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‘Hey you ‘ Mrs peepee called as she walked towards me


“Hello Madam Peepee ‘


‘It Mrs P and p not peepee ‘


‘Oh am sorry madam Pp’


‘Whatever, that man sitting over there, you know who he is right ” she said pointing at William


‘Yes he is William Morgan, famous businessman ‘


‘Apparently, he is a number one customer here. Since someone like William Morgan can come to this restaurant, you should know it a five star restaurant and only the best of the best gets to eat here ‘


‘Yes ma’m, i know that ‘


‘And as a worker here ,i expect you to be the best of the best …i do not expect you to come to work by this time at all . And as for your punishment, go wash the dirty dishes’


‘But Mrs Peepee, am not incharged of dish washing am a waiter here ‘


‘I think that the best punishment for her madam pp ,make this lowlife waiter know her place in this restaurant ‘ Fiona said while Amaya and bella nodded in agreement


‘Don’t you guys have anything better to do ?’Chloe asked them


‘Oh well i see you are supporting your friend am i right . Well since you care so much about your friend, i am sure you will be more than happy to join her in her little punishment ‘


‘Madam Pp do not involve Chloe in this ,i gat this okay ..forgive her’ i said while Madam Peepee glared at me and walked away .i wonder why she hates me so



much and she obviously likes Amaya and her friends. Maybe because they are form Wealthy homes and she thinks i am not .


‘Chelsea are you really going to allow those rich brats and that Manager who bares the same name as urine treating you like that’


‘Do not worry Chloe ,i gat this . I will just do whatever she ask me to right after i take Willi i mean Mr Morgan’s order ‘


‘Okay ‘ ‘she said as she walked away


I walked toward Williams who was busy staring at something on his phone and dropped the menu rudely in front of him’ your order SIR ‘ i said putting more emphasis on the word ‘sir’


‘Waw what a feisty waiter you are ,do you want me to report you to your Manager?’


‘You piece of shit locked me in the room and you think i will just listen to you and stay in door’


‘You on duty and you using curse words so not professional..’


‘There’s no point talking to you ..i will have my revenge…yes i will spit in your food before serving it to you ‘ i turned my back to leave


‘Wait a second Chelsea ‘


”what ?’ I asked as I turned my back abruptly


‘I haven’t even placed my order yet ‘


I sighed and rolled my eyes ‘ fine your order ‘ he placed his order and just when i was about to leave he said


‘Yea one more thing’


‘And that is ?’i asked


‘There’s a way your saliva can get into my mouth without spitting in my food ‘


‘Which is ?’i asked as i folded my arms


‘Let me kiss you instead ,that will work trust me …..that way your saliva gets into


my mouth and boom you gat your revenge ‘


‘Eeewww..i will rather die ‘


‘We have done it before, there is definitely no harm in trying it again ‘ he said and winked at me while my cheeks immediately turned pink in embarrassment


‘You disgust me William ‘ i said trying to hide my blush as i walked away while william had a smirk on his face . I really can’t spit in his food ,but why does he has to talk about us kissing like that . It so embarrassing .


I came back few minutes later with Williams food while Fiona glared at me when she saw me coming while taking a customer whose table was next toWilliams’s table order . I ignored her and tried to walk past her until she placed her leg in the way and that made me trip and fall on the floor dipping my face in the warm food .


‘Chelsea’ William called my name as he ran towards me and helped me up ‘hey you should be more careful you know ‘he said as his P.A handed him a clean napkin that he used to wipe my face while looking worried ‘ this is why i do not want you to come to work, you have not recovered fully from the accident and now this’ he said as he removed the broccoli in my hair and wiped away food sauce from my face . I looked at fiona who looked a bit confused to see Williams care about me so much then i looked back at William while smiling lightly to myself . My heart started beating in a rather awkward way while i stare at his face . But do not get me wrong, it not what you thinking . I definently do not like William the way you think at all.


‘Look at this mess …who did this ?’ Madam Pp voice immediately knocked me out of my fantasy world as William who was busy wiping my face with the napkin slowly lowered his hand and focused on Mrs Pp



‘Ma’m it was Chelsea ‘ Fiona said . Before allowing me to say something in my defense, Mrs Pp grabbed my arm tightly while i winced in pain . I was already injured in that same spot Mrs Pp is grabbing me and the only thing she is doing is alleviating my pain.


