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I smiled lightly to myself immediately Veronica walked out of the restaurant. …yes


I know her real and it is Veronica for some reason Veronica goes by the name


Chelsea now but I am definitely sure she is Veronica. She grew up with her aunt



Beatrice after losing h e r parent in a terrible accident. We were childhood best friends and got seperated when i had to travel to Australia back when we were just


I admit I have been in love with Veronica since we were kids but back then I never had the courage to tell her .I was scared to and now when I got back from Australia few months ago and tried looking for her ,I found out she is now a wanted Criminal. Accused of killing Beatrice and her daughter Alfred.


Just few days ago, she walked into my restaurant on her own accord and just when I thought she was going to be happy to see me cause she hasn’t seen me for years. ..she acted all casual like she doesn’t recognize me at all


She really doesn’t recognize me….I came to realise that when I did my little


findings and found out that she who claims to be Chelsea was involved in an accident and lost her memory


I am one hundred percent sure She is Veronica and not Chelsea


But for some reason she is acting like this Chelsea. .I know there is one piece of the puzzle that is missing right now but with time I will find it.


When I found she is married to William Morgan, that broke my heart and I was even more hurt when I found out she is in love with him . At first I couldn’t take it cause it hurts badly ,but despite that ,I still had to help her realise the love she has for william….I mean why become a Villian in her life and force her to love me


when it is obvious she isn’t. ..that would be absolutely ridiculous. ..but never the less I had to make sacrifices cause that what true friends do …..





I stared at Veronica expecting her to repeat what she just said ..she can’t be serious with what she just said. ..maybe she is looking for another means to fight with me or something. I Mean there should be a logical explanation for this cause Veronica telling me she needs me is not logical in anyway


“What did you say ?” I asked as I arched my brow this time . One could tell that I looked absolutely confused right now even though I was trying my best to hide that confused expression.


“Didn’t you hear me ….I said I need you and there is absolutely no way you are


ever going to force me into signing that papers ”


“Okay …it seems you guys still have some issues you have to resolve but I will come back later ” Mr Albert my lawyer said as I walked out of the mansion


Situation must have been quite uncomfortable for him and he felt he need to give us some privacy .


“You said you hate me”


“I never hated you be quite sincere my feelings for you aren’t quite clear to me yet but one thing I am sure of is that I do not want to loose you ….you


should belong to me not to coco or any other twig bitches ….I’m stubborn. ..I


refused to admit my feelings even to myself ,but now that I do please do not leave me ”


“I don’t even have to say it cause you know how I feel about you “I sighed and said “You confessing your feelings doesn’t mean I will just forgive you easily for what you did….just like you found it hard to forgive me for lying to you …I also find it quite difficult to forgive you for hitting me cause of another man”


I said as I walked out on her…i was actually very happy because the woman I like feels the same thing


And sad cause I just hurt her feelings by saying that


But have always been in the habit of having revenge on whoever hurts me


But am not really seeking revenge on Veronica


Just want to toy with her for awhile. ..let see how long it will take her before she breaks down…The fun start now




“Are you sure they are keeping her here ?” I asked my private detective



“Yes madam..she is currently in a Coma and is being treated by a doctor name Mark Sanchez and watched over day and night nurses ”


“And how did you find out all this ”


“I have my ways …but I can assure you that is where the real Chelsea Meyer is ”


“And any idea who has been keeping her there ”


“No not yet ma’am, but I plan on finding that out very soon ”


“Okay then you can leave ”


“Okay ma’m” he said as he walked out of my sight. .this is quite interesting. ..


For awhile I have not been Meddling in the life’s of Veronica and my dear brother but that ends today ..


I am about to crush their dreams and I know I can’t do that but I know who can do that for me .


Someone who I hate so much


Someone who is capable of destroying Thier lives


I will make this person ruin Veronica’s life and after she does that I might just kill her with my own bare hands for what she has done to me. I will think about what to do to her later


But for now I need to summon her from the depths of hell


The devil herself


Chelsea Meyer













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