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I clenched my fist in anger as I watch Uncle John take Chelsea away . I couldn’t even do anything about that ,it like my entire plan is failing right before my eyes



.oh damn you John Meyer ,damn you . Now what am I going to do ,how the hell am I going to get Chelsea out of there ,how am I going to do that .


I must think of something before it too late


Chelsea will have to come back home and ruin Veronica little life for me . Once Veronica is gone ,I will destroy Chelsea and have my brother back. Then I can finally have a peaceful life . The peaceful life I have always dreamed of . I will ruin everyone of my enemies and I won’t stop until I do so.




I stood on the balcony staring at the stars when I felt William’s presence behind me.


“What are you doing here?” I asked


“Hey whose house is this?”he asked as he folded his arms


“Well it your house”


“Yes and that makes it my balcony..I can be anywhere I want to be anytime I want to be” he said while I rolled my eyes


“Fine ,why don’t you just eat and swallow your balcony..I Will be in my room” I said as I turned to leave. I am picking a fight with him deliberately because looking him directly in the eyes is becoming so difficult for me and I might just go crazy if he touches me again.


“Hold on a sec ” he said as he held me by the wrist and yanked me back.


“Why exactly do you like fighting with me all the time ” he asked as he gently used his hand to caress the small of my back. No he isn’t just going to seduce me all he wants today without me doing anything. I wrapped my hand around his neck and


“You were the one who started it ”


He smirked and said “dipp your hand in my pocket”




“Dip your hand in my pocket and bring out whatever you see in it ” I was really confused but I did what he said Anyway. I dipped my hand in his coat pocket and felt something like a chain .


“What is this ?” I asked as I pulled out whatever was in his pocket . I was actually very shocked to see this . It was the same diamond necklace I took special interest back in the stores.


“William this is …”


He removed his hand from my waist and collected the necklace from me .”you said you liked this back at the store I got it for you ”


For some reason,I do not know exactly why that happened. But a ball of tears ran down my cheeks.


“Hey…” William said as he used his thumb to wipe my tears ” why are you crying it just a necklace..if you do not want this one I will get you another one”


“No William ,it not about the necklace”


“Then what is wrong”


“William are you sure”


“Sure about what ?” I asked


“That before I lost my memory in the accident I had a happy life ..are you sure I was not hurt by people…are you sure I am not a miserable person”


“Chelsea what are you saying ,of course you aren’t why will you ask that ?”


“Because it feels like all my life ,no one had ever cared about me . It feels like I have no family or maybe I was never loved by someone ”



“Chelsea,I do not know why you feel this way ” he said as he unhooked the diamond necklace and put around my neck. I really do not want William to buy me expensive gifts but am afraid rejecting it might hurt his feelings .


“William I really want to know who I use to be ..I want to know my past…I want you to tell me everything please..”




“Let me out of here right now “I shouted as I hit the door trying to get it open .


“Pfttttt chelsea over here ” Beatrice called as she climbed in from the window


“What do you want ”


“I am here to get you out of here so can get rid of your look alike and get back with Williams ”


“Hey listen up Beatrice..all I want is to reunite with my family.. Veronica or whatever she is called can have William for all I care ..unless you here to take me back to my family get lost ”


“What ,what are you talking about .. you are Chelsea and the only thing you have ever been crazy about since you were five is William Morgan …you even dated my late brother Charles to get close to him when William wasn’t paying any attention to you are obsessed no way you can just give him up”


“Well things changed,I want to give him up …let nica have him ..I am a changed person now and if you looking for a puppet..try someone else ,you of all people should know me Beatrice”


“Look here Chelsea…I know you are up to something cause you will rather die than give up on William never really cared about your family so what changed all of a sudden”



“Don’t you get it BEATRICE..I ain’t interested in William anymore ..I just want to spend time with my family so unless you here to take me to them …please get lost ” I said and I was actually pleased to see the shock expression on BEATRICE face


She wants to use me as a puppet


What a fool


I am Chelsea Meyer ,it going to be pretty hard to outsmart me








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