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GENRE: Romance, fiction, tragicomedy, and Mystery


#A new beginning #


TIPS: Trust me when i say romantic stories are better especially when you are listening to a slow romantic music


Really sorry this episode is short .







I was kidnapped beaten up badly by some unknow men who were following the orders of a strange woman . Her voice sounded really familiar but i just couldn’t remember where i have heard that Voice, it was really confusing. They beat me up so badly and then dumped me somewhere not far fron Williams home .I managed to walk back home even though i couldn’t walk properly due to the severe leg



injuries i had and when i finally found my way back home ,i immediately passed out .


It was a nightmare but it felt like reality, the physical pains i went through in the hands of those that abducted me was something i have never gone through in my entire life and I fear it might have given me some kind of trauma. I woke up from my nightmare and i thought i was still in the hands of those kidnappers as i hit the man sitting next to me continuously ignoring the excruciating pains i was feeling in my arms


‘Veronica calm down it me william’ he said and that was when i finally settled down to see it was actually williams and not one of the kidnappers.


What happened next actually shocked me and i really didn’t know what to do next . In my entire life ,i never knew a day would actually come that william will kiss me ,i didn’t kiss him back cause i have no feelings for him at all ,but i was still actually suprised that he kissed me


Should i push him away,should i see how this is going to end. Even though i do not see William that way ,i still can’t ignore the fact that i liked the way he kissed me ,a lot . He broke the kiss and looked at me with the most beautiful eyes i have ever seen in a man


”I am here for you. No one will hurt you as long as i am here ‘ he said and i felt like my heard skipped a beat immediately. No i do not like William and he also doesn’t like me . He was probably caught in the moment ,hormones can drive a person to do insane things , that why he did that ,there is no other logical explanation. Things like this often happens doesn’t means he necessarily likes me


I noticed William felt a little awkward around me immediately he kissed me as he stood on his feet ‘i need to tell grandmother you awake already ,am sure she will be happy to hear that ‘he used his hand to scratch the back of his head as he walked out of the room. He looked kind of shy and i actually thought it was kind of cute . He is probably embarrassed he kissed the girl he hates the most in his life .


Few minutes later grandmother walked into the room with a big smile on her face and sat down next to me on the big bed while William stood at the entrance with his arms folded looking at both of us ,still unable to make eye contact with me .



‘How are you now my dear ?’


‘I am feeling much better grandmother. There is seriously no need to worry about me anymore ‘ i said with a smile on my face while she smiled lightly to herself .We spoke for awhile before she walked out of the room leaving William and i alone . William who was still very uncomfortable walked towards me


‘You must be very hungry, dinner is ready ‘ He said and i nodded . He was right ,i was super hungry . I stood on my knee and i felt pains in my ankles immediately i put my body pressure on it but it didn’t stop me from walking even though it took me atleast one minute to take two steps


‘Let me help you ”


‘Thanks but i do not need your help ,i can manage ‘i said trying to sound as polite as possible . I never really like it when people take pity on me ,and it doesn’t matter how weak and helpless i am right now . I still want to do somethings myself . My legs finally failed me as i fell on the floor and winced in pain . I heard Williams footstep walking towards me even though i was not looking up and i was only focused on the pain i was feeling on my leg . His large frame blocked the chandelier light that was reflecting on me as he popped a squat


He gently placed his hand on my ankle and even though he was as gentle as possible . It still hurt


‘Do not worry, i will be fine ‘i said as i lifted his head to look at him . I looked away unable to look him straight in the eye as he moved closer to me and his left hand was placed on my back while his right hand went under my legs


‘William i…’he didn’t let me finish what i was about to say before he carried me in his arms . My arms were wrapped around his neck for support as i stared at him even though he wasn’t staring at me but looking straight. He gently placed me on the bed as he adjusted the pillows behind me . Stood on his feet and searched the first aid kit for something . He brought out a pain relief cream as he sat down next to me and placed my leg on his lap


‘William i can’


‘You can what ?… you told me few minutes ago that you can walk on your own ,then what happened .. you made your ankle pain worse ‘he gently applied the cream on my ankle and massage it slowly even though i was still feeling some pain in it ‘i know you think you can do everything on your own but it not bad if others help you is it ‘ He said as he gently placed my leg on the bed and stood on his feet .


‘I will have the maids bring dinner for you. Iwill be out for awhile ‘he said and i nodded as he walked out of the room . I wonder where he could be going to so late at night .


The maids brought me dinner and fet it to me since i was too weak to lift a spoon.


After getting my ankles massaged by Williams, it was feeling much better as i stood on the balcony staring at the sky . It was 12:01am in the morning as the room door opened and William walked in




I expected Veronica to be asleep but she was standing at the balcony staring at the sky . I had to step out for awhile to see the police concerning her case.


‘Why are you still here aren’t you meant to be sleeping?’ I asked while she didn’t answer . She was busy staring at the sky like i wasn’t even there . ‘Your ankle ,doesn’t hurt anymore rig…’


‘Why did you kiss me ?’she asked still focused on the sky


‘Uhn ?’she finally asked the question i have been trying to avoid . She turned to face my side as she said


‘You kissed me ,and you being so nice towards me …what with the sudden change ,whether i am dead or alive use to make no difference to you what with the sudden change uhn’


‘Maybe because..’my eyes moved away from hers as i looked around and focused back on her again



‘Maybe because what ?’


‘Maybe because I kind of like you ‘i said and i can say she was absolutely shocked to hear me say that . She was silent for awhile before saying


‘But you are not my type ‘what she said actually hurt me but i laughed it off and said


‘That ridiculous, i am every woman’s type ‘i said with a smile as i looked down and looked back at her again ‘it okay to say you do not like me back . I will live with that and hope you like me back one day ‘ i said and she looked at me for awhile and wanted to walk but i held her by the wrist and moved close to her . ‘Good night ‘i whispered in her ear just before i kissed her lightly on the forehead


I slowly let go of her wrist as she looked me in the eye with no emotion on her face while i had a light smile on her face. She blinked abruptly as she finally walked away


I turned to look at the sky and even though i was terribly hurt cause Veronica didn’t like me back . I will stick to what i said to her earlier


‘I will learn to live with that and hope she likes me back one day’








Tale of Veronica Hathaway












GENRE: Romance, fiction, tragicomedy, and Mystery


#A new beginning #


TIPS: Trust me when i say romantic stories are better especially when you are listening to a slow romantic music


Really sorry this episode is short .






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