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“I want us to end this marriage and I want you to marry Chelsea”



“Are you seriously trying to take advantage of the love I have for you right now ” he shouted as he grabbed me by the arm while I winced in pain


“William you are hurting me ” I said while he stared at me for awhile before saying


“I am sorry ,I am really sorry ..I didn’t mean to hurt you ”


“William I understand but you have to …”


“What you are asking of me is just too much ,I cannot do that please ” he said as he turned to walk away


“William if you do not do this for me then I am as good as dead to you …it is over between you and I ” I said as he stopped walking and turned to look at me .


“You have taken my love for granted long enough Veronica and If you think being apart is the solution..then so be it ,as from today ,you as good as dead to me” he said as he walked away while I stood there shocked . I never knew William can do this to me . Is this really over between us ?.




I quickly shake the thought away immediately.what kind of an imagination is that..I can’t believe I just Imagined calling William and telling him to marry Chelsea.if I do that ,he will cut all ties with me permanently..that will never happen


.no way I will do that.Yes I am currently upset with William doesn’t mean I do not love .I really love William a lot and no way am leaving him for chelsea. No way she is going to fool me .


is she crazy ,I have been through a lot and I know better than to be fooled by anyone,no way .


“So you want me to leave William , just because you have cancer ” I said and she looked at me with a puzzled face


“Yes ..didn’t you get all I have been saying”



“Ofcourse I did darling ..but for me to give my husband to you ,I need strong concrete evidence to show that you truly have cancer. I want your test results right now ”


“What did you say ”




“Forget about the results,I want you to follow me to any hospital of my choice and get yourself tested right now …because right now ,you look too fine to be diagnosed with cancer for how long did you call it now ..was it a year? ”


“Yes a year ”


“That strange,you still look so fine ..but anyway,I will believe you and maybe leave my husband for you as long as you are willing to go with me now to any hospital of my choice,for a test”


“What ”


“Come-on ,let us go now ..I am dressed ,let go ”


Chelsea glared at me for awhile before smiling “you know I thought you were some kind of emotional fool”


“Oh really ?” I asked with a smirk as I folded my arms


“I mean you look like one ,but it seems you are smarter than I thought ”


“I have been hurt times without number by shameless no good people like you . Did you think I will be so dumb to believe you ,the smile left my eye thanks to people like you and if you for once think I will believe people like you then you are so wrong…get out right now ”


“I see you are very smart … I really admire that really but Veronica Hathaway you chose the wrong person to mess with . You just did that. ” She said while I smirked and said


“Get out ”



“Okay I will ,but let me have you now that you have drawn the battle line and I will be the winner at the end of the day ”


“William Morgan is my husband,we share something special .. something you will only dream of . You might look exactly like me but he will still be able to tell the difference between us in a sec,that just how strong our connection is “.


“Oh I see ”


“Yes darling ”


“You are a nobody Veronica Hathaway.. William Morgan is way out of your reach ,he is like prince charming..but you know you can never be Cinderella because you are do not even belong in the same social class . You do not deserve to breathe the same air as him let alone marry him …you are nobody compared to him ”


“But at the end of the day ,his ring is on my finger and not yours Chelsea..he loves me and not you Chelsea ” I said and she immediately got upset as she blinked abruptly and clenched her fist


“He does not love you ..he only lives you because he thinks you are me “.


“Don’t be silly Chelsea” I said as I picked up my Apple and took a bite of it while I sat on the chair and crossed my leg “he hated me when he thought i was you but started falling in love with me when he realised we are not the same ”




“What did you think Chelsea,that you can Just come in here and tell me that sad story and boom I wi agree to let you marry my are literally the dumbest villian I have had the opportunity to come across ” I walked towards and grabbed her by the arm as I threw her out of my hotel room



“Don’t you ever come back here to tell me this sentimental bullshit …next time ,try harder to fool me ” I said as I slammed the door in her face like I should have the first time . William is mine .. I will never leave him for anyone,atleast not Chelsea




I stared at the report in my hands as I blinked abruptly “are you actually sure of what you are saying ?” I asked my private investigator as I stared at the papers


“Yes ,I am …one hundred percent sure sir ”


“How is this even can she be ”


“I was also suprised sir …but I am sure she is ”


“Please go ” I said to him while he nodded and walked out of my study room .


I Never in my life thought that the woman I love the most in my entire life will be the blood sister of the woman I hate .


I can’t believe Chelsea and Veronica are actually twin sister .


They’re actually sister


But one thing am not sure of is


Are they the children of the Hathaway Family or the Meyers family









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