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I grabbed my car keys and ran into my car .’where could Veronica have gone to ?’i asked myself while looking around but still there was no sight of her .i hit my steering in fraustration just when i decided to head to the police station.


‘I am sorry Mr Morgan, but we can’t file a missing person report ,it has only been a day why dont you try calling her over and over again . Am sure she will pop up eventually ‘


‘You think i haven’t tried calling her over and over again. Ofcourse i did ,i want you to file a missing person report and do that right now’ William said and the police nodded as they all set out to look for Veronica. Williams continue dialing Veronica’s number on his phone and things were beginning to get really frustrating when he couldn’t get through her . He just doesn’t understand how Veronica can be missing all of a sudden,this is all quite strange to him .


He returned back home to see of Veronica is back but all he saw was Penelope and Mr Meyer Chelsea’s dad who was busy pacing back and forth in his living room and grandmother who sat down on the chair lookibg extremely worried


She stopped pacing when she saw me and walked towards me ‘ william ,tell me now. Where is my Chelsea?’. Where has my Chelsea gone to ?’


‘Look Mrs Meyer ,i just need you to calm down . Chelsea is fine ,no need to worry ‘he tried to Calm them down but it seems they weren’t willing to listen to anything William has to say .


‘If she is trully fine, then where the hell is she ?’Mr Meyer asked while grandmother stood on her feet and walked towards me


‘William ,what is going on . Where is your wife ,where has Veronica gone to ?’ She asked while William who has no idea where she is shaked his head. She has been gone for five hours and the police has no idea where she is yet .



‘Look grandmother, Mr and Mrs Meyer ,i am just as worried as Chelsea as you all are . I can’t find my wife and that really bothering. I promise i will bring her back home to everyone very soon . I need you to trust me ,the police are working on this and trust me who ever is responsible for this will be punished severely ‘ he assured them while Penelope on the other hand couldn’t control her tears as Mr Meyer consoled her.


Williams eyes darted to Beatrice who has been looking Extra uncomfortable. She looked really nervous and beads of sweat ran down her forehead. She flinched when her phone rang and everyone turned to look at her


‘I am sorry ,i need to pick this ‘Beatrice said as she walled out of the house ‘you fool ,all i said was beat up the girl. I never told you to kidnap her ,now the police is involved and trust me i am not ready to go to jail ‘


‘But Beatrice, we didn’t kidnapp the girl ,we didnt even see her at the restaurant we were suppose to beat her up ‘


‘What do you mean by that ‘


‘We did nothing to the girl Beatrice, we are innocent . I promise ‘


‘Then where’s she ,who took her ? Are you lying to me ‘


‘We have no idea Beatrice and we are not lying to you ‘


‘Okay fine,i will call you later ‘she said as she disconnected the call and turned her back only to bump into William


‘William you ,what are you ..’


‘Where is Veronica?’ He asked


‘Veronica, what do you mean by that?’



‘Do not make me angry, you know just how i can be when i am angry. I heard your phone conversation ‘


‘Okay Williams. I ordered some guys to beat up Veronica cause i was so angry she was rude to me this morning. But i called them now and they made me realise they did not have her kidnapped or beaten up . They could not even find her at the restaurant at the time they where meant to do that ‘


‘Beatrice you have a severe Psychological issue . You know fully well that Veronica isn’t Chelsea but you just had to say mean things to her and when she retaliated you got angry and wanted to have her beaten up . I don’t think I know you anymore, i wonder if you truly my sister and you have no idea how angry i am right now. If you were not my sister i have no idea what i would have done to you ‘


‘William i just…’she stopped talking as her eyes widened in shock


‘What ?’William asked as he arched her brow


‘Veronica ‘ she muttered as she pointed at something behind Williams who slowly turned his back to see what she is pointing at .


Veronica walked slowly into the compound with bruises all over body. Her white shirt was thorn and covered in blood while her hair was rough and in a nutshell she looked badly injured like she was beaten badly by someone.


William couldn’t believe what he was Currently seeing . He was dazed as he just stood Beatrice staring at weak Veronica. Veronica who couldn’t take any step further fell on the floor while William shouted ‘Veronica ‘ and ran towards her to help her up. The rest of the family heard this and ran outside to see why William shouted .


William fell on his knees and tapped Veronica slightly by her cheeks but she wasn’t responding


Penelope passed out immediately she saw the present condition of her daughter while grandmother almost had an heart attack and William couldn’t wait to get his



hands on whoever had done this to Veronica . They had really treated her inhumanely and beaten her up so bady that one of her front tooth is missing.


If it wasnt Beatrice


Then who could have done this to Veronica


Who is the person responsible for this act .








Tale of Veronica Hathaway






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