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I really do not understand this feelings, am I really lying to myself …..I keep trying


to convince myself that I do not like William but it like my heart says a whole new different thing can I really like William. …do I really like william?


No I really cannot think about that right now. ..I just have to know while William picked a fight with Kyle. ..


I wiped my tears and went to my room,.I couldn’t sleep the entire night, I just kept on thinking about William non stop. And now it quite strange how the thought of


him leaving me scares me so much . I really do not want William to leave me ever


.what am I saying?


I must be crazy.


I walked into the restaurant the next morning and as usual kyle welcomed me with a big smile on my face . He had a huge bruise on his face due to the way William beat him up yesterday and now he is acting all casual like he wasn’t involved in a fist fight with my husband the previous day .I wasn’t entirely free with Kyle like I use to be ,but still I decided not to raise the topic, I mean it way too early for that.


Later in the evening during closing hours ,I decided to bring up the topic and talk to kyle about it .


“Ummm kyle can I talk to you? ” I asked as I ran my hand through my hair


“About what? ” he asked while I sighed and said “about what happened yesterday. know you and Williams little fist fight ”


“Seriously Veronica, do we really have to talk about that ?”


“Ummm yeah we need to….I want to know how ..I mean why you got into a fist


fight with my will..with my husband ?”


“What if I really do not want to talk about that”


“I still demand an explanation….I want to talk about it cause that little action is about to ruin my marriage kyle….I slapped William because of you and that means a lot. least I deserve to know if slapping him was really worth it ”


Kyle sighed and said “I provoked him”


“What ! Why would you do that? ” I asked looking really confused


“Well Chelsea it obvious your little marriage is fake…but despite the fact that it is arranged in think it clear to me that you two love each other ”


“What why do you think that ….I mean William doesn’t love me and I do not love


him either ”


“Chelsea yesterday the both of you were extremely jealous of each other’s partner and you call that not love ”


“Kyle you really are misunderstanding me ”


“Oh zip it Chelsea…..there’s no misunderstanding anywhere….I told William to


continue doing what he is doing with cocoa you know making you jealous and when he finally ruins everything, I will be the shoulder you come to for support ”


“Jeez why did you say that?”


“Just a little test and he passed it by punching me ….the love you have for him ,I


can clearly see that in your eyes but William is really hard to study you


know….you are an open book but he is not so I decided to test him and when he hit


me ,I could see the possession in his eyes, the love and fear of loosing you ”


“Did William pay you say this cause have never seen all this you talking about in his eyes ”


“You have ,you just decided to ignore it cause you felt you didnt need it ”


“No that not it kyle”


“That definitely it”


“Okay …maybe you mean well but this little action of yours is about to ruin my marriage you know….. ”


“Well it doesn’t have to be ruined ”




“You can save it ”


“How how can I do that, he is really upset with me right now ”


He took a sip of his coffee and said “tell him what he wants to hear”


“Which is ?” I asked with a puzzled expression


“Tell him how you really feel about him ….William really likes you and a trivial


matter like this can’t end your marriage. …well it might cause he is really mad at you right now ,but you can always make that right ”


“William thinks I hate him and I want it to stay that way and beside that I have always wanted divorce. ..maybe this is my dream coming through ”


“You really are one stubborn woman ,I wonder how your husband could put up with you for so long …what a patient man ” he said with a smile on his face


“Look kyle cut the crap okay …..I do not like William ”


“Then why are you so worried about your marriage failing ?”


“Well because. ..I. ..i….I don’t know ,I am confused okay”


“Chelsea if you feel nothing towards him then why were you so jealous about him being with coco?”


“Well. …that because ”


“You have no excuse …..I advice you do what is right before it too late okay ” he




“I can’t. …I really do not want to fall in love …you don’t understand kyle”


“What wrong ? Are you philophobic? ” he asked while I shaked my head signifying no


“I am not ”


“Then what the hold up?” He asked


“I just feel all my life kyle I have been hurt continously and the thought of falling in love with the wrong person scares….I am just afraid to get hurt that all kyle ”


“I said it you philophobic ”


“Cut the crap dude ”


“Okay okay ….but I personally believe you should not hang on to your past seriously don’t. …..your future is all that matters now and even though you deny it


continously i know you like him and stop being a dumbo and save your marriage ” he said as he took a sip of his coffee and smiled “do what your heart tells you to


….this might sound really weird but for once stop using your and use your heart ”


I stood on my feet and walked out of the restaurant. ..what is he saying? What is kyle saying. ……can I really like William ….do I peharps feel the same way ….I


remembered the first day we saw each other at the gospital…I remembered all our fight …I remembered the first day we agreed to be friends….I remembered the first


time he kissed me …my heart was doing it again …it was beating really Fast…..why


did it take me so long to realise this …i do feel the same way ….it also like william.


..i do like william. I really do like william and he has to know this




I walked into the mansion and I saw William sitting down on the couch talking to his lawyer and he really doesn’t look happy


Well he never looks happy cause he always wears this cold and kind of grumpy look but that just his normal expression but this time it different. …he is really not happy .


“Look she is here ” William said as he stood on his feet with his lawyer Mr Albert


“What going on?”I asked


“Mr Albert is here to submit the divorce papers. …have you signed it ?” He asked



“Submit…..why ..h..wh?” I said as tears welled up my eye but I was doing a great


job of holding it back ….I really was preventing it from rolling down my cheek


“You should be happy Veronica, I am giving you what I want ”




“Then what do you want Chelsea. ….tell me what you want ”


“You wanna know what I want uhn?…..”I dipped my hand into my bag ,brought


out the divorce papers and tore it …William dipped his hand in his pocket and asked “What are you doing? ”


“That what I want William ”


“Which is?”


I sighed and walked towards him until I was only one feet away from him ….I took


a deep breath and gathered every last bit of courage to say


“You William. …you are what I want ”













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