‘I never liked you the first time i saw you this morning, i already punished you,why do you have to go as far as making this mess in my restaurants ,you will surely pay for this mess. First wash the dishes ,clean this mess up and leave this restaurant immediately .


‘And who do you think you are to fire her ‘ William asked as he dipped his hand in his pocket


‘Look am really sorry Mr Morgan but please do not interfere in this job is to maintain this Restaurant standard and i definitely wouldn’t tolerate some lowclass enployee making a mockery of this restaurant standard ‘


‘So maintaining this restaurant standard means embarrassing an employee in front of all the customers here . Waw that is great ‘ Williams said as he sat down on his chair and crossed his leg


‘Look Mr Morgan ,how i handle this restaurant is up to me ,not to sound rude but this is definitely none of your business so do not interfere ‘


‘And who exactly employed you here’


‘And in what way is that your Business Mr Morgan?’


‘I want to have a word with him’


‘Look William Morgan ,just because you are some rich brat doesn’t mean you can get everything you want. You are welcome to leave the restaurant right now . This is a five star restaurant ‘ A man dressed in black suit walked in and was really shocked to see William Morgan as he walked towards us ‘the restaurant will do fine without you William Morgan ,if you are not satisfied with what i am doing please leave right now ‘ she said



‘What are you doing?’ The man who walked in asked


‘Oh Hello sir ,you are here …am so glad you here ,i was just talking to William Morgan ‘ She said


‘And rudely ‘


‘Yes ..i was given him a piece of my mind ‘


‘ you fool ,do you know who he is’


‘A rich spoilt brat who thinks he can have everything that who he is ‘ Mrs pp said while glaring at William who just smirked


‘How dare you ,he is the Restaurant Owner . He is the owner of this restaurant ‘ and just like me Everyone there was absolutely shocked. William is the restaurant owner, and he did not tell me this.


Why did he do that



‘He is the restaurant Manager ‘ Mrs Pp asked . She looked really scared right now and even though I am do angry at William right now . I am also happy cause she deserves this


‘Yes i am ‘ he stood on his feet and walked towards me ‘ and the person you just treated like trash is my wife ‘ i looked at fiona and her friends who looked like they just saw a ghost . Their mouth was wide opened in shock while i smirked. Foolish girls.


‘Y..y…y..your wife ‘


‘You see the ring don’t you’ he said as he raised my hand to show her the ring. I snatched my hand from him and angrily walked out of the restaurant. I know Mrs Pp is definitely getting fired and Fiona and her friends will die of embarrassment. But i will still have to give them a piece of My mind later on.



I walked down the street angrily ignoring William who was calling my name and trying his best to catch up with me


Chelsea ‘ he said as he held my wrist and turned me around aggressively. ‘What do you want?’ I asked


‘Why are you so angry with me right now ?’he asked


I laughed hysterically and said ‘is that really a question…well for starters you lied to me ,i have been working in the restaurant for four months . When exactly did you plan on telling me you the owner’


‘Look Chelsea i can explain. I was going to tell you but i didn’t think it was necessary because back then i wanted revenge on you so working in my restaurant as a waiter was a bonus to me ‘


‘And when your mind changed towards me ,couldn’t you have told me . You even locked me in the room since you were going to be visiting today, so i wouldn’t find out you the owner’


‘No Chelsea i didn’t …’


‘You said you like me but what kind of a person lies to the person they like ‘


‘Chelsea just lis….’


‘This is all a game to you and i happen to be one of your favorites game character right …even the feelings you claim to have for me is all a game am i right ?’


‘Chelsea just listen to me please i….’


‘You know William just when i was beginning to think you a good person ,just when i was beginning to see you as my friend you just had to do this right ‘ he obviously regret what he did and was also looking very sad as he stared at me .


‘But che…’



‘Enough with your lies … you sicken me William Morgan ‘ i said as i walked away leaving him alone in the middle of the street. He didn’t even bother to run after me this time and that made me really happy.


I just hate it when people take me as a fool and lie to me


And i won’t forgive William for this








Tale of Veronica Hathaway









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