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Author Ella



Gwen got to the hideout and found Trisha unconscious already so she quickly rushed her to the hospital for immediate treatment. Meanwhile, David’s neighbor heard the gunshot from his house and alerted the police about it. Luckily, Ana was still there with Tony so they got arrested. But unfortunately, David was already dead.



Trisha was finally recovering from the overdose of the pills she took. Once, she asked the nurse attending to her to just kill her that she had aids. The nurse ran some tests and found out that Trisha was HIV negative.


Trisha was finally discharged and she traveled to another country to start her life afresh and that was when she met the person she later got married to, Jacob.


Gwen attended her wedding and so did the rest of the gang members. Although she was happy, the memories of David and Victor were still fresh in her mind. And with all the backstabs she got, she still moved on. She was so grateful to Gwen especially.

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