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I had plans of visiting the restaurant that day and i was finally going to reveal to Veronica that i am the real owner of the restaurant. But i just couldn’t let her go to work because of her present condition. Since she managed to outsmart my bodyguards and went to work anyway ,i was going to tell her everything.



Now that i finally decided to let the cat out of the bag, Veronica is really upset with me and i totally have no idea how to calm her down . I walked back into the restaurant and glared at Mrs Pp


‘And why are you still here ?’i asked while she blinked abruptly as beads of sweat rolled down her forehead


‘Sir i just want to apologize for how i spoke to you earlier ‘


‘Oh now i am sir …i thought i was some rich spoilt brat ‘ i sighed and smiled lightly ‘they are fired ,the manager and that one too..i want them out of my restaurant ‘i said to my P.A while pointing at fiona


I knew she was the one who made Veronica fall, But i really do not care about her reasons, i just want her gone . I walked out of the office and got into my car still thinking of a way to calm Veronica down. She looked really angry and i do not think she is going to forgive me anytime soon anyway.


I walked into the mansion but could not find Veronica anywhere ‘ she must be in the room ‘i said to myself as i walked up the stairs . I was suprised to see Veronica packing her cloths that was neatly arranged in my wardrobe into her bag


‘what is going on ?’i asked


She stopped whatever she was doing, sighed and ran her hand through her hair ‘you see grandmother is no longer around ,which means i do not want to stay in the same room with you anymore . Am going back to the basement ‘ she said as she went back to packing her clothes


‘Chelsea why are you getting so worked up about this ?’i asked but she totally ignored me like i wasn’t even there as she focused solely om packing her things ‘Chelsea ‘ i called her name again as i grabbed her by the arm


‘Let go of me ‘ she said as she glared at me while i slowly let go of her hand


‘Why are you doing this? You ain’t even giving me a chance to explain myself at all’



‘I can’t give you any chance cause all you are going to do is lie to me , i just hate it when people lie to me ‘


‘Chelsea i Never liked you and you never liked me at the time i bought that restaurant, yeah i admit the reason i bought this restaurant was to punish you back then ..i wanted to look for ways to make you suffer but i just couldn’t do it when… ‘


‘Wait ,hold on bought this restaurant just to make me suffer’


‘Yes i admit i did ,but that was in the past’


‘Just how low were you willing to stoop back then just to get your revenge on me ‘


‘How do i explain this to is all in the past and that really not what i want for us at all, anymore ‘


‘How am i even suppose to be sure that this sudden feeling you claim to have for me all of a sudden is not one of your plan to make me suffer ‘


‘And what do you mean by that ?’i asked as i arched my brow


‘You know exactly what i mean by that …you want me to fall in love with you, so you can shatter my heart ,is that not your plan’


‘I really can’t believe what you are saying right not Chelsea ‘


‘Oh please, do not try to act innocent cause i know just who you are William Morgan, you nothing but a liar and a bitter person ‘


‘If you think i am lying about the feelings i have for you Chelsea, then it is okay


..but please do not leave the room, you not that fine yet and that basement is really unhealthy for might get sick or something due to the cold and beside you really need someone to take care of you ..i can do that you know ‘



‘Will you stop being so bothered about me , months ago you sent me into that basement. As far as i am concerned nothing’s changed between us ,i still do not like you and you should feel the same way about me’


‘Chelsea i….’


‘Enough ,i really can’t wait for the thirty days to be over, so i can finally get rid of you ‘she said as she picked up her bag and walked out of the room.


I wonder why she is so upset with me and why she still wants to get rid of me


I know i am the kind that get really angry easily but i have no idea why i am so soft towards Veronica, i really can’t bring myself to get angry with her no matter how hard i try and it getting really annoying.


I just have to somehow make her forgive me and prove to her that she means something to me .


I just want to prove to her that i never wanted to lie to and i am definitely not faking the feelings i have for her


But she’s not making it easy for me at all


No matter what ,i can’t sign this divorce papers and i will just have to be patient








Tale of Veronica Hathaway










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