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William and Veronica arrived back at Florida the second day even though they had refused to speak to each other on there way back . Veronica has no idea what he is up to by telling her to give him thirty days but he knows one thing is for sure and that must be he is actually planning something to make her pay for her past mistakes she apologized for repeatedly


‘Am so happy to see you my dear ‘Grandmother said as she hugged both William and Veronica as she gave them each a motherly kiss on the forehead. ‘Come on Veronica, you have to tell me about your honey moon, am sure you had the best time of your life ‘


‘Yes we did grandmother’ William said while Veronica stared at him ‘we really did have the best time ,i was really pleased to have Veronica by my side ‘ William was realy honest about what he said but Veronica assumed he was trying to Cover up for the bad experiences they had at their honeymoon.


‘Umm grandmother, am really tired now and beside i have work tomorrow. So i need to rest mow ‘ William said as he kissed his grandmother goodnight while Grandmother released Veronica to follow him .


William watched Veronica as she prepared the Couch to get a good night rest. ‘I will sleep on the couch ,you sleep on the bed ‘


‘No ,you are way too tall for this couch ,you probably wont feel comfortable, so let me sleep on it ‘Veronica said while preparing the couch for sleep


‘I am not ,sometimes i get tired and sleep on this couch before i married you so i really have no problem sleeping on the couch ‘


‘William ,i will sleep on the couch please sleep on the bed ‘she insisted and William immediately realized There’s nothing he can do to make her change her mind so he diligently slept on the bed wondering if she is trully comfortable. Her



small body curled up on the couch while William sat up straight looking at her wondering if he should convince her to actually sleep on the but he realised that would be pointless since Veronica is an incredibly stubborn woman.


He wished he could have her on the bed with him ,very close to her as he breathe in her scent and cuddle that little body of hers but since they share no intimate relationships, there is probably no way he could do that. He really prays that things would be better in the future and maybe he and Veronica can get Closer as a couple .




Veronica was on her way to work when she bumped into someone she had no plans of bumpimg into . William had left the house for work Very early in the morning just before she woke up


‘Well Hello Chelsea’ Beatrice greeted with a mischievous grin on her face ‘a beautiful morning innit ?’


‘Excuse ne Beatrice, i have work ‘Veronica said trying to be a little polite even though she knows fully well that Beatrice is here to annoy her.


‘Wait a minute Chelsea, i just wanted to ask you that how was your honeymoon. Did it change anything, i mean you and my brother ,are you finally closer as a couple or does he still despise you ‘ Veronica was beginning to get annoyed by ger nonsense but decided to remain silent


‘You see few years ago you ruined my marriage and now you can never have a happy marriage. My brother will never love you and you will never find anyone who will love you . Just like you ruined my life ,your life will be ruined and then you will be pathetic, miserable and spend the rest of your sorry lives alone..am really so sorry for you Chelsea’ Although Beatrice is aware of the fact that she isn’t Chelsea. But she still can’t help herself from hating her and blaming her for all her misfortunes . That just how much she hates Chelsea and she hates Veronica so much for looking exactly like her



‘I think you should worry about yourself Beatrice. Why don’t you find something better to do instead of trying ruin your brother’s marriage. I think you are the pathtic and Miserable one here ‘


‘You better watch your mouth Chelsea ‘


‘Oh I see you hurt, that how i felt when you said the same thing to me . I think you should change or very soon you will start hating yourself,,no one will love you and you will spend the rest of your sorry lives alone . Am so sorry for you ,i am late.


Excuse me ‘ she said as she walked away. Beatrice got so angry that she picked up a flower vase and smashed it against the wall before dialing a number on her phone.


‘I will send you a picture and Location, make sure you teach her a very good lesson ‘she hangup as she angrily smashed her phone on the floor .




William stared the necklace in his hand as he sat on his library chair. He really cant wait to give this to Veronica. She wasn’t really the type to take special interest in materialistic things but when he realised she liked this necklace a lot ,he had no choice but to get it for her at all cost . William is still as confused as ever, he has no idea what he feels for Veronica but right now all he can focus on his making sure she doesn’t get the divorce she wants no matter what. He isn’t sure he has a feeling for her or now but atleast he can make sure she has her by his side .


He stood on his feet to check on Veronica since he has not talked to her ever since the honeymoon. He has less than 29 days to give Veronica a reason to stay in this marriage and he still has no idea what to do . Or how to go about this. ‘Veronica ‘ he called her name repeatedly immediately he walked into her room and she wasn’t there . He knocked on the bathroom door and there was no response until he finally decided to push it open and she wasn’t there either . ‘Where could she have gone to ?..am sure she is in the kitchen, she is fond of eating late night food ‘ he said as he checked the kitchen but she wasn’t there either . He checked everywhere he could in the house but there was still no sign of her . This was really strange because it was already 10:00 PM in the night and Veronica always arrives home from work 6:00pm. He checked his grandmother’s room without waking the old lady but she wasn’t there either



‘Maybe she is working overnight today ‘ he called her number but she wasn’t picking it either .’hello’ he said immediately the Restaurant Manager picked his call


‘Hello Defranco restaurant, what your order?’


‘Can you give the phone to Chelsea Meyer ,I want to speak to her ‘


‘Am sorry sir but Chelsea Meyer left this place About six hours ago ‘ ‘Six hours ago ?’he repeated


‘Yes sir ‘


‘Okay ,thanks ‘he said as he disconnected the call and ran his hand through his hair just before he decided to call Penelope


‘No William, Chelsea isn’t here . What wrong, where is Chelsea ‘


‘Do not worry Mrs Meyer .I will call you back ‘William Morgan said as he


disconnected the call and threw his phone against the wall in fraustration, ‘where


the helll could Veronica be ?’










Tale of Veronica Hathaway










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