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Chapter 46




William is really a major pain in the neck. But I wonder why mum suddenly wants this dinner .Anyway this is a great opportunity for me to finally see her after all this days ..I have been extremely busy.


So the next day ,I went to work and after work ,I headed back home to get ready for dinner. Kyle wasn’t at the restaurant that day . I was told he had to travel to London to see his family or something. And William isn’t around right now ,he is still at the office . I am both happy and sad that Williams is not around. Happy cause he is not around to make me feel funny and make my heart beat like crazy ,sad because I miss his presence.


Speaking of the devil, scratch that ,thinking of the devil ,William Morgan walked into the house and did not bother to say hello to me as he walked up the stairs and into his room .


“Rude”I muttered . I wonder why he is still so upset with me . I already apologized what else does he want from me . I am done ,done trying to convince that chuckle head called William Morgan




“she is awake ?”


“Yes Mr John Meyer but I think she is suffering from a short-term amnesia ”


“Short-term amnesia what do you mean by that? ”


“Well you see the thing is , she remembers her name but she can’t just seem to remember a family member or where she comes from ”



“that means I am safe for now as long as she doesn’t see anyone from her past”


“Exactly “the doctor said “as long as Chelsea Meyer doesn’t say anyone from the past which includes her mother and father in a nut shell her entire family and Friends. She’s okay ”


“well that’s great I just need to keep Chelsea here for a few more days after that I can totally let her go back home and send Veronica to prison ”


Veronica POv


“I am ready “Williams said as he walked down the stairs. Oh now so he can talk to me , he’s so full of himself.


I walked out of the house with William as I got into his car. I felt super awkward sitting next to him.he wasn’t interested in talking to me as he focus solely on his phoneand I wasn’t interested in talking to him either so I decide to leave things the way they were .


“hello my dear Chelsea I must say I’m really so happy to see you “my mum Penelope said as soon as we got to her house welcoming me with a big warm hug.


“I am so happy to see you mother ,it been awhile ..looking beautiful as ever ”


“Thanks honey” she said while I went ahead to hug my dad


“Hello William”


“Hello Mrs Meyer ..nice to see you ,it been awhile”


“I know right and both of you are just in time for dinner ”


“That great cause am starving”I said as I walked over to the table and sat down on it to have dinner .





Immediately I found out about where the real,I bribed one of the nurses to make up some excuse about and find a way to bring me on as a replacement.i am not a professional nurse but I will do anything to get rid of Veronica and that Chelsea Meyer for good.


I walked into the small warehouse that Chelsea was being held captive while wearing a nurse uniform and covering my face with a surgical mask incase I run into someone familiar. I strongly believe someone very close to Chelsea is responsible for this huge set up.


“And who are you ” a slightly familiar voice asked on my way to Chelsea’s room.Why does that voice sounds kind of familiar,it like I have heard it somewhere


“I believe I am talking to you ” he said ,his voice sounds angry this time around . Most be getting pissed cause I stood there like a statue giving him no response to his answer .


I slowly turned my back and was shocked to see Mr John Meyer ,that Chelsea’s uncle , what the duck ..does that mean all this shenanigans was orchestrated by Mr John Meyer himself . I find this really hard to believe,but what exactly is he going to achieve by doing this to his niece ..thank God I am wearing this surgical mask or I will be busted by now


“And who re you ? …I do not think I have seen you here before”John said while beads of hot sweat rolled down my forehead. Of I get caught I will be trapped here or worse get killed , if he is capable of trapping his own niece for such a long time ,then he is capable of murder


“Ummm I am the new nurse ” I said with a fake voice afraid he would recognize my real voice immediately I speak .


“New nurse ,why do we need a new nurse ,we have more than enough here ”


“Well sir you see one of the nurses here left so I am just a to fill in her spot for her till she comes back” he does not look fully convinced by what i just said as he stares at me deeply



“Take of your mask I want to see your face ”


“Why sir ?” I asked already panicking


“Do not argue with me ,take of your mask right now ”


“But sir”


“Why do you have a such a big problem taking it off,your refusal to take it off is making me more suspicious of you”


“Well sir I am.…..”


“Mr Meyer ,can I see you now ..I need to talk to you” the doctor said interrupting us


“But am still talking to her …”


“Oh forget about her , what am about to say is more important. ” The doctor said as he walked away with mr Meyer while I heaved a sigh of relief.


I am here for just one thing and that is to take Chelsea back home and automatically it bye bye to prison for Veronica.


I was told that my brother, Veronica and the entire Meyer’s family are having dinner tonight.


It sure will be a good thing if Chelsea just shows up and turns that pleasant dinner around .


I really can’t wait


I can’t wait for her life to be ruined ,and after I get rid of veronica.i can fully focus on ruining Chelsea. I destroy her so good she will regret everything she has done to me .






The smile that left my eye


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