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Beatrice paced back and forth in her room thinking of what William told her earlier . Even though this woman isn’t the Chelsea she is after ,will she be able to just let her go . Will she be able to keep this to herself and not tell anyone about it . Everything was getting really difficult for her and she has no idea what to do next . There is nothings she wants more than getting back at Chelsea for ruining her life, but it seems are brothers isn’t so passionate about that goal again like she is. He has something else to focus on and that is the look alike that was replaced with Chelsea just to trick them . She had no idea what to do and just how long she can keep this in.


‘Veronica ,ummmmm, she was one of your maids , your personal maid .but she is dead now ‘ he lied while Veronica arched her brow


‘My maid?,oh I see now ..but atleast it a good thing that am recovering my memory .Maybe I can finally know who I am ‘



‘Yea ‘ William eyes fell on the macaroni and cheese that Veronica accidentally dropped on the floor when she was startled by William ‘and it seems your dinner is gone ‘


‘Yea ..I will just clean this up and go to bed ,there is nothing to eat in the freezer anyway ‘


‘I think am also kind of hungry .Come let go prepare something to eat ‘ he said while Veronica let out a nervous laugh.


‘Oh there is really no need for that ..I mean I am not that hungry ‘ she lied while her stomach exposed her little lie when it grumbled. William smiled lightly as he walked towards her and grabbed her gently by the wrist


‘Yeah. .you not hungry ‘ He said sarcastically as he dragged her along with him to the kitchen


‘I thought you said we are going to prepare something together?’ Veronica asked as she cuts the Vegetables while William simply stared at her while eating a big red apple


‘I know but I change my mind easily you know ‘


‘What ever ‘ Veronica said as she tried to get the string of hair disturbing her away from her face . But her effort to do this was not effective as ends up rubbing vegetable juice on her face.


William stood on his feet and went behind Veronica while Veronica flinched immediately Williams hand slightly touched her neck in attempt to move her hair aside


‘Calm down ,I just want to help you with your hair ‘William said calmly while Veronica smiled nervously and said


‘There is really no need to do that, I mean I have got this..i mean I will.’



‘And with what hand are you going to adjust it ?” William asked and Veronica sighed just when she realised this little argument isn’t going to end up with her winning,she decided to let him have her way. Veronica was feeling incredibly uncomfortable to have William standing this close behind her .


He slowly used his hand to push her hair to the back while his finger slightly caressed her neck .


William for some reason enjoys being this close to her this days unlike Veronica who was clearly uncomfortable with this little action.


‘Thanks ‘ she said as William nodded and slowly walked away from her .


He couldn’t but stare at how beautiful she was,william doesn’t know why he finds


Veronica beautiful since he has always been the one to insult her about her beauty.


She might look exactly like Chelsea but there is still a difference .


‘Here you go’ Veronica said as she served William his food about fifteen minutes later . William accepted it with a smile on his face while Veronica sat opposite him on a chair


‘Waw this is pretty good ‘ William complimented as he had a a bite of the food


‘Thanks…I make good dishes anyway ‘ Veronica said with so much confidence that made William smile


‘Look who is so confident’ he said and she smiled ‘am getting used to that ‘


‘To what ?’Veronica asked as she slowly chewed on her food


‘To you smiling never used to smile ever since the accident ‘


‘I just feel like all my life ..maybe,maybe I wasn’t given a reason to smile ‘ she said while William sighed


‘Then what changed that ?’ he asked focused on her



‘Maybe you, you were the reason I smiled for the first time. So maybe you brought back the smile on my face ‘ Veronica said with a smile while William stared at her intensely. He could feel his heart beating rapidly and he had no idea why . Things were getting pretty wierd and he has no idea why .


‘Ummmm maybe ‘ William couldn’t ignore the fact that he feels really pleased with himself to have brought a smile back on Veronica’s face even if he didn’t intend to do that .


‘I was thinking ,when we divorce..I should open a restaurant , I make good dishes so I am sure my restaurant will be one of the best in no time ‘she while William stared at her


‘Divorce..why do you have to mention that?’ William asked as he lowered his head and took a bite of his food


‘Yeah thinking about it William, I think I want a divorce ‘ she said while William spoon immediately fell from his hand unto the table


‘What ? ‘ he said as he slowly raised his head


‘I want a divorce William ‘ William focused on Veronica as his eyebrow furrowed . He has gotten so used to Veronica for some reason he couldn’t imagine how boring and lonely his life might be without her . ‘ you see ,I figured this marriage isn’t going to end anywhere good . We are always going to be fighting, we are always going to irritate each and we are always going to annoy each other . That what marriage isn’t about. It about love and we both know none of us has that kind of feeling towards each other, so tell me what the point of this marriage ‘


‘Revenge, that what this marriage is all about Chelsea ‘ he lied


‘This marriage is your revenge, punish me some other way but free me from this marriage . I am a girl ,I have dreams . Maybe I want to fall in love, have kids and grow old with someone . But am I ever gonna achieve that if I stay in this marriage with you ‘



‘Do you think I can’t make those dreams come true ?’William asked and Veronica was totally shocked to hear that question. Can William really be serious about this question. No he can’t be


‘What did you say ?’Veronica asked while William looked away ,sighed and looked back at her again


‘I am not signing any divorce paper William and am never going to do that ‘


‘Then what do you want William ,are you happy with waking up every morning and my face is the first thing you see .. aren’t you tired of fighting with me ,aren’t you tired of hating me ..let just settle this with a divorce ‘


‘I am not divorcing you Chelsea,no matter what ‘


‘William ‘


‘ENOUGH!!’ he shouted as he banged his hand on the table while Veronica flinched in fear while staring at him . He inhaled deeply trying to control his anger as he stood on his feet and walked away leaving his dinner behind.


William has no idea why he reacted that way and Veronica also couldn’t figure out why he got so angry . She want to be free ,from William and their marriage but it seems he is not going to give her the chance to


William couldn’t help but ask himself the same question


Maybe ,just maybe he had developed some kind of feelings for Veronica


And he never realised that until Veronica said she wants a divorce.








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