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Veronica was placed on Williams bed as the doctor took his time to examine her .All her injuries has already been dressed by the doctor but she still hasn’t regained her memory ‘don’t worry, she will be fine in a matter of time. Just get this Medicine for her and am sure she will regain her consciousness Very soon’ He said while



Penelope took the prescription and Walked out of the room with her husband ready to get the Medicine for her daughter.


‘Grandmother, do not worry. William is here to take care of Veronica ‘ Beatrice said as grandmother nodded and walked out of the room with Beatrice. William fell on his knee near Veronica as he slowly used his hand to caress the bruise on her face careful not to touch the bruise on her face. He slowly took her right hand in his hand as he kissed it


‘I promise i won’t spare whoever is responsible for this . I will find them and punish them for this ‘ he picked his cellphone and called the police to file a case.But if Beatrice wasn’t the one responsible for this, then who could have done this to him .Luckily she was not sΒ£xually abused whoever had done this to her wasnt interested in that aspect


‘Stop, please’ Veronica muttered


‘Veronica ‘ william Called but her eyes was still shut . She started Moving her body on the bed as beads of sweat ran down her Forehead like she was having some kind of nightmare


‘Veronica ‘ William tried to wake her up but she wasn’t responding





I was really worries about my daughter but one thing is still so confusing. Why did William call my Chelsea Veronica


He kept on calling her Veronica repeatedly and that was really confusing


‘But james ‘


‘Yeah ‘My husband answered


‘Didn’t you find it a little strange when William called Chelsea Veronica ‘


‘No i didnt ‘



‘But it a little strange, her name is Chelsea not Veronica so why does he has to call her Veronica?’


‘Look you worry for no reason ,what if the name Veronica is just a nickname for her or something. You know how kids nowadays are. They call themselves different names . You know what i mean so stop getting all worked up’


‘Well you do have a point , silly me . I have the habit of worrying for no reason entirely ‘ i said with a smile . But whatever the reason might be it doesn’t really matter . All that matters now is making sure whoever did this to Veronica is punished for their Wrong doings.




I managed to Calm Veronica down but even after giving all the Medicine that Mrs Meyer bought ,she still hasn’t regained her consciousness. I ordered the female maids to Change her clothes and clean her up cause she might not really like the idea of me changing her clothes. I had the call the dentist to fix her plastic teeth since her Normal tooth is already missing. And also the normal doctor who gave her quick check up and assured me that she is fine .


I bumped into Beatrice on my way to grandmother’s room


‘William i’


‘Don’t Beatrice, i am so mad at you i do not want to talk to you right now . You are lucky you my sister or i do not know what i would have done to you for attempting to hurt Veronica ‘


‘But i did not hurt her did i?.. why are you getting so worked up about this ‘


‘You still don’t get it do you Beatrice.. forget it ,you crazy . No point trying to explain a thing to you ‘


‘I can’t believe you do not want to talk to your own sister because of that cheap muderer ‘


‘Beatrice, watch your mouth ‘



‘Or what ?’


‘Do not provoke me ‘ he said as he walked away. Beatrice decided it better not to try to make him angrier than he already is cause Williams tends to overreact when he is angry.


William rested his head on his grandmother’s head while the old womna gently ran her hand through Williams head


‘Why are you so angry my dear ?’ Grandmother asked


‘And how can you tell i am angry grandmother, i look calm don’t i ?”


‘Yea you do ,but i can tell you angry . When you were much younger ,whenever you are upset about something. You always rest your head on my leg to calm yourself down . I know you hate seeing her like that ‘


William smiled and said ‘ why do you have to know me so well’


‘Willam, you do not have to worry . Chelsea is a very strong woman and am sure she will be fine soon . Do not worry ‘


‘I hope so grandmother ‘


I walked into my room later in the night and Veronica was still unconscious. I been 22 hours now and i have no idea when she is going to wake up


‘Stop please ‘ she muttered again just like she did yesterday. William sat down next to her as he placed his hand on forehead, she had a fever and her body was covered in sweat like the Ac was not on


‘Stop ..please stop, do not kill me i didn’t do anything wrong ‘she muttered again.


“Veronica ‘ william called. She was beginning to get really restless as her voice got louder and louder



‘Do not kill me ,i didn’t do anything wrong ‘ she started fighting an invisible person on the bed flapping her arms around like she was trying to hit someone while shouting ‘ LEAVE ME ALONE …PLEASE DO NOT HURT ME I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING ‘


luckily Williams room was sound proof unless the whole of the family would be here by now


William who was really panicked tried to wake up . ‘Wake up Veronica, no one is going to hurt you ‘Veronica opened her eyes and sat up on the bed as she started hitting Williams


‘Veronica calm down it me’




‘Veronica calm down ‘he said as he hels her hand and made her look at him


‘It me ,William ‘


‘William ‘she said while looking at him as tears rolled down her eyes


‘ yea it me Williams ,i am here no one is gonna hurt you ‘


‘Williams they will kill me ,they will kill me . I didn’t do anything ‘


‘Hey ‘he said as he tucked the string of hair disturbing her face behind her hair ‘i am here ,no one will hurt you ,i promise me ‘he said while Veronica immediately calmed down while staring at him .


He gently placed his hand on her cheeks as he stared into her eyes .. ‘i am here for you ,no one will hurt you ‘ he said as he slowly moved close to her . Veronica almost didn’t believe this is reality when Williams lips met her . She felt she was in some kind of dream word . Tears rolled down her eyes as she closed it even though she didn’t kiss him back out of shock.



William wanted to know how it felt like to kiss Veronica and now that he knows it ,he doesnt want it to stop. And Veronica felt like this is the first time someone is kissing her ,it felt like she had never kissed before in her entire life . Williams slowly held her hand as he broke the kiss and looked into her eyes


‘I am here for you. No one will hurt you as long as i am here ‘







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