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This is quite strange


You confess your undying love to a guy and all you get is a rejection


Well not really a rejection but it still close to a rejection. He is obviously still angry at me because of what I did to him, but still I just can’t let him stay angry at me …I guess i have to calm him down but how ?


I thought for awhile but I couldn’t think of anything


“Oh come on Chelsea. ..think of something. does a woman get her husband who is really mad at her to calm down ” I smiled lightly to myself when I suddenly thought of something. “Of course. ..I am a woman …I will just use that to my advantage. …William can’t stay mad at me for to long “I said as I smiled lightly to myself and just then my phone rang


“Mother “i muttered to myself…I wonder why she is calling me so late in the night “hey mom ”


“Hey sweetie how are you ”


“I am fine and you ?”


“Well am okay ….you see it been awhile since I last saw you ,so I wanted to know


if you and Williams will be available for dinner tomorrow at our place ”



“Oh mother am not sure about that yet. ….I will be more than happy to come over


but am not so sure about William. .he is a busy man ”


“You can try convincing him ”


“Okay mother. ….no problem …I will talk to William and if he doesn’t have a tight


schedule tomorrow. ..we will surely be there for dinner ”


“Okay sweetie bye ….I love you ”


“I love you too mum bye ”


I sighed and walked up to Williams room …dinner at my house is a perfect idea ,it gives both of us more time to hang out with each other … I have got to talk to him about this .




“What do you mean you can’t keep giving her the drugs I need you to continue giving her she can’t regain her consciousness just yet” I said to the doctor he just told me that he can no longer continue on the medication he was given to Chelsea before. If Chelsea regains her consciousness then everyone will know that the woman living in William Morgan’s house as his wife is just a murderer who goes by the name Veronica Hathaway. I really cannot let that happen yet at least not until I get William Morgan to do what I want him to


“Look Mr m e y e r I really love to help you but I just can continue this if I give her any more of those pills then your niece is surely going to die”


“But there must be some other way”


look Mister M e y e r I would love to help you but there’s nothing I can do again unless you want her to die then continue with this “he said as he walked away. Yes I might be a very greedy man but that doesn’t mean I want my niece to die. But one thing is for sure and that is if Chelsea regains her memory then my plan is ruined.

I really have to think of something.





I gently knocked on the door-to Williams room and when I heard no reply I pushed the door open and Williams was not in his room .. “where could he be ” I asked myself . I walked into his gym room and I was not really surprised to see him in there punching a punching bag


He even works out in the night and his sweat smells like Apple cinnamon . Oh I must be crazy ,even his sweat smells good ..And the fact that he is shirtless displaying that sΒ£xy as fu*k body while punching the bag is making my heart race like really fast . He stopped for awhile to catch his breath while I picked up the bottle of water on the table and stretched it towards him


“Here have this ” I said . He looked at the bottle of water first before starring at me


“Why are you here ” he asked as he collected the bottle of water from me ,dropped it back on the table and went back to punching the bag


“Well William i….” he wasn’t willing to listen to me as he started punching the bag


louder and faster this time


“William i want to talk to you ” I yelled but he still wasn’t Willing to listen to me .


He focused solely on punching the bag while and that actually infuriated me .


“William ” I yelled as I stood in front of him without even thinking . I mean he could accidently punch me thinking I was the punching bag and that almost happened. .I closed my eyes in fear patiently waiting for Williams fist to land on me but no such thing happened to me … lucky me


I slowly opened my eyes and saw William lower his fist that was stopped halfway ,grabbed the bottle of water and gulped it down …


“Are you crazy or something …what if I hit you ?”


“I wanted to talk to you but you were not listening ”


He moved close to me and said “Okay now am listening. .. ”


I got really nervous having him so close to me that I stepped back a little


“Why did you do that? ” he asked


” No. …i…I just”


“Why are you sweating. not hot in here …and you not working out ” william asked .


