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The Smile That Left My Eyes – Episode 38





I am just so upset with William right now. I feel like all my life I have been lied to ,I feel like I didn’t have much friends in the past. I still can’t figure out my past life ,I do not know who i was .I just wish there was a way I can regain my memory , i want to know who I use to be in the past . I am sure my past Is the reason I am so bothered about what William did . I just want to know why I am so bothered about William lying to me when I am 100 hundred percent sure it the fact that I have no romantic feelings for him . I do not like him and I am never going to like him more than a friend, but for what he did now ,I am not even sure i like him as a friend anymore I went to bed that day still holding a grudge against William for what he had done..for lying to me . I wasn’t happy I am back i my cold basement, neither was i sad that i left William’s room. I just needed to be away from him as soon as possible. For some reason I just do not want to breathe the same air as him and I really mean it this time around . I woke up the next morning ,got dress and walked out of my basement room. Thank God I haven’t seen William’s yet today ,cause he is seriously the last person I want to see this morning . It will just ruin my entire day . I walked out of the mansion’s main exit and saw William standing next to his car while talking to someone on his phone. I glared at him while he immediately lowered his phone when he saw me and walked towards me ‘Hey let me drop you off at work’ I rolled my eyes and walked away completely ignoring him ‘Chelsea wait a second ‘ ‘And what do you want this time William ‘I said as I turned my back ‘Look ,i know it a lot of stress waiting for the bus and all …so since I am going to the restaurant let me drop you off’ ‘And who told you I am going to the restaurant?’I asked and I crossed my arm and arched my brow . Williams looked really confused as he removed his hand that was dipped in the pocket of his Black knee length Coat . ‘What do you mean by that?’ ‘I just can’t work at your restaurant anymore ,I am so done with that restaurant …my mission for today is to find a new job ,you know somewhere that has nothing to do with you ‘ ‘Chelsea don’t you think you taking this too far ,I already apologized to you repeatedly, what exactly do you want me to do..just tell me and I will do it ‘ ‘Leave my life’ I said and William suddenly became dumbfounded ‘ I really do not want to leave with a man like you, you never have any good motive and you blinded by revenge….The only thing you have made me go through since the day we met is pain and all you concerned about is revenge. I do not want anything to do with someone like you so can you get out of my life ,do this and I will forgive you ..can you do that?’ ‘I will do anything else Chelsea, but I really can’t do that ‘William said looking a bit sad but still trying to act cool about the situation. I did not care what he was feeling then ,or what pain he is going through..and I seriously do not have plans of forgiving him right now ‘I thought as much ‘I said as I walked out of the house leaving Williams dumbfounded ***************************************** I sighed deeply when I was about to enter the first restaurant. ‘ I hope I get a job here’ I muttered to myself as I walked to the entrance but I suddenly thought of something and stopped This is a five star restaurant just like Williams Restaurant, it is a big restaurant..what if it belongs to William Morgan.. I really can’t take any chances . I will just go to small restaurants I know William Morgan can never be interested in buying. After hours and hours of hearing no from each restaurant I visited. I walked into the last restaurant on my list with hopes that they might maybe employ me. I didn’t really make a good impression as I bumped into one of the workers holding a tray of dirty dishes in his hand ‘I am so sorry ,I am really so sorry ‘ i said as I helped him pack the dishes ‘It okay ‘his deep masculine voice said as we both raised our head at the same time. Okay this guy is the second extremely handsome man I am seeing after William. His blue eye ,his blonde hair . His perfect set of white ,everything about him is beautiful. He might not be as handsome as my so called husband cause truth be told William his unbelievably handsome that why those wierd girls in the restaurant are always drooling over him . But his handsome face doesn’t freak me at all,I still do not like him at all ‘I am really sorry ‘ ‘Hey it fine, no problem, welcome to S &T restaurant, let me show you to your table’s ‘Actually I am not here as a customer ‘ I said and his facial expression immediately changed ‘Sorry ?’ ‘Can I see the owner of the restaurant atleast so I can explain things to he or she ‘ ‘Well you might as well tell me why you here ‘ ‘I will feel better if I talk to the Owner about it ‘ I said while he smirked ‘Sir ,let me help you with that ‘ A waiter said as she collected the tray of dirty dishes from the blond blue eyed beauty ‘She just called you sir ,i thought you were just a waiter here ‘ ‘Well I own this place, since you wanted to talk to the owner am over here.. he said as he pulled out a chair and sat down on it ‘sit ‘ he said stretching his hand towards another chair opposite him . I really had no idea he owns the restaurant. I hope I get the job but there’s 13% chances of that since I just bumped into him like some kind of idiot ‘Talk to me ‘ he said as he placed his hand on the table ‘Umm I want a job at the restaurant ‘ ‘As a waiter?’he asked ‘Yes ,as a waiter ‘ ‘And have you ever worked as a waiter before?’ He asked ‘Yes I worked at Mercer’s Restaurant ‘ ‘Waw ,that really what happened ‘ ‘I quit the job’ ‘Any specific reasons?’ He asked ‘I got tired of it and felt like I didn’t fit with those rich people, so i did what I had to do’ ‘Ummm’he said as he focused on ms for awhile ‘So am I getting hired orr… ‘ ‘Well we might as well try you out for a couple of days, we need some extra hand at the restaurant anyway’ ‘So I am hired ‘ ‘Yea sure’ A smile immediately appeared on my face ‘can I start today ?’ ‘Feel free to do so ‘ he said. There was really no need for me to wear a uniform or anything and I can definitely say that I enjoyed my day at work . The workers here are really friendly and the customers are polite and not snubs like the customers in Williams restaurant. And yeah our boss is really handsome I tell After a long day at work ,it was finally time for me to go home around 8:00pm in the evening the bus wasn’t arriving anytime soon. An expensive looking black Power bike stopped in front of me and the person on it removed their helmet and Alas it was Kyle,the boss ‘Looks like it gonna rain soon, you might want to hop on ‘ he said as he smiled at me flashing white perfect set of teeth at my face . ‘Hey Sir’ ‘No need for all the Formalities, feel free to call me Kyle when you not on duty’ I smiled and said ‘look kyle,I will be fine need to worry ‘ ‘Come on, just get on..I am sure you want to get home early and it getting pretty late..are you really going to say no to your boss’s he said .I smiled knowing fully Well There’s no point arguing with him , what if I get fired. I climbed on the bed while he handed over an helmet to me ‘Thanks ‘ I said as I maintained a safe distance between us since I do not want people to get the wrong thoughts. I never wanted Kyle to know my house, but he Insisted on dropping me off… I might as well tell him that I take a part time job as a maid in Williams house. He shouldn’t know William Morgan is my husband or he might fire me. ‘Waw this is your house ..I have seen this house on the news ,It belongs to William Morgan, famous businessman ‘ ‘Yea actually i… ‘ ‘Hello Chelsea ‘ William greeted as he appeared out of nowhere ‘Waw William Morgan, what an honor …I never thought I will ever get to meet someone like you ‘he said as he smiled maintaining his cool guy attitude . “And you are ?’ William asked trying to sound polite ‘Oh you don’t know me but it seems you know Chelsea ..How?’ ‘She is my wife ‘ William said as placed his hand around my shoulders. I trie
d to move away but his grip on me was too tight and firm ‘Sorry ?’Kyle asked as he arched his brow ‘Chelsea is my wife..I still do not know who you are but Thanks for dropping my wife ,you can leave now’s ‘Waw ,I never knew she was married and to you of all people..don’t get me wrong, what I mean’t Is that you a big deal here…anyway am Kyle Chelsea boss ..nice to meet you ,well I got to go ..Good night Chelsea’ ‘Good night Kyle ‘ I answered back with a smile on my face and that smile soon disappeared and was replaced by a glare for William. ‘What with the dirty look ?’ He asked as he removed his hand from my shoulder ‘Will you stop acting like you my damn husband when we both know you just my husband for the sake of it ..I never wanted Kyle to know you my husband, what if I get fired..he will probably think am too rich so I do not deserve the money he is paying me’ ‘Look Chelsea ….’ ‘Keep Quiet ,you make me sick ‘ I said as I walked away angrily . I wonder why William was so patient with me ,he has a bad temper and it like he is always trying to avoid a fight with me Probably why he ignores everything I say I just don’t like him He sickens me hightime And the sooner he stop faking nice Williams The better for him T.b.c THE SMILE THAT LEFT MY EYES Tale of Veronica Hathaway . ON GOD

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