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GENRE: Romance, fiction, tragicomedy, and Mystery


#A new beginning #


TIPS: Trust me when i say romantic stories


are better especially when you are listening to a slow romantic music







I couldn’t fully concentrate on my business meeting due to the fact that Veronica is still very upset with me ,I had absolutely no idea how to calm her down and I really can’t help but wonder why is she so angry at me . I didn’t actually lie to her, the only thing I did was hid the truth from her and I did that just because I wanted revenge on her back then and beside we were not on good terms.


I finally went back home and for a moment or two I swear I lost it when i saw some random guy drop her off with his Motorcycle . Who could he be ,and why will Veronica agree to ride on his motorcycle when she wasn’t even willing to let me drop her off with my car . I got down from my car and walked towards them and suprisingly the guy was rather nice to me while Veronica was obviously pissed off by my presence .but I seriously couldn’t care less as long as I get rid of this guy before he becomes a burden or obstacle in my one sided love life .


You all know what happened later on anyway . I walked Into the house and Veronica was n owhere around. ‘Umm she must be in her room


‘I shrugged as I walked up the stairs to take a shower and change Into my casual outfit . Does Veronica want me to give lay down my life before she can actually forgive me. I took a bottle of l i q u o r from my bar, removed the lid and g u l p e d down the entire content. I walked down the stairs few hours later to get myself a bottle of water . I have to do things myself now since I fired all the maids in the house . I only left a few to Clean the house and go to their house when it late . And also a chef to cook the food, but I do not let anyone stay in the maids Quarters like before. And besides all that I was feeling really tipsy from the liquor I drank earlier



‘Excuse me ‘Veronica said while looking down as I walked into her on my way to the kitchen .She is clearly still very upset with me and I figured out if I can’t calm her down by acting like the nice guy that I am not ,atleast I can calm her down in my own way . Just have to pray she doesn’t break every bit of bone in my body with this plan .


‘What are you thinking of ?” She asked




‘I said excuse me about a minute ago ,why are you still standing in my way ‘she


asked clearly looking irritated already. If you thinking of trying to get me to


forgive you ,it ain’t gonna work okay ‘


‘Beg you, why should I?’ I asked




Wait what ?’she asked as she raised her right brow, looking confused like she didn’t hear what I said properly .


I don’t want you to forgive me’


what do you mean by that?’ She asked while I w a l k e d towards the refrigerator and grab myself a bottle of water.


Veronica couldn’t believe what she was hearing. I sat down on a chair in the kitchen and opened my bottle of water and brought it close to my lip as I g u l p e d down the water.


I am so done trying to get you to forgive me, I have already apologized and since you can’t forgive me there is really nothing I can do again. Look Veronica it’s all up to you as for me I am done’


well that’s great news I was already getting tired of you bothering me about forgiveness and all. Since you are back to your senses let me remind you you have only 15 days left and after that you will sign that divorce paper and we will be out of each other’s life forever’


I have to admit the fact that we only have 15 days left or should I say I only have 15 days left really breaks my heart. I just have to prove that I truly have feelings



for her, maybe she won’t think about the divorce anymore and decide to stay with me and who knows she might also feel the same way eventually.




What w i t h the sudden change of attitude in William, up until hours ago he was hell-bent on me forgiving him for lying about the restaurant. And now it doesn’t care what I think of him at all is this perhaps one of is plan to make me forgive him if it is.


I see he is obviously drunk that’s why he is acting this way. There is obviously no point arguing with him I will just go to bed and sleep as it is I don’t like seeing his face anyway.


