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Tale of Veronica Hathaway

















I cleaned the sweat off my forehead with the back of my hand as i scrubbed the floor aggressively with my brush


I could be in college by now


Doing something order than cleaning this entire mansion alone


I am just waiting for the right time to take all that belongs to me from aunt Beatrice and by then i will make sure i put her and her daughter in their places


‘Hey i just cleaned that place ‘ i said to loren who Deliberately walked on the wet floor i just cleaned making it dirty again. She was dressed in her uniform and it immediately occured to me that she qas going to College.


‘Oh sorry …’ she apologized in a rather insincere way as she walked away . Men do i hate my own cousin


I am three goddamn years older and she has no respect for me whatsoever


I proceeded to washing the dishes immediately i was finished with the floor scrubbing thingy



A lot must be going in college by now


My final exam is coming up very soon and my aunt just had to do this to me . She directed all her daughters blame to me ..i legit hate my own life. This ,this is exactly how they took my smile away, i haven’t smiled in such a long time ,sometimes i wonder if i still know how to smile


My smile really left my eye


‘Here is more’ one of the maids said as she dumped more plate in the sink for me to wash . We have a dish washer here but the most annoying part is that i am not allowed to use the dish washer ,instead i had to wear rubber gloves and do the dishes with my hands


I wiped off the sweat on my forehead as i collapsed on my bed after doing all the chores . It was already 2:00pm and i literally missed all the lectures i have for that day . My aunt and Loren was out and apart from the maids ,i was the only one




‘I know right ..that party was lit, Darrick should totally invite me for parties like that in the future ‘ it qas a sunny aftnernoon in school and whatever the geometry teacher had to teach was totally not my thing at all


My friend juliet and i were sitting close to each other but we really cannot talk to each other unless we want to get into trouble so we resorted to using our phones secretly telling each other how much fun we had at the party l


almost got into trouble though, but was smart enough to put the blame on my dumb cousin.. My mum hates her anyway


You have a very complicated family you know, but lucky you, you survived this one, next time try to be more careful.. You might not be so lucky next time


I was about to reply her last message before I heard someone said ‘and what do you think you are doing young lady’ my teacher miss Briggs asked



‘oh hey Miss Briggs,’ I called her name hesitantly while laughing which totally cracks the whole class up


‘hand over your phone right now’ she ordered as she stretched her hand forth


‘but ma’ m’


‘I would prefer not to argue with you miss Alfred’ she said and I inhaled deeply as I placed the phone on her hand. It a new phone, plus it super expensive. I can’t believe it just got seized by Miss Briggs


‘Thank you Loren Alfred, you will get this back when you graduate’ she said as she walked back to the front of the class


‘what a looser’ Juliet whispered to me


‘tell me, she is a pain in the asshole if you ask me?’


‘what are you going to do about your phone.. It new plus it super expensive’ Juliet said


‘that old thing, she can suck on it for all i care, i will get a new before the end of today.. We are rich remember’


‘miss Loren Alfred, why are you having a conversation in the middle of my lessons?’ she asked as she folded her arms


‘and why are you giving lessons in the middle of my conversation?’ I asked back rudely just to annoy her and sounds of laughter soon filled the air


‘QUIET EVERYONE’ miss Briggs shouted and the whole place was as silent as a graveyard β›Ό ‘lovely sense of humor miss Alfred… to the principals office right now’ she ordered while I stood on my feet and sashayed my way out of the class


Screw them all


I am sure the next thing they are going to do now is call my mum and report me to her like they always do but they have never had the heart to expel me cause I am



the best students they have in school. I might be a party type, extremely rude and never listens in class but I am kind of nerdy as my IQ is 140. I have the best grades and always represent the schools in external competition, and the one thing I never do is fail.




I walked down the stairs to pick THE Landline Telephone that has been ringing for awhile now


‘Hello, is this Mrs Alfred?’ a woman asked


‘Ummm yes’ I lied cause I knew it was from Loren school, she must have gotten into trouble again


‘I am Mrs Jones, the principal of Calloway highschool, please come to the school now ma’ m, your daughter Loren was extremely rude to one of her teachers ‘the woman said as she hung up


Why am I not suprised


I immediately dialed my aunt Beatrice number on the landline


hello’ she said as she picked the call ‘Lorens principal wants to see you’


‘you just go on my behalf, am busy at the office’ she said as she hung up I inhaled deeply as I walked up the stairs




‘What going on now?’ my friend Juliet asked as I paced back and forth in front of the principals office


‘same as usual, only that it my dumb cousin talking to the principal right now, not my mum’



“hey loren’Derrick ,the captain of the football and also the hottest and the most popular guy on school greeted with a smile


I think he might have a thing for me which is okay cause i have been crushing on him like forever


Actuall i have been crushing on him since seventh grade but now that i am in the 12th grade ,i think i have finally been noticed by him and maybe after he just broke up with his girlfriend, top cheerleader Starlets ,i can be his new girlfriend..and yea i am okay with being a rebound as long as the whole school knew that i once dated Derrick i will be tots popular


‘Come on loren let go home ‘ Veronica said as she walked out of the principal’s office


‘ excuse me ,do you mind ,am talking to someone ‘


‘Hey ‘ Derrick greeted her with a smile on his face


‘Hey ‘she answered


‘Am derrick ‘


‘Am Veronica ‘ she answered back


‘And who is she ?’ Derrick asked with a bright smile on his face


‘Well she is my cousin Veronica.’ I answered


‘You in college right ?’ he asked


‘Yes ‘Veronica answered as she turned to face me ‘congratulations, you just got yourself a week suspension ,come on let us go ‘ she said


‘What is your problem, you definitely do not have the right to order me around’


‘Well excuse me ,i will see you later’ Derrick said as he walked away



‘Are you happy Veronica, you totally pushed him away and also you embarrassed me in front of the hottest guy in school ‘ she said


‘Is this your annoying cousin you always talk about?’juliet asked


‘Obviously…what the heck is your chased away the hottest guy in school’


‘Shouldn’t you be more concerned about your suspension?’


