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I sat down outside the hospital thinking of what to do next . What am I going to do , William is never forgive me after this. I wonder how he is doing now ,I wonder how he is handling Grandmother’s death .


I just hope ,I pray he is able to forgive me one day .If I was not so difficult,this wouldn’t have happened to grandmother .


I saw William walk out of the hospital while I stood on my feet . He stared at me while I also stared at him hoping he will maybe come to me and share his pains with me . But instead the opposite of that happened . He walked into his car and



drove off immediately. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I sat down on the bench. I am such a bitter person and because of me someone else is hurting.


My stupid Aunt made me who I am .. all her lies made me turn out like this .




“So are you saying that if I should sign this papers , then I can finally go to School,like the other kids ” nine year old me asked my aunt as I stared at the documents in my hands.


“Yes sure ,if you sign this document,then you can finally go to school like you want to ”


“PLoPRty dOrquMint” I couldn’t read it properly cause I never even had the chance to go to school back the n.


“You idiot ..it properly documents not whatever you called it just now ” my cousin corrected while my aunt glared at her


“Aunt , what is property?” I asked


“It just a little thing you will sign ,so they can finally accept you in school”


“Really so how do I do this ?”I asked


“Just put your thumb in this ink and then on the paper ..that all”


“So If I do this I can finally go to school”


“Yes ,you can ”


I smiled broadly as I dipped my thumb in the Ink and neatly placed it on the bottom of the white paper .


“That great my dear ,now you can finally go to school ” she said with a mischievous smile while I smiled back at her.



Days passed ,even years passed , but my aunt couldn’t keep her promise of sending me to school until I was eleven years old . but even that came with a price .


I was just sixteen years old when walked into the strip club . I was immediately irritated when I saw different girls dancing naked while they were being stared at lustfully by men.


“What is this place aunt ..I personally do not think I am old enough to be here ” I said


“Well VERONICA dear ,I finally decided that your education can’t be sponsored again ..you need to work for it ”


“You are spending my parents money … everything you have belongs to my parents,the only one who needs to pay for something is you and your daughter ” she got very upset as she held me by my hair really tight .


“You should be grateful to me for accommodating you ”


“Aunt we are family,why are you doing this ?”


“We are not family…we are not even related and those property are not yours..so now if you want to make a living ,then you will have to dance naked to make money


“But aunt I can’t do that ”


“You want to go to school..you have to do that ”


“Aunt you told me I am finally going to school when I sign those documents..I did and I went to School but why are you making me dance naked in your strip club ”


“Cause that is what I want …okay …so take off those clothes and do something meaningful with your life ” she said as she walked away .





Tears rolled down my cheeks as I walked down the street,I guess the only mistake I made was thinking every other person is just like my aunt . William truly loved me ,I just couldn’t trust him .


I was just so heartless towards him and that led to his grandmother’s death . How do I .. what do I do . How do I convince William that I didn’t mean to .




I stared at myself in the mirror as I totally hate myself .is Veronica and Chelsea built to destroy my entire life .First Chelsea killed my brother and Mother ,now Veronica is to be blamed for my grandmother’s death . I will never be able to forgive her for this . I just can’t help but hate her after what happened.


“I am really sorry for your loss ” a very familiar voice said as I turned my head to look at her


“Get out ” i said as I stared back at the mirror


“It quite sad you see ,the woman you love is the reason your dear Grandmother is dead ” Chelsea said ” look William I have always love you from the start. I can never do anything to hurt you . Unlike Veronica I can’t stay angry with you . There is absolutely nothing you can do to me that wouldn’t make me forgive you _”


“Chelsea get out of my room right now ”


“William ” she said as she placed her hand on my shoulder .” I do not want this to happen to us …I ,I have always loved you so please do not do this to me ..give me a chance to love you William .I really do ”


I grabbed her by the arm as I immediately dragged her out of my room and slapped the door in her face . I ran my hand through my hair as the pain of loosing my grandmother made me cry uncontrollably.


I might never forgive Veronica for this .she is the reason my grandmother is dead right now .


I will never forgive her




Two weeks has passed ever since Grandmother’s death . The family that use to love me so much doesn’t even want to see me right now . Infact the mention of my name infuriates them . I had a sister (Catherine), a grandmother and a brother and husband (William ) but I never realized that until I loosed them . I lost my only family due to my inability to forgive .


For two weeks I didn’t see William ,no text ,no phonecalls ..nothing .


I finally summoned my courage And sent a message to him



William please I need to see you ,we need to talk…meet me at pennypack bridge


I stood on the bridge as I dipped my hand in my coat pocket. It was really cold outside and I have been waiting on this bridge for over two hours ..I was beginning to wonder if he is ever going to come. But I am still willing to wait,no matter how long it takes .After four hours,I finally decided to go back home giving up all hopes .I turned my back and then I saw Williams standing about four feet away from me . I was really happy to see him ,I wanted to run to him and hug him really hard but I couldn’t , I restrained my self as I stared at him .


“Why did you call me here ?” He asked


“I wanted to talk to you and apologize for what happened”


“That was in the past ,I do not care about that anymore.. and I do not care about you anymore”


“William I….” I signed as I looked down before raising my head to look at him ”


William ,I am sorry ..I didn’t mean to do this ..I ”


“Is this why you called me here ..I do not have much time …I have to go excuse me ”


“No don’t do that William…please William I love you alot and I just can’t ….”


“But that sad Veronica,I do not love you anymore at all ..infact you mean nothing to me”


“Then why did you come here today ”


“To tell you this ..I do not love you anymore,infact I feel nothing but total hatred towards you ,you use to mean a lot to me but not anymore .this is the end for both of us Veronica,isn’t this what you wanted from the start ”


Veronica couldn’t believe what she was hearing ,he meant more to her than words could describe but it never occured to her that he will leave her alone again ,just like everyone in her life.


then ,are you really going to leave me ,when am like this?’ She asked as tears shone in her eyes


this was all your fault Veronica,you really do not have the right to blame me ‘ ‘But i didn’t do this on purpose, i had no idea it will all turn out like this William’


‘But lied to me …you killed her ?’William asked looking extremely angry as he bit his lower lip,Veronica meant more to him than words could explain but when he lost the woman who also meant the whole world to him due to Veronica’s little action, he couldn’t handle the extreme anger building up inside of him


‘I didn’t want to loose you ‘


‘maybe grandma death could never have thorn us apart ,but the fact that you lied to me will…you refused to forgive me because I lied to you and that resulted to Grandma’s death ,thanks to you, the woman who loved me more than words could describe is dead ,i will never forgive you for that ‘ he said as he turned his back to leave


‘William my heart is weak, if you leave me ,i won’t be able to handle it’ she inhaled deeply as the tears rolled down her cheeks ‘if you leave then it over for me William ‘



William clenched his fist as he inhaled deeply ‘i am sorry but i do not care about that anymore’ he said as he walked away.


Tears rolled down my eyes as I stared at William .I have nothing left,no family..no husband and in a couple of days I will be going to jail for the rest of my life .


There is nothing left to live for .


I might as well end my life right now


I should have done that in the beginning,maybe a life wouldn’t be a mess right now




I stared at the river below


Maybe I should end my life right now


It for the best.









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