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I used my hand to rub my temple as I tried very hard to remember. I stared at the girl who claims to be me .it just like looking in a mirror,she is a striking resemblance.


“What ,what Is going on here. How can there be two Chelsea’s “my Penelope asked


“Oh Mrs Meyer,there is no two Chelsea . This is your Chelsea Meyer . That one over there is an imposter and a muderer that goes by the name Veronica Hathaway”


“Mother,I am your daughter and you love me don’t you?…so how come you are not able to recognize me ..look at this necklace,you gave it to me just before the accident . Do you remember this ?” She asked as she showed her a silver necklace with a small diamond pendant.Mother walked towards her with tears in her eyes as she collected the chain from her .


“Mother it me Chelsea ,I know your middle name is Blair ,I know your dad’s name is Richard ,I know he is my dad And that is my uncle John Meyer . That is my fiancee William Morgan .. I know I use to have a little brother but he died when he was just five .I know I use to be so. afraid to sleep alone when I was nine so you always sleep beside me .I was involved in an accident when I was twelve and I broke my arms thanks to that . Should I go on mother ,I know the first thing you like to have in the morning is coffee and dad remember when I was the captain of basketball team back in high school ,you told me that day when I was nervous that to try and fail is better than not trying at all.”


“How did you know all this ?” Penelope asked as tears rolled down her cheeks


“I know this because I am Chelsea, I am Chelsea Meyer ”


If she knows all this ,then she must definitely be the real Chelsea . She must be Chelsea Meyer . Then who am I ?


I asked myself this question repeatedly ad I held my head in pain when I saw blurry images in my head .


“You ,you are my Chelsea ,you are my daughter” Mother said as she pulled the other girl close for a very deep hug while I still held my head trying to remember what they are talking about .


Trying to remember who I am



Who is Veronica Hathaway


Who is Beatrice Alfred


Who is Loren Alfred.


“You ” Beatrice said as she held my hand “you have finally been exposed now you are going to rot in jail” she said as she pushed me away as I fell on the floor hitting my head so hard . That was when all the blurry images in my head suddenly become clear.


That was when I remembered everything and who I used to be . That was when I remembered that mine name is Veronica Hathaway


“Veronica are you okay ” William asked as he helped me up .I can see that angered overshadowed him when he saw the blood that ran down my face . I was just to shocked to even be aware of my surroundings. I know who I am ,I know everything now .


“Beatrice you …” William said as he wanted to teach Beatrice a lesson but Catherine stopped him


“Please just leave her for now William .. I beg you ” Catherine said and William immediately calm down .


“William” I called his name as he turned to look at me


“William did you know about all this ,did you know that I am Veronica and not Chelsea?” I asked as tears ran down my cheeks


“Veronica I….”


“Answer my question,did you know this or not ?”


“Yes …all along I knew you were Veronica and not Chelsea Meyer “I was actually shocked by Williams confession that I started laughing hysterically


“Veronica I….” I didn’t bother to hear whatever William has to say as I ran out of


the party hall while William ran behind me .


I remember everything clearly now


I remembered how I was involved in that accident with Chelsea


I remember the reason I left Beatrice and her daughter


I remember am the girl who never smiles


I remember how I was accused for the murderer of Beatrice and her daughter


I am Veronica Hathaway


All along I have been living someone else’s life .


William finally caught up to me as he held my hand and stopped me from running “Veronica I had no choice but to keep this from you ..I could have loosed you if I told you the truth”


I got so angry that I immediately slapped William again for the second time .


“Don’t you dare ,don’t you dare call my name William Meyer” it so strange that presently I feel nothing but pure hatred for the guy that I claim to love do much. I just despise him so much right now that his mere presence infuriates me . William stared at me as his eyes welled up with tears but as usual he wasn’t willing to let them down .


“I have know you for six months William and you never changed,you are still the same selfish inconsiderate person. You are selfish and inconsiderate William. Because you did not want to loose me you actually lied to me lied to my face ,I kept on begging you so many times to tell me about my past but you keep telling me no ..I told you to tell me who I really use to be ,I asked you who Veronica was and you lied to me I hate you so much William,I hate you ” I said as I hit him continuously on the chest while he just stood still staring at me



“I hate you so much now I don’t even want to see you .arghhhhhhhhhhhh” I screamed so loud as I fell on my knee crying profusely. I stood on my feet ,wiped my tears as I turned to walk away


“Veronica please ..if you just give me time to explain all this ”


“I told you not to call my name .. I really do not want you to call my name ,your real wife is in there , Chelsea Meyer is your real wife ,.. you are suppose to get married to her not me in the first place ….”


William walked towards me and grabbed me by the hand ” Veronica what are you talking about you are my wife not her . Chelsea means absolutely nothing to me ,but you mean everything so please do not say this to me I really can’t take it ”


“I don’t even want to breathe the same air as you right now William.. infact i regret falling in love with a selfish no good liar like you ”


“Veronica I do not know where all this is coming from ,but you are currently very upset so please.please just calm down and give me a chance to explain all this .. I really can’t take all this you are saying to me ,i can’t handle it”


“I want to rectify my mistake”


“What are you talking about ?” William asked as he tightened his grip on my arm .


“I don’t want you anymore ,I don’t want this marriage anymore …we are over William Morgan ” I said as I looked him straight in the eyes as tears ran down his cheek for the first time . He slowly let go of me as he stared at me in awe


“I am done with this relationship ”










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