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Chapter 47




“so how is your business going so far William?” My mum asked as she dipped her fork into her food


“Well it going Great Mrs Meyer”


“Obviously…you just ranked #1 business man in America” My dad said as he smiled at William while William forced a smile what a sadist .


“So what are you plans Veronica,both of you ?’ mum asked as she took a bite of her food


I dropped my fork and stared at her “and what plan are you talking about mother?” I said as I brought the glass of wine close to my mouth and took a sip of it up



“(◕ᴗ◕✿) you know kids ” she said and I immediately choked on the wine I was drinking


“Are you okay Chelsea,l..


Here have some water “my mom said as she stretched a glass of water towards me .


“I’m fine mom “my eyes darted towards William who seem un bothered about what my mum just said as he quietly chewed on his dinner. What kind of a person is he?, I am having a mental breakdown and the only thing he seems to be concerned about is eating his dinner.


“you still haven’t answered my question”mom said . It seems she isn’t willing to drop this topic


“Mom when the time comes, okay let’s not rush things”


“Okay”she said as she went back to eating dinner.


I wonder why mom suddenly thought of having grandchildren . William and I are not even that deep in the relationship aspect yet .so how can I possibly get intimate with him and have kids . That not gonna happen ,at least not now .


Williams phone rang as he checked the caller ID


“Excuse me please” he said to everyone as he stood on his feet and walked out of the house to receive his call. I am sure they are calling from work . He is an extremely busy man ,I am surprised he has time to come with me here today.




“Hello Chelsea” I greeted Chelsea who was busy staring out the window of her room.


She turned to look at me “you a nurse here right ?”


“Me nurse …I am an angel ,and I am here to help you ” I said as I walked closer to her


“Help me with what ?” She asked


“Help you to reunite with your family”


“My family..what do you mean by that?”


“Sit down” I said and she did what I told her to as she sat down on the bed while I grabbed a chair and sat down opposite her . God knows I loathe this woman beyond reasoning,but I have to tolerate her if I want to get rid of Veronica. I will have to kill two birds with one stone .


“So who are you ?” She asked


I smiled as I slowly removed my nose mask . It seems Chelsea immediately recognize me when she saw my face . Her Amnesia isn’t as bad as I thought



“You I know you ” she said as she rubbed her temple trying to remember something.”you…you are Beatrice Morgan ,my fiance sister”.


“Shush ,ex fiance sister .”


“What do you mean by that ?” She asked


“Well you see ,your fiance is now married to someone else when you were busy sleeping here for the past few months”


“William is married,to who?”


“To your look alike , Veronica Hathaway you see ..”


“Veronica Hathaway…why does this name sound familiar…my head hurts so bad I can’t remember anything”


“The sooner you remember,the better for you Chelsea ”




Chelsea tried her best to regain her memory of Veronica Hathaway . Everything was so blurry and unclear to her.


“I can’t remember” she said as she rubbed her temple even harder


“You remembered me just now didn’t you …then try to remember Veronica Hathaway”


Chelsea finally got a clear picture of her “I know her …she is a murder on the news ,she was the reason I was involved in that accident in the first place .. she got into my car and threatened me with a knife …she looked exactly like me ,it all clear to me now”


“Well your so called look alike is in your house ,enjoying your mother’s love , Father’s love and most importantly Williams love”


“William loves no woman .”


“That what I thought,but William is deeply in love with Veronica Hathaway,he even broke our bonds just because of her “Beatrice said


“You are lying Beatrice,last time I checked you also hate me for f**king your fiancee on your wedding day . so why are you suddenly here to help me ”


Beatrice clenched her fist and inhaled deeply to calm down . She knows reacting to what she just said will definitely ruin her plans “I see you haven’t changed a bit even after sleeping for several months.. you whore…you right I hate you ,but I also hate Veronica for looking like you and separating me from my brother ..and you are the only one who can help me with this ..that why I am telling you all this ”


“I want to go back home . I want to go back and take what mine ,William belongs to me not Veronica and I definitely won’t spare her and whoever brought me here ”


“Who else could have done that, Veronica brought you here inorder to take over your life … every f**king thing was planned out by her and now you have to ruin her little plan ”


“How can I get out of here Beatrice security is a little tight ”


“Leave thAt to me Chelsea …I will definitely get you out of here .. definitely”




William lit his cigarettes and dipped it in his mouth as he stares at the sky


“I will take that ” Veronica said as she removed it from his mouth. He paid no attention as he brought out another one from his pocket


I will have that ” she said as she collected it from him and threw it in the water fountain


“Why did you do that ”


“Cause I do not want you to die that wwhy …I didn’t even know you smoke ”



“Once in awhile”


“Why?” I asked


“Cause I feel like..there isn’t necessary a reason to do something”


“Please stop it”


“I am not just going to stop it because you told me to okay….your opinions don’t


matter ,”


“I see ,I guess you do not care about me then”she looked extremely sad as she turned my back to leave”


William grabbed her wrist and turned her to face him


“Okay do not blackmail me emotionally,I will try to quit it ”




“Yes I will …as long as you stop doing that” he said trying to sound as if he didn’t care at all but his voice was failing him.


Her heart was beating really fast again,she was trying to deny the feeling s before but now she knows she loves William Morgan . She denied it constantly but now she knows she loves him.


“I am so sorry about what my mother said know the making babies and all ,it was so embarrassing”


“No I am not bothered at all , it will happen eventually” he said while her cheeks flushed in embarrassment at the thought of that .. A romantic night of passion between with William …no no no ,that can’t happen . she shaked off the thought immediately


“William do you really like me that much to think about having kids with me ”



He looked at me and smirked “no I don’t ”


All her happiness turned into anger as I glared at William … What a jerk


“You do not like me ” I said


yes,I do not. …I use to like you Veronica but now anymore ..I do not like you anymore”


Tears ran down her cheeks as she looked down ..she does not want him to see her crying … never ,he shouldnt …”I guess I deserve this..but you should know that I am sure about how I feel for you now …I really like you ,and it okay if you do not feel the same ” .


“I do not like you anymore Veronica because now …now I love you ” he said as her eyes immediately widened in shock..she felt like she was in some kind of dream world as she stared at William who was staring in the sky. “I have never said this to any woman and I have never loved any woman …I was just a selfish heartless business man until I met you and even though we fight alot ,you thought me how to love someone …I do not just like you that much to think of having kids ,I love you that much ”


Tears ran down her cheek,but this time it was tears of joy .


“William” she called and he turned to face her .. she grabbed William by his collar and brought him down to her height as she gently placed a soft kiss on his lips . William was kind of shocked cause he has always been the one kissing her ,she has never done such a thing before . She broke the 3 second kiss and stared at him


“You know you really should grow taller ,my neck hurts all the time when we do this ”


“Screw you ” she said while William smiled and then brought her close for an even deeper kiss .





“See what did I tell you ” Beatrice said to Chelsea who clenched her fist as tears rolled down her eyes watching Veronica and William little love scene . They have been hiding and watching nica and William all along


“I will get William back ,but first I get my family … Veronica will pay for snatching them away from me ” she said as she started walking towards the house to see her family .


“That is great ,you doing just what I want you to” Beatrice said as she smiled to herself .


She was about to step inside the house when someone placed a white piece of clothing on her nose and mouth and dragged her away from the house while she was still struggling for freedom . After few seconds of struggling,she was already unconscious as her uncle John who was the person that knocked her out of consciousness placed her in his car and said .


“You will reunite with your family very soon Chelsea …but not today ,you will not ruin my plans









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