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William blinked abruptly as he let out a fake smile . It was obviously fake and that makes me feel like he is hiding something from me .


“William come on tell me about my past ..I desperately want to know everything and who I use to be . William I need you tell me .


“Chelsea you know I can’t tell you anything about your past ”


“But why?”



“Doctors orders ,me telling you about your past is dangerous…you will force your self to remember somethings and that might have dire consequences for your health ”


“William what are you talking about ,I am perfectly fine and I can handle it ,I deserve to know everything about my past ”


“Please I really do not want to talk about this okay …you will find out about your past eventually but not now ” I decided to drop the topic when I realised there was no use trying to convince William . But this just makes me wonder if he is really concerned about my health or he is trying to hide something from me .


His phone made a ping sound as he pulled it out of his left pocket and checked it “Holy sh*t!” He exclaimed as he ran his hand through his hair in fraustsration


“Anything the matter ?” I asked


“As if I haven’t suffered enough in your hands now she is coming here ”


“Suffer in my hands ,what do you mean by that and who is coming here ?” I asked as I wore a puzzled expression on my face


“I only know three mean woman,my grandma,you and the meanest of them all my elder sister Catherine ”


“You have a big sister ”


“You do not know that ?”


“Of course you never mention her ..not even once ”


“Why should I ?…she is pure evil ”


“Evil evil ”



“Well she bullies me all the time and tells me what to do ,so she is pretty much evil to me . She is the worst ” he said as he ran his hand through his hair


“Do you think she is going to like me ?” I asked


“Well I am not sure ,my sister isn’t the type to like someone easily ..if she likes you then you are lucky …I better go prepare for her arrival ” he said as he ran away leaving me al alone on the balcony ,I have never seen William this scared in my entire life . How horrible can his big sis actually be .


I walked into my room and collapsed on my bed . Even though William and I already confessed our love for each ,we still can not sleep in the same room for


many reasons..I am sure you all know what I mean .



So the next morning I went to work, couldn’t find William anywhere. I wonder where he went to so early in the morning without informing me. That pretty strange.


“Hey Kyle …you back ” I greeted my boss as I walked into the restaurant


“Yes I am …I see you all kept the restaurant in good condition even in my absent ”


Well you know I am quite responsible” I said with a smile “Aishhh don’t flatter yourself”


“Hey you know I am responsible”


“Wait a second ” Kyle placed his hand on my forehead to feel my body temperature


“What wrong ?”


“Are you sure you are okay ?” Kyle asked


“Yes …totally okay …and why did you ask ?”



“You are the grumpiest woman I know …seeing you this happy is a little strange for me ,are you perhaps on some special medication.”


“William is that special medication” I only realised what I said after I said it and I looked up at kyle as my face flushed in embarrassment .




“Ummmm I see ,so William is that special medication” he teased


“You are such a gossip ” I said as I walked away to avoid more embarrassing situations. So few hours after working ,it was finally closing hours and Kyle walked up to me


“Mind if I drop you off at home?…. William wouldn’t mind right ,I mean it obvious


he doesn’t like me ” Kyle asked


“Yeah you right …I do not want to upset him in anyway so you do not have to drop me off…I will catch a bus ” I said as I removed my apron and hanged it. I am not afraid of William at all ,but it only normal not to upset him since we just started a new journey.


And after what Kyle said that stirred up a fight between them . He probably thinks Kyle is a bad person who wants to steal me from him and that is the complete opposite of who Kyle really is.


You see here is the funny thing about living your shoes trip ,fall and probably break a bone or something,but this time I was lucky enough to fall right in Kyle’s arm when I tripped on my shoe laces . We stared in each others eye for awhile as his hand was around my waist while mine was around his neck …A very compromising situation,anyone would have thought the two of us were in some kind of relationship or something


Someone walked into the restaurant and I immediately let go of Kyle


“Ummm am sorry but we are close…..” I couldn’t finish what I was about to say


when I turned my back and found out that it was William .


He looked at me as his eyes darted from me and landed on Kyle .


Of all situations for him to walk in,why does it have to be now … He is definitely going to think there is something between Kyle and I .


What if he thinks am cheating on him with my boss


What of he beats up Kyle again since he is really temperament


What if he tells me he hates me or worse file for a divorce or something …okay maybe I did a little overthinking in the last part ,but I wonder what he is going to say about this .










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