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The tale of Veronica Hathaway






Life wasn’t fair to tore her into pieces. It crushed her and left her all alone.fate toyed with her life. She was surrounded by people who want nothing but her downfall ,people who hated her more than words could describe and most of all ,life forced the beautiful smile out of her eye


Veronica couldn’t believe what she was hearing ,he meant more to her than words could describe but it never occured to her that he will leave her alone again ,just like everyone in her life.


then ,are you really going to leave me ,when am like this?’ She asked as tears shone in her eyes


this was all your fault Veronica,you really do not have the right to blame me ‘ ‘But i didn’t do this on purpose, i had no idea it will all turn out like this William’



‘But still you hid the truth from me didn’t you ?’William asked looking extremely angry as he bit his lower lip,Veronica meant more to him than words could explain but when he lost the woman who also meant the whole world to him due to Veronica’s little action, he couldn’t handle the extreme anger building up inside of him


‘I didn’t want to loose you ‘


‘Something like that could never have thorn us apart ,but the fact that you lied to me will and thanks to you, the woman who loved me more than words could describe died ,i will never forgive you for that ‘ he said as he turned his back to leave


‘William my heart is weak, if you leave me ,i won’t be able to handle it’ she inhaled deeply as the tears rolled down her cheeks ‘if you leave then it over for me William ‘


William clenched his fist as he inhaled deeply ‘i am sorry but i do not care about that anymore’


That just a sneak peak of the story


Trust me ,this is one story you do not want to miss


THE SMILE THAT LEFT MY EYES (Tale of Veronica Hathaway )


You won’t want to miss it




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