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I stood there dumbfounded as willi stared at me . I wonder how he is going to react to this ,is he going to beat up Kyle ? Or worse ,is he going to get really mad at me . He should know I can never cheat on him right ?. This is nothing but a very compromising situation.


“I came to pick you up ,come on .let go ” he said as he walked out of the restaurant while I heaved a sigh of relief and stared at Kyle.


“I hope he doesn’t….”


“I am not sure Kyle” I looked down and inhaled deeply as I looked up at him again “I will see you tomorrow” I walked out of the restaurant immediately and into Williams car .


“Hi ”


“Hey ” he replied coldly you while staring out the window. It obvious ,he is clearly upset about what happened between


“So how was work ?” I asked few minutes later since I couldn’t tolerate the awkward silence anymore


“Cool ” he replied coldly again while I rolled my eyes


“William, whatever you have in mind just spill it right now obvious you think there is something between Kyle and I and that is not the truth..why are you even doubting me ”


“Doubt you ? ironic”


“Well if you not doubting me ,why are you so pissed right now ?”


He sighed and looked at me ” I am not pissed” the car came to a halt as William got down from it and walked very fast into the mansion while I followed him behind trying to catch up to him. He walked into his room while I also followed him into it .


“Hey will Quit this attitude of yours Already”


“Yea as long as you quite your job ” he said as he removed his suite jacket .


“You want me to quit my job ”



“Yeah ” he said as he removed his shirt revealing the gorgeous body that makes me go wanky anytime I see it ,and the way that silver chain with the key pendant he wears basically all the time dangles from his neck just makes him hotter .


“Oh I see ,you love me but I see you do not trust me ”


He walked towards me as he overshadowed me due to the medium difference in height while I raised my head up to be able to look in his eye …Curse my height .


“I trust you but I do not trust that blonde blue eye boss of yours ”


“Oh I see you jealous” I said as I folded my arm “you perhaps think I find him more attractive than you or something”


He smirked arrogantly as he walked away from me ” I am sure you not blind are you ?”


“Rude” I said as I folded my arm


“Just saying ,only a blind person will find that more attractive than me ”


“Self confidence at it peak…but anyway you right . ” I said as I smirked


“I know I am ” William said as he unbuckled his belt and wanted to pull his trousers down


“Eeewww gross ,have you no shame ” I asked as I turned around abruptly


“Well I am in my room”


“Well couldn’t you tell me to atleast excuse you ”


“I see no reason to do that …and beside you can turn around now ” he said and I did so as I turned around slowly. He was already wearing a black joggers and white causal t shirt .


“You should quit your job …I do not want you around that Kyle ”



“But Kyle is a good person William ”


“That your impression of him ,not mine ”


“I won’t just quit my job just because you asked me too”


“Okay fine ,then I won’t speak to you ” he said as he walked out of his room while I immediately followed him again


“William come on…stop acting like a child ”


“Oh I bet Kyle doesn’t act like a child”


“What gives you the impression that Kyle likes me or he is trying to steal me from you ” he stopped walking and turned around


“Are you going to quit your job or not ?”


“No I will not ”


“Then quit following and get lost ” he said in a slightly unserious way




“Leave me alone”


“And is that the way to treat a lady” A voice said while William and I turned to see who it was that just talked . It was a lady ,in her thirties I think ..looks very hot and classy and she kinda looks like William .. could this be his big sister Catherine ?


“You ”


She walked towards him and grabbed him by the ear ..”I see so I raised you to bully poor innocent women”



“Ouch ouch ouch , Catherine let go of my ear “Yup I was right ,this is his sister ..and I can see why William is so scared of her .


“”I will as soon as you apologize to her”


“I will rather eat pickles”what a rude jerk .I can’t believe he prefers to eat the pickles he hates so much instead of apologizing to me


“Okay fine then , I will teach you a valuable lesson ” she said as she hit him continuously with her purse


“Ouch you going to hurt me”


“This is what you deserve” she said while I smiled to myself watching the little scene


“You seem to be enjoying this “William said as he glared at me


I smiled lightly and said “he is such a bully ,I try my best to be a good wife but all he ever does is bully me and tells me to get lost whenever I want to talk to him”


“Really ” Catherine said as her eyes widened in shock


“You liar ..she is lying to you ,it the other way round ..she is the one who bullies me ”


“Look at me ,am just a weak small fragile woman can I actually bully someone like him with all his muscles ”


“She is right William, look at her so innocent way she is capable of bullying you ” Catherine said while I faked a very innocent face acting like I was the victim here .


“You witch …she is lying to you Catherine, she is not fragile or weak …she is evil and she is the one who bullies me all the time ”


“You sore Liar… dare you lie to my face uhn” Catherine asked as she pulled


his ear again while I just stood there smiling to myself


“Catherine let go of my ear ”


“I won’t until you apologize to this young lady”


“I won’t …never ” he said


Okay fine then …you are Chelsea Meyer ,his wife right” “Yes I am ,and you must be Catherine Morgan..his sister”


“You got that right and since my stubborn little brother isn’t willing to apologise to you …I will like to punish him a little ”


“And what punishment is that” William asked before I got the chance to


“You are not allowed to get close to Chelsea until you are willing to apologise”


“I think that a fair punishment” I said with a smile


“What , Catherine she is my wife and I have every right to be close to her.” Catherine glared at William and he immediately kept quiet even though he tried to act cool so I will not know that he is actually scared of his sister .


Excuse me a second,I need to pick this call ” Catherine said as she walked away I immediately stuck my tongue out to mock William while laughing at him. “You must find this funny uhn …you liar ”


“Of course I do …who knows the all powerful and strong William Morgan can be afraid of his sister”


“I am not afraid of her ”



“WILLIAM COME HERE RIGHT NOW !” Catherine shouted from the living room while William flinched in fear.


“You were saying?” I asked with a mocking smile


“You see that little punishment she gave me ,it not a a blessing in disguise…I will be away from you for as long as I want ”


“You can’t stay away from me for as long as will be the first to run back to me “I said with so much pride


“Don’t be so confident” he said as he walked away leaving me alone while I smiled


Let see who comes to who first William Morgan









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