‘You jealous of me Veronica, i am prettier ,hotter ,i go to a better school, vacations to fun places ,i have a proper room not an attic room,maybe a basement, whatever..i am rich ,fancy ,i have a good wardrobe and all that what you jealous of ,you are jealous of me cause am living the life you wish to live ‘




What loren said now just triggered my anger and even though i ignore her all the time, i just can’t this time around


‘You know what maybe you right ,you living the life i wish to live…but here’s a little correction you are living the life that belongs to me loren . If it wasn’t for my parents property, scratch that ,if it wasn’t for my property, you won’t be going to this expensive school, you won’t be fancy ,and you won’t go on great vacation infact you will be living in the attic and you and your mum will be forced to live In the street for the rest of your miserable life ‘ i inhaled deeply and said ‘meet me in the car ‘


I was so angry i didn’t realize when i said all that. But sometimes i just have to speak up ,i can’t let beatrice and her daughter treat me like i am some kind of dirt




I clenched my fist beside me


‘That was rude ,you should tell your mum this ..and make her punish your cousin ‘my friend juliet said


‘Not this juliet ,this time ,am fighting my own battle ,am doing this alone …Veronica will regret this…i have to make a little trip to mum’s strip club’





I was really so happy to go to college the next morning and a little suprised that loren did not report me to her mother like she use to, most especially after all i said to her yesterday


I saw the student looking at their phone and staring at me and i was a little confused


‘Is this not third years senior Veronica Hathaway ‘one of the students said staring at their phone and immediately i walked pass them ,they kept quiet immediately


What is going on ?


Am so confused


I recieved a message on my phone


‘A video ‘i muttered as i clicked on it ‘ what the heck is this ‘i asked as i stared at it was a video of me pole dancing, doing my other job am embarrassed…it was a video of me dancing naked ,no one in school knows this …is that what they have all been staring at me?


‘Veronica you never told us you were a stripper ‘one of my classmate said immediately i entered the classroom


‘Well she never tells any of us anything, remember she is not our friend ‘anither girl said


‘That true, she acts like she is better than us but a stripper yeish ‘ i am not the type to cry ,or smile or show any kind of emotion on my face ..even though theirs words is kind of getting to me right now ,but i just won’t show this …who could have done this ?’


‘Clara did you hear the news ,Veronica is a stripper ‘



‘Uhg who cares, it her life ,let her do whatever she wants with it …it non of my business ‘ a girl called clara said as she focused on her book


‘Hey babyyyyy,we have a party this weekend do you mind dancing for us naked ,we will pay’ the boys teased as they laughed


‘Sure just give me the money and tell me the venue, i will be more than happy to do that ‘ i said as i walked to my seat


‘What an attitude ‘ the boys muttered


‘She is so cheap ‘ the girls made fun of me


‘You all better keep quiet ,what right do you have to say that against her, she is a stripper ,it none of your not like any of you don’t do dirty things ,she is not a stripper because she wanted to be one ‘ that girl jessie who thinks she is my friend stood up for me ..and that is one thing i hate ,standing up for me


‘Sweet jeez jessie ‘i shouted as i banged my hand on the table and stood on my feet’ why don’t you let me fight my own battle ,mind your own business like Clara over there…know you think you are my friend but you not, i do not need friends, am a lone wolf …so next time don’t try to act like a typical bestfriend by always being there for me cause it sucks ‘ i said as i walked away


Her eyes glistened with tears but i ignored that and walked away angrily ,she is a softie so my words must have hurt her deeply


I got to the house angrily and walked into my basement room ..i tossed my back aside and sat on my bed


‘So did you like my suprise? ‘ loren asked as she walked into my room


‘So you were the one ..i should have known ..i was pretty shocked when you did not report me to your mum like you always do ‘ i said while she smirked


‘Well i can fight my own battle…next time ,don’t mess with me or i will hurt you deeprrd…i bet you cried your eyes out after that embarrassment



‘Well that is great…nice job …i thought you were just childish but now i realise you are a real fool’.


‘The nerve ‘she said


‘ have known me for years and the last time i cried was when i was seven ,what did you think …that i will cry over such petty matter …yes am a stripper, so what …atleast am doing it for a good reason ‘


‘I see’ she said


‘And here’s a news flash Loren…just like the smile has left my eye …the tears has also left my eye…break me into pieces, all the bruises you and your implemented on me only makes me stronger…now get out of my room ‘i said as i sat on my bed while she glared at me before walking out of my room


I inhaled deeply and stared at my mum and dad picture on the wall


‘One day i will make you all proud ,my story might have happy or a sad ending but i promise i will make you proud ‘




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