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‘Do you have to be so mean to her. She is just a kid ‘



‘Just a kid ,she is twenty am only a year older older okay. And beside she was clearly getting on my nerves so what choice do I have ‘ Veronica asked as she poured herself a glass of wine


‘You drink ?” William asked while Veronica smiled


‘Not really…drinking is not really my thing but I think I can handle a glass ,do not worry I won’t get drunk ‘ she winked while William just smirked and also poured himself a glass of drink


‘I think I should say goodbye to Stephanie, am sick of this party back in a jiffy ‘


‘Hey what the rush ‘ Veronica sighed and gulped down her drink ‘you know what. Tell Stephanie goodbye, as it is am sick of this party anyway ‘


‘Okay ,I will be right back ‘William said as he walked away leaving Veronica alone .


‘Hey sweet piece of candy ‘ a guy that seems to be the same age as Veronica greeted while staring at her with so much lust in his eyes


‘I hope you not talking to me ‘ Veronica said as she gulped down her glass of wine


‘Ofcourse baby ,you the only sweet thing in this party ,I can’t be talking to anyone else ‘he started getting wierdo close to Veronica and when she was a bit uncomfortable by all this ,she walked away from the perverted man.


Veronica thought she could handle the drink ,and the way she was feeling right now made her wish she had just listened to William and not drink too much wine ,it was really wierd and her head was spinning.


William bumped into someone he never expected to see here in Florida while looking for Stephanie



‘Beatrice, you ,what are you doing here in Florida ?’ He asked and Beatrice was looking really nervous. She didn’t want her brother to find out she was in Florida. Her plan was to sneak out of the party without being caught but the exact opposite of that just opened.


‘Ummn William ‘


‘You ,you are here in Florida,what are you doing here in are suppose to be in New York not Florida, and why are you here of all places?’ William asked as he folded his arms


‘William, you what a coincidence, what are you doing here in Florida..’


‘Really Beatrice, that what you are going with..Coincidence, I know you Beatrice, there is no coincidence, and beside you do not know how to lie .. I know you ,you are definitely up to something ‘


‘Oh what choice do I have went on a honeymoon with our greatest enemy, what were you thinking? you perhaps love her now or something ‘


‘Do not be ridiculous okay..I do not love cheleea and yea I no longer have any problems with so you should let go of the past and learn to forgive …go home Beatrice ‘


‘William ..are you perhaps crazy or want me to forgive Chelsea of all people have lost it Williams ‘


Williams wished he could just tell Beatrice the whole truth but he knows the kind of person she is and will surely go and expose the entire truth to the Meyer’s family (Chelsea’s family) and that will hereby ruin his plan of finding out the truth about the master mind behind all this conspiracy.


‘Beatrice just let it go ,I know what I am doing ‘


‘No you don’t William, you don’t know what you are doing could you…’



‘William come over here ,your wife has gone crazy..come now and see what she was doing ‘


‘What ‘ Beatrice and I stared at each other looking confused as we ran to the main party


‘Okay guys chill ,they will be plenty of entertainment here today ..and I will be giving you all a special entertainment ‘ Veronica said while standing on a table while everyone at the party gathered her .


‘Come on just take of your clothes off already’ someone shouted from the crowd while others started chanting *strip for us* .


‘Chill guys ,I will be more than happy to strip for you ‘ Veronica said while laughing


‘She must be drunk,I will go and stop her before she does something crazy ‘


‘No you won’t’ Beatrice held willliam hand ‘people will take pictures of this and post it on the internet. So this is a great opportunity to ruin her reputation and her family’s reputation ‘


‘That is crazy, I can’t allow that at all ‘


‘No ,it not crazy ,it gold this is a big opportunity and I am not going to miss it for the world ‘she said


‘Look there’s no opportunity here’ William removed Beatrice hand from his as he turned towards Veronica direction.


‘If you help Chelsea william ,then am as good as dead to you not ever consider me to be your sister again and you are not longer my brother’ Beatrice threatened while William immediately stopped walking and turned to look at her





Somewhere far away from her family, The real Chelsea was still in coma as she lied down on a bed in a small dark room surrounded by all essential medical equipment


‘Almost done ‘The nurse said as she checked the drip. She was totally shocked when Chelsea moved a finger


‘Chelsea ‘ she called but there was no answer just then John Meyer walked in


”what wrong?’ He asked


‘Sir Chelsea Meyer just moved a finger ,I think she is going to regain consciousness very soon’


John meyer ran out of the room and bumped into the doctor ‘you come with me ‘he said as he grabbed the doctor by the arm and dragged him with him


‘What wrong?’


‘No matter what ,Chelsea Meyer can’t regain consciousness..maybe later,but now ,that can’t happen’he said


‘Why sir?’


‘I am paying you aren’t I?…just do what I asked you to do …I do not want Chelsea to regain consciousness ‘


‘Okay ,fine sir …I know just what to do’ he said as he walked away


John Meyer’s plan is to seal an important deal with Williams and he hasn’t even gotten an opportunity to do that . Chelsea regaining her consciousness and going back to her formal life will ruin his whole plan and his entire chance of getting Williams help in his business


‘I think it time I finally step in ,no matter what Veronica can’t regain her memory and Chelsea can’t regain her matter what’s










Tale of Veronica Hathaway







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