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I shouldn’t have done that . But I had no choice ,it was nothing but a mistake . I shouldn’t have slapped William that way . He wouldn’t have hit Kyle for no reason.


what did you say to him? ” I asked Kyle but before he could answer ,I ran off leaving him and Coco behind .


William wait “I say that I run after him but he refused to listen to me as I got into his car and drove off.


William she might be a very violent person sometimes but it won’t we have beating up Kyle that way unless he said something to trigger his anger.


I boarded a taxi and went back home. I saw William in the bar section of the house wearing his joggers and black tang top that by the way makes him look so hot. His man body was well sculpted, and the thin white chain on his neck with a pendant like a small keyholder makes him look so hot. His a true definition of beauty. All this, all this makes it hard for me to believe he actually likes me . Don’t get me wrong guys ,I don’t like him and yea am also very beautiful, but he still looks way better than me and because of him I look down on myself..I feel a girl like coco is actually what suits a guy like him


“William ” I called his name and he slowly lowered the wine glass he was holding and raised his head to look at me. “William ” I called his name again as I walked very fast towards him before he walks out on me like he did earlier.


“William am sorry …I didn’t mean to do that, it was nothing but a mistake…I am sorry ” I apologized but he totally ignored me like I wasn’t even there at all. ” William please ” I said as I placed my hand on his shoulder while he gulped down his liquor and slammed the glass on the table but not hard enough for the wine glass to break.


“William will you atleast look at me ” it was really getting Annoying, the way he ignored me totally like I wasn’t even there. It is so annoying and I do not want that.


“William look at me ” I said as I placed my hands on his face and turned him to look at me “I swear I didn’t mean to sorry ”


He gently grabbed my wrist and used it to pull my hands down from his face and said while holding my hands”Chelsea I like you so much that I can’t even get angry



at you even if I wanted to ” he said while I smiled . ” and I also care about you enough to give you the freedom you have always wanted ” the smile on my face immediately disappeared as I arched my brow.


“W…w..what do you mean by that ?” I asked


He let go of my hand as he picked up a document from the table..” remember you gave me this divorce papers few weeks ago….well I have finally done what you


want me to ,I signed it ..all it needs now is your signature and once it’s submitted to the court ,we are no longer couples..” he said as he walked past me while tears ran down my eyes and I wiped it off instantly. This tears, it feels feels like I have never done it before my entire life…I cant let William do this….who is he to


think he can just walk out of this relationship…it is not over until I say it is…I have a very big ego and I won’t let William hurt it like this ..” William you can’t just quit a relationship because of a minor Issue like this ” I said and he stopped walking and turned to face me


“Isn’t this what you want ?”


“Ofcourse this is what I want ,but 30 days is not yet over..till then I am not signing this .I still haven’t forgiven you for lying to me ,so let make this fair .. I will forgive you for lying to me, then you Will forgive me for hitting you ”


“You think am a liar?” William asked with a smirk


“I know you a liar”


“Okay agreed …but let me ask you a question Veronica ” he said as he walked towards me and my heart started beating very fast again. I hate this stupid heart.


“S…s…s…sure go ahead”


“If I leave you ,will you miss me?” He asked and I stared at him for awhile


Will I miss him


Ofcourse I will



I never thought I would but I will


Not because I like him, but because I have gotten so used to him.


“No I won’t ” I answered as I looked away from it


“Please look me in the eye while you answer my questions ” William said and I looked at him boldly in the eye


“No ,I won’t leaving me makes no difference to me ”


“And when you see me ,what do you feel ?”


I am happy when I see him


It like I want to have him around all the time see his face


But trust me when I say no feelings involved


“Nothing ” I answered as I tightened my fist


“And when I touch you what do you feel ?”


“NOTHING WILLIAM!” I shouted trying my best to hide the fact that my brain goes dead when he touches me .. I am trying to hide the fact that his touch makes me feel like I am in my own universe, just me and him ..alone in the whole world


..but I know I have no feelings for him ” I FEEL NOTHING WHEN YOU TO TOUCH ABSOLUTELY NOTHING..I FEEL nothing ” I muttered the nothing as I looked down unable to look in his eye. I raised my head again and looked his eye bodly ” I feel nothing ” I said almost sounded like I was whispering.


“Ok ” William said as he shrugged “and you call me a liar ,when you are a big one ” he said as he walked up the stairs


I sat on the chair as tears ran freely down my cheek


William is right


I am a dirty liar .. A liar ..I have lied about everything..why do I keep fighting this ..why?


No I am not liar


William is the reallyiar


I don’t like William..


I do not want to like William


I really do not want to like William


I don’t want to












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