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I woke up the second money and stared at myself in the mirror . William had left for work this morning and i am still really happy about the fact that i have managed to become friends with William. I was already tired of staying in this house and am feeling much better ,so yeah i definitely will be able to go to work there


I opened the door to my room and was absolutely shocked when i collided with two great wall of muscles. William two huge bodyguards were standing in front of the room


‘Hello madam ‘one of William’s bodyguard whose name is skeezy said


‘Hello ,good morning, why are you standing in my way ?’i asked his bodyguard



‘Well sir has given us a strict order not to let you out the room today ‘Rosco said and i immediately made a grimace with my face .


‘What do you mean by that ,williams locked me in are kidding right ‘


‘No i am not ma’m ,it is only on Sir William’s order that we will be able to let you out of the room ‘he said while i sighed in fraustration.


Maybe they are jocking ,Maybe it is a prank ,William won’t dare lock me in .


I picked up my phone and called William ‘Hey william ,i really need you to speak to your bodyguards, they are playing really dirty prank on me ‘


‘And what Prank is that ?’He asked over the phone


‘Well i got up this morning ready for work and when i tried to get out of the room ,your bodyguards are not allowing that at all ,i mean what could be wrong ‘


‘Well i ordered them to do that’




‘I told them not to allow you out of that room no matter what ‘


‘You son of a ….’i was about to curse but then i stopped myself cause that would


definently have annoyed me . I mean if i was a guy and someone called me a son of a bitch ,they will definitely regret it


‘What that ?’he asked


‘No , it nothing. I just wanted to ask why you locked me in’


‘Cause i figured you Will try to go to work and that the last thing i want . You are not really in a good condition ‘


‘William i am perfectly fine ,just tell your bodyguards to let me go ..see our boss is visiting today for the first time ever and i need to be at work’i said trying to sound as nice as possible



‘Will you stop sounding so nice it really unlike you ‘ i rolled my eyes and sighed


‘William ,tell your bodyguards to let me go or else i will shove out your eyeballs when you get home and use it to play ping pong ‘


‘Well that more like the Chelsea i know ,well bye bye ..see you later and then we can play Ping pong with my eyeball’


‘William don’t you dare hang ….’i had a beep like sound on my phone and it


immediately occurred to me that he just hung up ‘ he hung up ,how dare he …oh he is going to hear it


How dare William lock me in . I definently will teach him a good lesson when he comes back home . But first i need to figure out how to deal with those pesky bodyguards . I need a plan. I saw a bottle of ketchup on the table next to the bowl of fries and then i smiled lightly to myself . William has no idea who is dealing with.


I peeped through the small hole on the door to see if the bodyguards are still there ‘ great they are still here ‘ i squeezed the ketchup bottle and red tomato paste made splat on my hand and i immediately threw the bottle away after that.


‘Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh’ i screamed and it was only a matter of seconds before the bodygaurds ran into the room


‘Ma’m what happened ?’they asked looking really worried


‘I hurt myself really bad …quick skeezy get me a tissue it in the bathroom ‘


‘Okay ‘he said as he ran into the bathroom


‘Rosco help me check the first aid box for something to clean this ,it over there in the closet..ohh it hurts so bad ‘


‘But ma’m’


‘Do it now or i will tell william you didn’t help me and then you will get fired ‘


‘Okay ‘he said as he walked to my closet to get it. I smiled to myself as i ran out of the room and locked them in


‘Ma’m , please open the door ‘ the pleaded while banging on the door while i smiled to myself and went to work .


I wouldn’t hesitate to give William’s a piece of my mind as soon as he arrives


He just crossed the line . But first i must resume work so i wouldn’t get fired by the boss since he or she is coming to work today .





‘You really have no idea how mad i am right now Stephanie, my own brother hit me because of that lowlife ,no way am letting this Go’


‘Look Beatrice, we had our revenge already ,so i think you should let it go before we get into a deep trouble . Your brother was kind enough to not hand you over to the police, You might not be so lucky next time ‘


‘Oh please do not tell me what to do ..i can never be satisfied until i destroy that woman totalky ,i just can’t handle the extreme anger building up in me . You really have no idea how i feel’


‘Look ,just let this roll off your back ,forget about her Beatrice and get back together with your brother. I am done with revenge ‘


‘Don’t you get it ,i do not want to get back together with my brother . I want to make him pay for pretending to have my back and stabbing it later on . I want to make him pay for breaking his promise of hurting those who hurts me. I just want to do that but first i must get rid of that woman’


‘Yea goodluck on that . Let me know how that goes . I am going back to Florida, my mission here is done ..i know am in no position to give advice cause am not a good person’ myself but seriously..let it go and apologise to your brother ‘


‘That enough keep your advice to yourself and go back to Florida’


‘Whatever ‘ she said as she walked away


I have to make my brother pay ,but first i must get rid of Veronica.


And i have the perfect plan


It seems my brother is already falling in love with Veronica, all i have to do now is expose Veronica’s secret and then she will definitely be sent to jail and William will know how it feels like to loose a loved one just like i lost my fiance to Chelsea on my wedding day


That is it


I will just have to expose Veronica








Tale of Veronica Hathaway









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