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I woke up very early in the morning with a terrible hangover. ” What happened yesterday I asked myself as I rubbed my temple. I tried my best to remember what happened the previous night and when I finally did my eyes widened in shock


Veronica is definitely going to kill me this time” she’s already extremely upset because I lied to her and now this How Will I explain myself to her. Well she should understand I was drunk and I didn’t do that on purpose


I press the small Bell on my table and in a matter of seconds a maid walked into my room


get me a cup of tea or coffee low sugar and milk”


ok sir she” she said as she walked out of the room..


I was still rubbing my temple is in pain while while looking down. I heard the door to my room open and without bothering to look up I assumed it was the maid


” what Took You So Long my head is about to explode ”


here you go” Veronica voice said while I slowly raised my head to look at her. She was holding a cup of tea or coffee in her hand ,I’m not sure which one it is.


why are you… ”


She smiled and said ” you want coffee don’t you? Well have it ” I was actually really confused cuz I had no idea what Veronica is up to this time


is it poisoned?” I asked why she smiled


and what do I stand to gain by killing you William ? this is just a little thank you gift….. congratulations William Morgan I hate you more than I hate you before after what you did last night ” she said and I smiled and collected the coffee from her


thanks for the coffee ” she rollldd her eyes and turned to her back about to leave



but before you leave Veronica can I ask the question?” “Yeah sure go ahead”


if you really do hate me like you said you do then why didn’t you push me away yesterday? I mean nobody wants their worst enemy to kiss them no matter what ”


let’s just say sometimes hormones push you to do the stupidest things”


.” Ok ” I said with a smile on my face while she rolled her eyes and walked out of my room what happened the previous day gave me a little cold hope


if Veronica truly hate me like she said she does , she wouldn’t have allowed that to happen. maybe just maybe she likes me back I will just have to find out very soon but how?


Veronica POV


. I walk into the restaurant thinking of the question William asked ,he must think I have some kind of feelings for him . He shouldn’t think that way, I don’t want to tell him to think that way cuz if he does , he will win this little game of ours and that can’t happen no matter what


here is an early employee ” Kyle said with a smile on his face as he walked towards me


hello sir I greeted ”


“you quite early I like that ”


” it’s my thing ”


that is a good thing ” he said with a smile on his face .


so why didn’t you tell me? ” Kyle asked while I stared at him looking confused


tell you what?” I asked


“You didn’t tell me that you are Williams Morgan wife ”


it was at this point I knew I was going to get fired….Kyle is definitely going to


think am some kind of rich woman and fire me for fraud or something immediately


‘Ummm,no specific reason’ I answered as i lowered my head unable to look him in the eye.


” too bad I thought I had a chance ”


What? ” I asked as my eyes widened in shock


“Relax I was just kidding “he said and I let out a sigh of replied. I can’t have another guy on my neck until I get rid of William


“So why? “He asked


“Why what? ”


“You are married to William Morgan so I’m sure you must be like a billionaire why are you working in a small restaurant? ”


“I am sorry sir but it’s kind of personal but no worries I promise I’m working here because I really need the job ”


ok if you say so ” I knew I am free this time around and that means I can work in this restaurant without getting fired. Words can’t explain how happy I am right now. I turn my back to leave before Kyle stopped me ” hold on a sec Chelsea


Yeah? ”


you see today my sister is coming from England ,and I need to buy a special gift ,and I was thinking of buying a shoe since she loves them so much, she is like a shoe freak ”


ok and you perhaps need my help in any way? ”


“Actually I do…. I figured you and her might be using the same size you don’t mind


following me to the mall to get her a new pair of shoes do you? I just want you to try them on so I can find the perfect size for her you don’t mind helping me with that right? ”


“Yeah I have no problem with that I’ll be more than happy to help”


wow thanks a lot Chelsea” he said with a smile on his face as he walked away. This actually really weird whenever I am around Kyle I don’t feel anything but with William Morgan it is a different case and when he touches me I feel thousands of butterflies in my tummy am I crazy or something?


I guess I do not have the question to that right now but I’ll find out why I feel that way very soon few hours later Kyle and I got ready to go to the mall and as usual I was sitting at the back of his motorcycle. We walked into the mall together and immediately went into the shoe section


Yeah try this all “Kyle said why stretching a very expensive-looking shoe designer shoe towards me


” okay “I tried it on”too tight ” I said


“okay bring another one ” kyle said to the Salesman in charge of the store


“okay sir “he answered


“Thanks a lot for being here Chelsea “I smiled and said


“truly nothing sir”


“Where I…. ” Kyle couldn’t speak anymore as he just stared at something behind




What that?”I asked


is your husband meant to be here today? “Kyle asked and I was actually very confused


what do you mean by that? ”


“Well your husband is right behind us and it seems he has a friend ” Kyle said while I slowly turned around to see what he was saying


He is right William Morgan is here but this time around not for me but for some very really really hot chick… it is like he doesn’t notice I am here as a paid so much attention to do to the very hot girl standing next to him. He was busy going through the collection of shoes as he whispered something in her ear that made her laugh. Mere words couldn’t describe the anger that was building up inside of me right now . I had a strong urge to rip her hair off her scalp..


“Who the f**k is this girl and why is William with her? ”


“I don’t know “Kyle said with a shrug


” come on let’s go”I said to Kyle as I walked towards William


“William ” I called his name and that was when his attention was actually diverted from the girl standing next to him


“Chelsea I never expected to see you here and with your boss”


“Well I never started to see you here and with a girl ” I said as I folded my arm. I Wonder Why smokes are not yet coming from my head cuz I am burning right now, I am burning with anger.


“Oh, yeah where are my manners let me introduce you to my new P.A …… Coco say hello to my wife Chelsea Morgan ”


Hello Mrs Morgan it’s really nice to meet you” she said with a smile on her face as she stretched her hand towards me for a shake…


nice to meet me? There’s definitely nothing nice about meeting her


I let out a fake smile as I returned a handshake ” yeah it’s nice to meet you too Coco ”



and I must admit it really nice working with Mr Morgan here he is such a gentleman” she said as she held William by the Hand and smiled at him. My anger level immediately alleviated


You know his your boss right? ” I said with my Fake smile


“Yeah I do ”


“Well I see no reason for you to be so close to him ”


Oh sorry my apologies”she apologized as she immediately let go of William… the most annoying part of this is that he had the nerve to employ a P.A more hotter than I am and even prettier. Why am I even reacting this way it’s not like I’m jealous or something I mean . I know i do not like William at all so there is really no need for me to act this way.


William it’s really good that you are here then we we can all shop together you and Coco me and Chelsea ”


“He and Coco? Why do you have to call their names together like they are on some kind of date or something”I said that out loud just before I realised I sound super jealous right now


no Chelsea I didn’t mean it that way “kyle said


it’s ok “I turned to William and glared at him ” if you do not mind Coco and Kyle I would like to have a word with William” I said trying to sound as polite as possible even though I’m really upset right now


“Yeah sure no problem “they said as I grabbed William by the Hand and dragged him away


I know you all think I am jealous now or maybe I like William but that is really not the truth I do not like him and I’m not jealous I just want to ask him a question that is all


Because no matter what I will never like William never ever



William Morgan and I are just not compatible








Tale of Veronica Hathaway





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