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I walked into the restaurant suprisingly there was no customer in the restaurant which was quite strange because normally by this time, the restaurant seats are always occupied by customers .i walked into our changing room and saw all of the workers standing on a straight line as they where being adressed by some random woman i do not recognize


‘Maybe she is the boss ‘i muttered to myself but then i had to think again cause she was dressed just like our manager. Only Managers wear what she is wearing so i wonder why she is dressed in the Managers cloth anyway .


My hand hit the little bell on the table and it fell on the floor making a very annoyinh noise as all the workers that was being addressed eyes darted towards me ‘Oh am really sorry ‘ i Apologized the woman who was busy addressing the workers as i picked up the bell .


‘And who exactly are you ?’she asked as she arched ger eyebrow and placed one hand on top of the other on her thigh


‘My name is Chelsea and i work here ‘


‘Interesting, and is this the time you are suppose to resume for work?’


‘No ,actually i was involved in an accident and then i….’


‘I asked you a question, i expect you to answer it …i didn’t ask you to tell me pathetic stories did i ?’


‘No but ….’


‘Enough ‘ she raised her hand signifying stop ‘ stand with the rest of them ,let me have you know that i won’t easily let you off the hook so easily . You will surely be punished later ‘


‘Am sorry for this Madam and i will definitely accept any kind of punishment you give me ‘



‘Umm you don’t say ,no problem then . I will be more than happy to punish you later on ‘ she smirked ‘ the Owner of this restaurant Will be arriving any moment from now . This place has to be perfect, i am warning you if he complains about anything, then i won’t hesitate to fire you lowlifes


‘Lowlifes ‘ Chloe who was standing next to me muttered and stared at me while i simply shrugged.


‘who is she ?’i asked Chloe immediately the woman walked out of the room


‘Isn’t it ibvious ,she is the new manager.


Mrs peepee’


‘What happened to the old one ‘


‘She quit ‘


‘Any specific reason’


‘Ummmm yeah ,she had dreams of traveling around the world and she finally has the money to do that soooooooo’


‘Oh i see ‘


‘But this new manager is yeishhhhhhh’ Chloe made a grimace while i smirked


‘Tell me about it , i dont know who is grumpier ,she or Cinderella stepmother ‘


‘Definitely her..she got some wierd Vibes and when she stares at you…and besides who calls themself Peepee’


‘Yeah, hearing the name makes me wanna pee’


‘I know how you feel peepee. I can’t even say her name with a straight face ‘


I smiled and said ‘ well that enough making fun of Mrs Peepee …i will go open the restaurant ‘



‘Okaaay ‘ Choe said as she walked away to do something else. I just cannot wait to kill William immediately i get home today . How dare he lock me in


Few hours later ,the restaurant was flooded with waiters but still no CEO and just then the devil himself walked in.


‘William’ we both shared eye contact as i glared at him while he smirked and looked at me in his normal cool way before seating on a seat on the restaurant. He was accompanied by a bodyguard dressed in black and his P.A who stood proudly behind him . He wasn’t paying any attention to me while i rolled my eyes and walked away.


‘Isn’t William Morgan so hot ‘one of the female workers in the restaurant said while looking at him dreamily


‘Yea so cute ‘another said while looking at William


‘Don’t you have anything else to do?’ I asked them as they turned to their back to glare at me


‘Excuse you ?’


‘The boss will be visiting very soon ,am sure you have something else to do instead of lusting over someone else’s ‘


‘Jeez chill out ‘ Amaya said


‘You talk like he is Your husband or something’ bella added


‘Oh don’t be ridiculous, no way someone like William Morgan will marry someone like her , ..we might still have chances with him because we are very pretty and rich too ,everyone that works in this restaurant knows Bella ,fiona and i are rich kids…we only took this job to get close to william why are you blocking that

….look i know you have a crush on william but he can never notice girls like you


,you don’t belong to the same class and you are not even that pretty ‘



‘What a pathetic looser you are Chelsea..i am sure you crushing on william morgan that why you getting all worked up about this ‘ Fiona said


‘Yeah only girls like us get guys like him…you are out of the question…i mean look at yourself ‘ Amaya said and laughed as she walked away . Amaya and her friends are college kids who doesn’t need the money they get from this job . Thier parent are very okay anyway if not rich . They only took this job to get close to william since he often comes to this restaurant. They are more like fan girls of Williams . But i won’t let this girls get to me . Do not get me wrong i am not jealous at all ,i just hate it when people aren’t passionate about work like i am.


I just can’t help but wonder what William is doing here and as usual getting everyone’s attention like he owns the whole of America or something








Tale of Veronica Hathaway









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