mini witch daughter ‘


‘You have no idea how much i hate human ‘ i said as i walked away


‘You can stay here as long as you want Veronica, i need a housemate and a study partner and you are one of the brightest student in college ‘she said


‘Well ….i will work hard and then we will both pay the rent together ‘i replied


She is the nicest person i have seen after my mother, father and nanny . The other people in my life are just pure evil they made me who i am today .


I went to bed that day and about three days passed ,i woke up in the morning, jessie was nowhere to be found ,she has been a good housemate and managed to secure a job for me at a coffee store. She left a note on the table saying she went to the grocery store .it was a saturday morning so i was not worried about exams and all


I picked up the T.V remote and switched on the news channel





I was busy buying groceries at the store when i saw a flyer that was plastered on the wall


I was absolutely shocked to see Veronica on the flyer .’ Wanted’i read it out loud . Veronica Hathaway, a twenty year old murderer wanted by the police for the death of Beatrice Alfred and Loren Alfred


They even willing to give one hundred thousand dollars to whoever can present Veronica to them


‘What the hell is this ‘i removed the flyer from the wall as i ran back home leaving the groceries behind , i have not paid for them anyway





The news is extra boring today .There is really nothing new . I said as i stood on my feet but i stopped when i heard my name on the news


I turned my back and focused solely on the T.V as the Journalist reported the news


The next thing i saw was my mansion on the news as the whole place was invaded by the police.. two bodies covered with white cloth was placed on a stretcher as they were brought out of the house


*Business tycoon Beatrice Alfred and her seventeen years old daughter loren Alfred has been mudered and all investigations carried out points to Veronica Hathaway as the culprit of the crime* the Journalist said as i focused on the news very confused about what is going on . One of the maids who i like a bit ” bella ” was interviewed by the reporters


‘Beatrice Alfred has never treated Veronica well at all.. she deprived her of what trully belongs to her ,she made her sleep in the attic, made her work as a stripper when she qas just nineteen and treated her badly ..maybe, just maybe that was what prompted poor Veronica to take revenge by killing Beatrice and her daughter who was also very mean to Veronica ‘


But i didn’t kill them ,what the heck is going on


*i have never really liked Veronica, i knew from the start that Beatrice should never harbor such a girl..she is bitter and a complete sadist and if you will ask me she has some psychological issues but i never expected her to go as far as stabbing Beatrice and her daughter to death* another maid said


I would have thought this was Beatrice plan to get me back home but this is most certainly not a plan … someone really stabbed Beatrice and Loren, they are really dead . The camera was set on Beatrice and Lorens corpses and i gasped immediately i saw their face


They are really dead


‘Veronica you have to leave now ‘ jessie said as she barged into the house


‘What ‘


‘The police somehow figured out that we are housemate and now they are on their way to my house…you can’t get arrested by them they will ruin your career’


‘I swear i didn’t do it jessie ‘


‘I know you didn’t Veronica, i trust you …and i have seen your eyes ,why do you think am trying to help you escape..the only evidence they have against you is the fact that your finger print was found on the knife used to murderer Beatrice and loren ,until they gather more evidences you can’t get arrested…here take this ‘ she said as she gave me a bag


‘What is in here?’i asked


‘That a wig , a contact lens and a coat …use them now as a disguise and go before they arrive ‘she said and i quickly put them on


We heard a knock on the door and the two of us froze immediately


‘Go through the back door ‘she whispered and i nodded while i ran as fast as my feet could carry me and went through the back door





‘MOTHER! ‘ Chelsea Meyer shouted while her mother ran down the stairs of their huge mansion


‘What wrong Chelsea?’ Her mother asked


‘Mum look at the news ,this murderer Veronica Hathaway, why does she look exactly like..i can’t even tell the difference between both of us ..the only difference is her short hair and my long hair ‘ she said while her mother was very shocked to see this


‘This…why, why is she me confused mother ‘



‘Look baby just calm down, do not panic ..all you have to focus on now is your marriage to William Morgan, it is way more important to you okay


‘But mum are we going to ignore the fact that she looks exactly like me ‘


‘Just leave it,we are going back to L.A today ,so let focus on that …she is nobody to be worried about okay …things like this happen ‘my mum said and i sighed


‘Okay mother








Tale of Veronica Hathaway










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