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I might have acted tough in front of Veronica so she wouldn’t think I care about her so much to not be able to stay away from her for too long. Well that true ,I do care about her alot and I have been away from for the past 16 hours and that making me sick .


“We can’t be weak William “I said trying to encourage myself . I looked at Catherine who was busy reading the news paper while having coffee. She hasn’t giving me breathing space ever since she arrived . She has always been on my trail and that making me sick .



Veronica walked down the stairs wearing a jean shorts and white top .


“Hello Catherine Good morning”


“Hello Chelsea, Good was your night ”


“Great yours?”


“It was good ” she said with a smile as she sipped her coffee . I have never seen my sister being so nice to someone ,not even to her own family . She must like Veronica alot .. who wouldn’t,she has a very great personality and also for some reason I couldn’t take my eyes off those straight white smooth legs of hers . I desperately want to know how that feels on my hand or those long legs around my i shouldn’t think about that, no ,no. I immediately woke up from my dirty dream world when my annoying sister hit me on the head with her newspaper


“Hey ,why did you do that?” I asked as I placed my hand on my head


“What were you staring at uhn ?” She asked as I blinked abruptly and stared at Veronica whose full attention was now on us


“What do you mean by that ?”I asked


“You little perverted rascal ..I saw you staring at your wife’s leg .. why? see you can get close to her all you want as long as you willing to apologise”


“Oh don’t be ridiculous,why will I ever stare at her legs ,they aren’t even attractive”


“Oh really they aren’t ..and you were staring at them like your life depends on it but that little ego of yours wouldn’t let you admit it ” she said as she hit my head with the paper again


” But Catherine I wasn’t ”



“Enough…cheap ” I looked at Veronica who was smiling to herself ..she is the reason I am in this mess and if this continues,Cat might end up killing me someday.


“Hello cat ” A very familiar voice greeted as she stopped hitting me . I raised my head to see who it was and apparently it was my sister Beatrice. I might still be upset at Beatrice for now ,but I have to admit I really miss her . VERONICA on the other hand wasn’t so happy to see her .


“You ” Catherine said as she walked away from me and walked towards her .


“Hello cat”


“How many times do I have to warn you not to call me cat”


“Oh am sorry, Catherine” she said and Catherine smiled “so can I hug you now ?”Beatrice asked while Catherine smiled proudly


“Yes sure ” Beatrice hugged Catherine while cat also hugged her back


“Okay that enough hugging ”


“Sorry” Beatrice said as she walked away from Catherine and towards Veronica


“Hello Chelsea”


“Hello Beatrice” Veronica greeted back in a not so friendly way as Beatrice smiled and moved away from her


“Hey William”


“Hey Beatrice” I said with a light smile while Beatrice walked towards me and gave me a warm hug , although for some reason I was a bit uncomfortable,but then I slightly patted her back .


Well it so nice to see everyone again …but I will have to go now ,I have somewhere I have to be this morning ”



“But it Saturday,where do you have to be on a Saturday morning?” Catherine asked


“Ummm , I need to visit a friend of mine ..she was involved in an accident and now she is in the hospital so I need to visit her ”


“Well okay .. i will see you when?” Catherine asked


“I am not sure yet ,will give you a call ..maybe we can meet up at some kind of coffee shop ”


“Okay then bye ” Catherine said


“Yeah bye ..see you later ” she said as she walked out of the house. I stared at Veronica and back at Catherine. Should I just apologise and get Chelsea back . But my ego ,my ego won’t let me do that . Darn Ego.




I walked out of the bathroom with a towel tied around my chest . Yes I know William has to apologise for making a mountain out of a moth hill ,but even I can’t tolerate being away from him for too long . I mean it been 24hours..I do not think I can hold this for much long. I feel like I have never felt so attached to someone that the thought of not being with him actually scares me .


No ,I won’t be weak ..William has to apologise first . I wonder if he actually misses me as much as I miss him . He claims to love me but it seems he loves his ego more .


I just hate him . I removed the towel that was wrapped around my head as I dried my hair with the dryer . I later applied lotion on my skin as I slipped into my night gown .


“I hate William so much ..just who the hell does he think he is …I just hate him ”


“Really you do “A voice said as I turned around abruptly to see who it was .



“WILLIAM YOU !” I should while William quickly covered my mouth with his hand


“Keep quiet, you gonna put me in so much trouble” he said and I immediately calm down while he slowly removed his hand from my mouth .


“You what are you doing here ?” I asked


“I came to talk to you ”


“For how long have you been there ?” I asked as I grabbed unto the hem of my transparent night gown . I picked up my towel and wanted to tie it around my chest but William collected it for me


“William let me have that’


“Why do you need this anyway?” He asked with a dangerous smile on his face .


“Cause my night wear is super transparent and I don’t feel comfortable standing like this in front of you” I said as I picked up my robe and put it on .


“Oh I see ”


I looked at him and arched my brow “Just how long have you been standing there ?”


“Long enough to see a show ” I was a very embarrassed because my psycho husband just watched me dress without me knowing that . He wants to make me shy and uncomfortable but that wouldn’t happen . It definitely not going to happen


I look down and back at his face and face “You were watching me undress cheap of you ” I said as I turned my back but he held me by the wrist and yanked me back . My back was placed firmly against his front as my butt slightly brushed against his D…”


“William don’t you think it way past your bed time “.



“What are my ? eleven?” He asked as my entire went Into shock mode when he placed a kiss on my neck


“You still haven’t a…a.. apologise for w.. what y…”


“For what ?” He asked as he slowly slipped my night gown strap off my shoulder as he placed a kiss on my shoulder.


“William you ..” I yelled as I used every last bit of strength in me to push him away ” for what …you have to apologise for being a jack ass”


“I will when you quit your job and never let him touch you that way again ”


“He wasn’t touching me for his own pleasure ,he was helping me from falling ”


I still do not trust his intentions” “Kyle is a good person..he really is”


“Fine ,I am sorry for acting that way but you still have to quit your job ” “I am not going to do that”.


“If you don’t I will….”


“Hello , CHELSEA are you in there ?” Catherine asked as she knocked on the door while William stared at me looking a bit scared


“Looks like this is the end of the line for you William,you are so getting killed today”


“Oh shit ”








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