I walked past William but I was actually shocked when I held me by the wrist and p u l l e d me close


‘William will you let go of me’ I said why struggling to get free from his grip. He held me by the wrist as he pulled me closer to him


‘Everyday you tell me that I’m a bad person a bitter person you told I want nothing but revenge from you but the truth is you are the real bad person’


‘ William let go of me you’re drunk’


‘just what exactly am I supposed to do to make you forgive me I apologize to you time and time again I told you I didn’t mean to lie to you in fact I never ever lied to you, just tell me what must I do I have tried everything and now I think I am done do whatever you like ‘he said as he pushed me away


are you done now? L o o k William let me make one thing clear to you never touch me like that again


He laughs hysterically and said” touch you like how u h n? ” he asked as he w a l k e d closer to me. while I slowly moved back maintaining a safe distance between both of us. Everything got really awkward when my back collided with the wall. I inhaled deeply as I stare at William who had a mischievous smile on the face.



you don’t want me to touch you but you were actually feeling so comfortable riding on a motorcycle with that dude ” he said as he placed his left hand on the wall


you’ve had too much to drink and I am seriously not ready to discuss anything with you right now”


will you quit telling me that I am drunk I am not drunk I know what I’m saying. Look Chelsea I’m really not the kind of guy to say cheesy things like I love you I like you I want to be with you for the rest of my life I don’t say that I am not the type to apologize to any woman cuz yeah I admit I used to be a proud jerk and even if you forgive me or not it really doesn’t matter to me but I’m going to tell you one thing now I really don’t want to see you with that guy it makes me upset”


and why? WhoEver I hang out with is none of your business and k y l e is my boss and I’m never going to stay away from him just because you want me t o and why are you so hell-bent on me not talking to k y l e are you perhaps jealous of me




isn’t it obvious ”


there is really no need for you to be jealous o f something that you can never be yours and why should you be jealous of Kyle anyway I just met him today ”


you look at him in a way you’ve never looked at me ND you smile at him in a way you’ve never smiled at me. . . . . So give me one reason why I shouldn’t be jealous or should I say worried ”


I smiled and said” the way I look at k y l e that I just met today I will never look at you that way even if I have known you 4 100 years that’s just how much I despise you ”


you don’t despise me you just a confused person….” with his left hand on the wall he placed his right hand on my waist and used it yank me closer to him while I g a s p e d and pla ced both hands on his chest. For some reason my heart was beating very fast I couldn’t control it .I must be nervous I thought to myself maybe it’s my hormones affecting me right now because I just can’t figure out why I will feel this way being so close to William when all I’m supposed to feel is nothing but disgust.



I want you to know Chelsea that only I will have the opportunity to hold you like this and no one else” I could feel his breath on my face as h i s pointed nose tip slowly brushes against mine. His hand travelled from my waist down to my butt I k n e w this was my c u e to push him away but for some reason I wanted to see how this will end. his hand slowly caressed my butt while he remove his left hand from the wall and placed it on my cheek as is slowly leaned in for a kiss.


my heart almost exploded when William lips slowly touched mine I had a urge to kiss him back immediately but I couldn’t do that my pride won’t let me h i s h a n d went to the back of my neck for support


William stop ” I said as I pushed him away with every last bit of energy in me ,while he smiled ,sat down on the chair in the kitchen while staring at me and gulped down the water left in the plastic bottle . He managed to trap me this time but not next time. I turned my back to leave out of shame I claim to hate William so much but why do I feel this way.


‘Will stop beating you stupid heart ‘I said as I hit my chest immediately I entered the room. I remembered the way William kissed me and smiled lightly to myself. This is not his first time kissing me but the first time I felt nothing and this time it is different.


The smile on my face immediately disappeared when I remembered all he has done to me since the first day I met him


I can never feel this way towards with him I’m supposed to h a t e him. And I do I do hate him I just have to find a way to get him off my mind I won’t allow him to get my mind I won’t ever allow him to get to me. I will have to make him get the fact that I can never be his


He must think I like him just because I allowed him to kiss me


I really messed up


I must make him understand that I can never like him


But how can I do that ?



Something suddenly hit my mind and I said “Yes that is it ”


It seems he doesn’t like Kyle at all


I will just have to get closer to Kyle and then William will live with the fact that I can never love him.


He will just give up thinking I love Kyle


That is the perfect plan


No matter what, I can’t fall for William






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Tale of Veronica Hathaway












Sorry for the grammatical errors


GENRE: Romance, fiction, tragicomedy, and Mystery


#A new beginning #


TIPS: Trust me when i say romantic stories


are better especially when you are listening to a slow romantic music

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