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GENRE: Romance, fiction, tragicomedy, and Mystery


#A new beginning #


TIPS: Trust me when i say romantic stories


are better especially when you are listening to a slow romantic music




I made him walk with me to the mall bathroom and he really looks irritated right now


“Why did you bring me to this dirty place? He asked as he made a grimace . I looked around and the bathroom was actually very


Utclean with no foul Odour coming from it .but I can’t actually blame him ,he is some kind of hygiene freak


‘But it actually very clean ” I said


“What ever. …… why am I here, I am sure you did not bring me here to kill me in


the bathroom “g7


“What do you think you are doing William?”


“What did I do? “He asked looking really innocent


“Stop that stop playing the innocent guy here.And why are you being so lovey-dovey with your P.A? ”


oh so you want me to be lovey dovey with you instead” he said as he wrapped his hand around my waist and pulled me close. My my stupid heart was beating very fast with this little action of William.


‘Ummm William, this is a public bathroom,anyone can come in anytime ‘ I struggled to say as Williams right hand caressed my back gently.*push him away Veronica,push him away* I repeated this constantly in my mind but I do not have the energy to do so.


His face came very close to mine like he was about to kiss me . I could literally hear my own heart beat as he moved me even closer to him by the waist.


‘Let them walk in ..I really do not care ‘ he said as he slowly used is Thumb to slightly separate my lip


I… ” he brought his lips closer to mine and I close my eyes in anticipation …. for some reason I just couldn’t wait to feel those lips on mine


“What? You think I am going to kiss you?” He said and i slowly opened my eyes. I was so embarrassed cuz I close my eyes like an idiot hoping he would kiss me but that didn’t happen ….. couldn’t look into his eyes I was just so embarrassed


” no no no no no I didn’t I I I I I I was just thinking of some nevermind I hate you ” I was obviously embarrassed and extremely ashamed of myself


“Now tell me are you jealous of coco? ”


“What? “I asked as I pushed him away


” you heard my question ” he said as he folded his arm


“Me ,jealous of who ..coco..oh you must be kidding me ‘I rolled my eyes as I turned to leave but William held me by the wrist and yanked me back


‘And where do you think you are going?” He asked . His left around were around while both of my hands were on his chest and as usual,my heart was beating very fast. William slowly tucked my hair behind my ear as he moved his face closer to mine. I was so lost in his touch ,seriously this guy is really good when it comes to seducing someone. I am the girl and I am supposed to be the one to seduce him but this time around it’s the other way around


I pushed him away when the bathroom door opened and someone walked in. I was so embarrassed that I look down unable to look at the persons face ,while William on the other hand had a very mischievous smile on his face as he dipped his hand in his pocket looking so unbothered about this


“We were just talking “I said to the lady that walked in while she smiled and said


“oh yeah you were just talking” she said as she walked into the main bathroom muttering ‘what a cute couple’


I glared at Williams and said “aren’t you even bothered about this at all? ”


“bothered about what? “He asked


“That embarrassing moment ”


“Embarrassing, the only thing embarrassing about this is the fact that we weren’t even kissing when she walked in ”




He smirked and walked away leaving me alone in the bathroom..Yup


It official ,I have the strong urge to murder my own husband


We walked back to Kyle and Coco and as usual coco was being lovey-dovey with my husband again


“sir William can we just go to the restaurant I am so hungry right now”


“Yeah let’s go ” she held him by the hand while my brain immediately went off again


Chelsea you want to join us at the restaurant with your male friend or should I say boss? ”


“His name is Kyle and yes Kyle and I will be more than happy to join you at the restaurant ” I said as I held Kyle by the Hand and for a moment or two William looked really pissed off by this little action but he quickly replaced that pissed off look with a smile


“Well that sounds great ” he wants to make me jealous with coco well Two Can Play That Game. what am I even saying I’m not jealous.


we all gathered around the table as different delicacies were served to us


you like the food? “William asked and just when I was about to answer coco answered


“yeah it’s delicious ” I guess he asking her then and not me


Chelsea do you think my sister will like the shoes I bought for her? ” Kyle asked and I smiled


“Of course she will”


” I have to say thanks so much for helping me today ”


” well it nothing I’m more than happy to help you”



I picked up my glass of wine and brought it close to my mouth but stopped halfway when coco said “Williams I think my zipper Is halfway down can you help me pull it up please”


My grip on the wine glass tightened as I glared at her she wants my husband to help her with her zipper seriously how cheap is this girl.