Why do I feel like this I have know William for awhile now and standing beside him doesn’t make me nervous or sweaty .


“No reason. ..I mean men is it hot here ” I said as I used my hand as a fan while William took another step towards me while I got nervous and moved back ward again





Veronica is acting strange ..first she wanted to talk to me now she is all sweaty and always steps back whenever I move close to her.


I finally figured out why she is acting this way and I smiled to myself ..this is an opportunity to mess with her and I am not going to miss it for world .


“William i wanted to tell you that …” she stopped talking when I moved close to her and she moved back again .


“You were saying? ” I asked as I continue moving close to her while she moved backwards until her back hit the wall





“William w……hy are yo…u so clos..e to m..e ?” I asked William who was now


standing extremely close to me as I rested my back on the wall “Am I close to you ?” He asked



“Y…e…es…yes you…arr…are”


“Is this better ?” He asked in a low tone as he placed his hand on the wall


“William it….n..ot”i asked as I looked down unable to look at him right in the eye


…yeah I was that nervous and Williams isn’t helping situation in anyway …I got a feeling that he is messing with me deliberately.


“What about now ?” He asked as he placed his hand on my waist and used it to pull me close and I swear I let out a squeak and that shows how scared and Vulnerable I was right now . I mean am letting Williams get in my head and I couldn’t control it.


“Now speak am listening ” he said . My hands were placed on his tight muscular chest and I swear I love the feel of it .


“William i …i”


” if you want me to talk to you ,I prefer doing it like this ”


“You are such a jerk”


“Thank you “he said


“Okay ..William i…..shiit” I let out a moan has he squeezed my waist lightly ….not


in a way that it will hurt but in a way that makes me feel so good.”William how do you expect me to talk when you doing this ?”


“What are you doing? “He asked


“Am talking ”


“Then continue ,no one is stopping you ”


“William i. .” His hand gently travelled from my waist and went under my shirt as he placed it on my lower back and that really got my feet trembling as waved of electricity travelled around my body …



“William why you doing this ?”


“Doing what ?” He asked innocently


“William my mum ”


“Don’t you think you should look in my eye while talking to me ”


“William i don’t want t….”


He gently grabbed my chin and lifted it up to look him in the eye


“Now talk ” he said


“William my mum wants us to come for dinner tomorrow ”


“Uhn uhn” he said as he brought my hand close to his lips and placed a soft kiss on it and that made my heart skipped a beat


“I ..w…w…wa..anted to know if you will be available tomorrow ” he stared at me for awhile and said


“One conditions ”


“Which is ”


He brought his lips closer to mine and I swear I almost fainted on the spot heart was pounding very fast ,I, mean this is not my first time kissing why do I feel this way . It all so strange .


“Chilli am not going to kiss you ” he said and I let out a sigh of relieve . He moved away from me and said


“Do not worry I will be at the dinner tomorrow. .now bye” he said as he went back to punching the bag while I stood there staring at him…he stopped punching it and stopped to look at me



“What you want me to kiss you or something before you leave …okay get back on the wall then ”


“Fu*k you william”


“I know you wanna “he said as he winked at me while I groaned in frustration and walked out of the room.


So this is what Williams meant by revenge


Seducing me and making me look like a fool


You won’t fall for it next time Chelsea


You won’t. .what a jerk




The real Chelsea Meyer slept on the hospital bed as a nurse walked into her room to check her drip


I wonder when she is going to wake up ..I hope She doesn’t stay this way forever . The nurse was still in the middle of saying stuffs just when she saw Chelsea finger move


“Did she just do that? ” she asked herself and she was even more surprise when Chelsea did it again.


“MISS MEYER “she called her name but there was no response ….she sighed and




“I need to call the doctor” she ran out of the room and few seconds later , Chelsea Meyer slowly opened her eyes


After three and a half months of coma ,she finally regained her consciousness


The Real Chelsea Meyer is back




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