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Episode 8



David started giving me more attention and stopped going to work sometimes just so he could spend time with me. “I never knew you could work from home.” I said to him on one of those days he stayed home. “Trisha. I’m so sorry.” He said peering into my eyes. “I was blinded by Ana, she threatened me.” He added. “Its okay David, I understand.” I said touching the beards on his face. “I know how you felt these few months you’ve been with us. Seeing your best friend with your lover. I’ve been feeling so guilty all these while. Trisha it’s you I love, no one else.” He said



with teary eyes then he hugged me. Then the unimaginable happened. We kissed! After so many years, we actually kissed again! The kiss seemed like it lasted forever for me but it had only been 2mins. When things were getting hot, I pushed him away. “What’s wrong Trish? Its been long since we did this and you’re pushing me away.” He said looking somewhat pitiable. “I can’t do this with you David, I’m sorry.” I said holding my mouth and facing backwards. In as much as I wanted him at that moment. The thought of having aids and transferring it to him wouldn’t let me to do anything with him. “Okay. Its okay if you’re not ready now. Its your choice and I’m willing to obey.” He said holding my hand and dragging me towards his muscular body. I was happy when he said that. “Phew! Thought you’d be mad.” I said smiling at him. “I can’t be mad at the queen of my life.” He said giving me a kiss on the forehead. I laughed heartily. “You’re so romantic David. Is this what Ana has been enjoying all these while?” I asked not expecting an answer. “Swimming!” He said rather loudly. “What?” I said looking confused. “Swimming! Let’s go swimming.” He said smiling at me. “Oh no no no no no. You know I don’t like swimming.” I said. “Then you’ll like it today.” He replied. “And I can’t swim!” I said, trying to look for an excuse not to go swimming. “Then you’ll learn today.” He said lifting me up. “But what about Ana?” I asked concerned. “C’mon babe. Its 9am in the morning. We’ll go and get back around 4pm at noon before Ana gets back. “Oh you’re a bad boy.” I said touching his nose and laughing. “Look at how you just planned everything. You should be a consultant.” I said and laughed. “But that’s what I am. Now are we going or what?” He asked spreading his arms. “Yes we are!” I said and ran into those arms.


**At the pool**


We were done having fun in the waters when Ana called David. “Its Ana.” David said looking at the phone. “Then pick up!” I said trying not to panic. “Hey honey. What’s good.” He said trying to sound casual. She said something over the phone. “Oh okay babe but I’ll miss you.” He said. “Alright bye. Love you!” He said and hung up. “What happened?” I asked in anticipation. “She said she’ll be out of town for a week!” He said excitedly. “Really? Why?” I asked. “She has an appointment to attend to. She just finished packing a few things at home and she is already at the airport.” He said. “Okay cool.” I said trying not to sound too excited. But He still knew I was. “You know what that means?” He asked giving me one of those funny faces. “More time to ourselves!” He said and threw his hands in the air. I



was so happy about the news but I wanted to play ‘hard girl’. When we were done, he paid the bills and we left the arena.


**At the house**


“I had fun today David.” I said sitting on his lap. “Today reminded me of those times when we would go on countless outings.” He said fiddling with my hair. “And I would always tell you to pick whatever you like but you would be forming good girl for me.” He said and we laughed over it. It was still 6pm in the evening. “Its still early David, what should we do with our time?” I asked packing my hair backwards with a rubber. My hair was really long and dark. Some times people would ask me where I got my wig from and they’d be surprised to hear that it was my natural hair. “Let’s invite some friends over.” He suggested. “No David. You know your wife isn’t home, they’ll start suspecting.” I said. “I know a club.” I said beaming in excitement.


I was dressed in a black leather skirt with a crop top and I packed my hair in a ponytail and wore white sneakers. “Where are you now?” David shouted from downstairs. “I like to get dressed okay?” I said coming down the stairs. His jaw dropped as he saw me coming. “I can’t remember the last time I saw you dress like this.” He said in awe. “Dress like how.” I replied, pretending not to know what he meant. “These clothes are too revealing. And I love it.” He said smiling at me. He started searching for something in his pockets then he brought out his phone and started taking pictures of me. “C’mon darl pose for me.” He said as he took more and more pictures. “I hope you’re not dressing for all those small boys because I won’t let them take you from me.” He said jokingly and we laughed over it.


**At the club**


We drank and danced together all night. We were already drunk. I looked across the dance floor and I sighted Victor. I immediately turned back hoping he didn’t see me with David but he did. He came towards us and held me on my hand and dragged me towards him. “Look Victor leave me alone.” I said. My face was so damn close to his. “What’s up babe? I just wanna dance.” He said and his breath smelt like alcohol. I guessed he was very drunk. “I’m with someone Victor!” I said almost yelling. “Who’s that guy anyway? Huh?” He said holding me tight and I was trying to free myself from his grip. Then David rushed towards us, pushed me



away and gave Victor a hot punch on the face he started bleeding. “Oh God! David!” I shouted holding my mouth with both of my palms. By then we already caught the attention of everyone and people were chanting “fight! Fight! Fight!” David pounced on victor, giving him blows after blows after blows without giving victor a chance to even defend himself. I was helpless then, I didn’t want them to kill themselves so I rushed and tried to pull David up with the help of the other guys that were trying to separate the fight. Finally David stood up and dragged me towards the exit. “Its time to go.” I had never been so lost in my life. He was about the enter the drivers seat the I stopped him because I was the one that was mentally stable at that moment. “Wait! I’ll drive.” The ride was silent. “I was just trying to protect you Trish.” He said and I kept mute. He hesitated for while. “Baby don’t give me the silent treatment.” He said with pleading eyes. “You shouldn’t have David!” I said holding my head amidst tears. “Trisha don’t cry please. I’m really sorry, it won’t happen again.” He pleaded. I didn’t say anything for the rest of the ride. “I just hope that this won’t make victor to be against me.” I thought to myself. “I wonder how he’s doing now. You really messed with him.” I said getting down from the car. I threw the keys at him and ran towards the door of the house in tears. “I said I’m sorry babe.” I heard him shout after me.


I took a drink, got into my room, locked it and put my headset on with music blasting in my ear just so that even if he was knocking, I wouldn’t hear him. I drank as much as I could that night and slept off.












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