“Yeah sure I’m more than willing to help you with that ” he said as he reached for her zipper


“Oh will you look at the we have stayed so long here I didn’t even realise it’s 9:00 p.m. I’ll be going home now “I said as I stood on my feet


“What’s the rush Chelsea? ” William ask “just wait a little when I’m done here we go home together ”


“Or no need for that William…. enjoy your time with Coco Kyle will drop me off


…. but first I need to visit the bathroom please excuse me” I walked away looking


really upset. I just hate William so much how can he get so close to cocoa like that. He is the one supposed to be going through all this, this frustration, anger, jealousy ,wait did I say jealousy? no no no no I’m definitely not jealous l. No way I can be jealous I know I’m not.




well My P.A had to visit her hometown to see her mother. She left her best friend to fill in the spots for her while she was away. Cocoa happens to be a very pretty girl although not as pretty as my Veronica but that doesn’t really matter right now. I visited the mall to see the daughter of some business partner Mr Eric . I wouldn’t have done this if Mr Eric would have benefited my business in such a huge way. Is daughter is one my fan girl and if I go on a date with her ,he wouldn’t hesitate to sign the contract. For some reason she chose the restaurant at the mall but cancelled at the last minute when she was involved in some minor accident.


I was on my way out of the mall when I saw Chelsea or should I say Veronica in the mall shoe section through the transparent glass wall. What is she doing with that kyle of a guy? I asked myself. They have only known each other for a few days and now they are going shoe shopping



An idea mmediately hit my mind and I smart distributors little myself yes my new pa coco was involved in the plan and at first she was reluctant to do this because she had a boyfriend who she claims to love very much and when people he knows see us together, they might inform him and then he will feel she is cheating on him.


I assured her that such a thing will not happen and then she finally agreed to


I know most of you must have thought that I followed her here but as much as I care about Veronica I am still a very busy business man and I truly do not have time to spy on her unless I want to employ someone to do that for me.


So we all know what happened after that. after Veronica went to the bathroom I asked for permission to receive a call from both CoCo and Kyle. Part of me really wants to punch this kind of a guy on the face I hate the way it looks at Veronica like he wishes she was his or something. Veronica is already mine and this might sound selfish but I’m not going to leave her for someone else most especially this kyle


I work out of the mall and after receiving my call I lit my cigarette


“So you smoke? A male voice said. I turned to my left to see who it was and alas it was that kyle of a guy


do you have a problem with that? “I asked


of course I do not ”


“Why are you here? “I asked as I focused on my cigarettes


“I just want to ask you a little question can I go ahead”


“Sure ”


“Why are you doing this to her? ”


“What do you mean? ” I asked


” why are you purposely making your wife jealous with that girl”


“And how did you know that? ”


“I know a lot of things it’s quite weird but I study people easily. and I can see that your marriage is nothing but a plan I think right? I know it’s nothing but a fake marriage and now I’m right about that ” he said. Did Veronica tell him this? no she couldn’t have ,she might hate me a lot but no she couldn’t have told him this


you should be a detective “he smiled and said


You know when I saw Chelsea few days,want to know what came to my mind ?’


Okay to be sincere ,this guy is starting to piss me off ,and you all know when I get angry .things get really ugly. Like very ugly .


“I thought, waw..she is really pretty..Maybe I can get a chance with her ‘he deepened his hand in his pocket and continued “but when I found she is married to you ,I was kind of sad …and then when I studied you guys ,found out the marriage was fake . And you love her but she doesn’t feel the same way ” I tightened my fist in anger and stared at him “that is so sad but do not worry, when you finally mess up and you guys separate..I will play the role of a good friend, will offer myself to comfort her ..and offer her my shoulders to cry on ….You understand…it will be


just Chelsea and I and before you know it ..she will fall in love with me ..I will do what you couldn’t do and ……”


I didn’t even allow him complete whatever you was about to say for a punching very hard in the face. “You want to offer your shoulder to Chelsea uhn?

I will break your shoulders before you can cry on it “I said as I threw all cigarettes


I grabbed him by the collar and started punching him very hard across the face the Next voice I heard was Veronica and cocos voices begging me to leave him alone”William stop this right now Veronica said but I didn’t listen to her


“William please stop this “coco pleaded on Kyle’s behalf but I still didn’t listen to her either. I mean if I can’t listen to Veronica she’s the last person I will actually listen to



“WILLIAM!… ” Veronica shouted as she pushed me away from Kyle and the next thing she did really shocked me.


Veronica slapped me and it was obvious she looked really pissed off now. ” I TOLD YOU TO STOP” she shouted but her face immediately sobered after she regained her senses and realised she just slapped me .


“William I am sorry didn’t mean to … “she tried to say something but I walked out on her immediately


I couldn’t believe Veronica just slapped me because of Kyle. This little action made me think of a lot of things maybe


she’s not the right woman maybe she’s not the woman I should like.


Maybe I should just give her the divorce she wants and Forget about her totally.


Cause she is right.


She has no feelings for me at all.


T.B. C






Tale of Veronica Hathaway











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