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‘Wait ,let me get this straight ,you bought an apartment here in Florida just so you will not have to sleep in the same room as me ‘Veronica asked as she looked around the beautiful apartment William bought . It was a little big though not as big as the mansion back home,but it certain he must have spent a couple of millions on an apartment as cool as this


‘So what do you think ?’he crossed his arm as his eyes travelled around the building


‘I think you crazy ,I mean who buys a building just because he can’t stand being in the same room with his wife ?’


‘Any normal guy ‘he answered nonchalantly as he continue to stare around the building .


‘No normal guy will do that ,only rich brat who knows how to waste money’


‘Hey it my money, I worked for it and I can use it to buy whatever I want to whenever I want to .okay ,it really non of your business ‘


‘Okay fine ,whatever’ she gave in as she threw her arms in the air dramatically and sat down on the chair. She smiled lightly to herself when something hit her mind ‘ remember I promise to treat you today ,well I change my mind ‘


‘ThankGod ,I can’t imagine eating all of those calories and weighing like 600 pounds’


‘Just because I said I am not taking you around Florida doesn’t mean I am not gonna prepare home made dishes for you ‘ She stood on her feet and walked towards the kitchen ‘Would you look at that,even the fridge is stocked ‘


‘No way am allowing you prepare any type of food for me ,you can’t cook ‘ he folded his arms while looking her straight in the eye


‘Ofcourse I can cook ,you ate my noodle soup and you loved it’


‘Did I tell you that ..Ofcourse you didn’t hear that for me ,so move away from the kitchen ..I will hire a chef’


‘Why do you want to hire a chef when my first hubby is cooking ,I can cook so well I feel like i should earn a living from it and by the way you loved my noodle soup and am sure of it ,I am cooking and if you want to help be my guest ‘ She grabbed a small bag of flour from the top shelf and put on her apron


‘Give me the flour, I will prepare the food ,I make better dishes ‘he grabbed the bag of flour by the other end as he tried to collect it from Veronica


‘The only thing you know how to make is rabbit food ..all those vegetables and everything, no way I am eating that ‘she said as she dragged the floor but William grib on it was too tight



‘It called healthy food but you won’t understand it cause you only love eating junk foods ‘ They both started dragging the bag of flour at both end . Neither one of them was willing to surrender to the other, so they decided to drag it with each other like kids .


‘Just let go of it William ‘ Veronica barked while William smirked


‘Fine ,If you want the flour so bad ,then you can have it ‘he let go of the flour making Veronica fall on the floor while the bag ripped and poured all over her face


‘You ‘ Veronica clenched her fist while William was looking pleased with himself after being successful in making Veronica look ridiculous with her entire face covered in flour


‘I must admit, this is very pleasing to the eyesight, you look like a real clown ‘ He teased while Veronica angrily picked up the sack containing a small amount of floor and dumped it on his head


‘Now we both look like a clown ‘


‘What the gonna….’


‘Oh what dear husband, we married remember ,meant to go through thick and thin together,so having ourselves covered in floor is an example of that …nonsense ‘ she glared at him as she removed the apron and walked away


‘God knows I can’t tolerate that woman,she is the worst ‘ William complained as he also walked up the stairs to clean himself up .


‘Thank you ‘Beatrice said to the cab driver as he drove off ‘what is wrong with william?,he even bought a house this good here in Florida just to have the time of his life with that evil woman ‘


Beatrice was standing few feet away from William and Veronica home looking absolutely angry


She dialed a number on her phone and brought it close to her ear ‘are you


ready…yes do what you have to do ,I will pay you for it … I want this honeymoon



to be a total flop ..yea great , thanks ‘she disconnected the call and smiled to herself, ‘now Chelsea ,do not expect a romantic honeymoon for you at all ‘


Veronica walked down the stairs after getting freshened up while William glared at her ,he was also flour free but still super upset at Veronica for having the audacity to dump flour on him


‘Okay now William, I know am very gorgeous ,but you not my type so please stop staring at me with so much love in your eyes ‘ She said sarcastically as she walked to the kitchen


‘Look at me Chelsea, why will a guy like me ever by interested in a girl like you?.you not my type at all’


‘Well i….’ Veronica was interrupted by the door ‘who could that be?’she asked


‘I do not know ‘he answered with a shrug


‘I will go check it out ‘


‘I will come with you ‘ William answered as they both walked towards the door. Veronica grabbed the door knob and was suprised to see an extremely beautiful and sΒ£xy lady standing outside, with long black hair with red tips ,fair skin ,dressed in a white Jean shorts and black tang top and white sneakers . Her dressing had summer written all over it


‘You see that now that is my type’Wiliam whispered in Veronica ear while checking the girl out . Even though he has no interest in this girl. He is still not going to miss the chance to use her to torment Veronica


‘Hi am Stephanie, your next door neighbor and Oh my God ,you William Morgan .huge fan .You look even more handsome in reality ‘


‘Well I will take that as a compliment, so thanks I guess ‘ William said while she smiled



‘And you must be ..who are you exactly?’the lady asked while Veronica rolled her eyes


‘Chelsea,Williams wife …nice to meet you Stephanie ‘


‘Nice to meet you to William I brought cookie when my friends told me you here for awhile ,I just couldn’t believe it,we all read it on the magazine . You a business man but you like a huge celebrity,I really can’t believe am standing in front of you ‘


‘Yea ‘


‘Okay so here’s your cookies ‘ she said giving him a basket of coffee ‘and yeah William, am hosting a party at my house tonight ,you don’t mind of you come over do you ?’ She asked


‘I don’t think so ‘


‘Come on William, it will be fun ,I am known for throwing the best party among my friends..I am a hundred percent sure you will love to come ‘


‘Fine I will come, only for a hour ..anything for a fan ‘


‘Kk Thanks William’s..and Chelsea ,I don’t think those kinds of party are your thing. You might not like it there .I mean you old ,you must be like 34 right ‘


It was only a matter of time before Veronica realised this girl was trying to torment her ‘I am twenty four ‘


‘Oh really ‘ she said as she stared at her from her head to her toe ‘well your loos says the exact must be your dressing, it way too serious for your age ..Classy nerd look ,you pretty though ‘


‘Thanks ‘ Veronica answered rudely as she folded her arms



‘But I still don’t think you will like it at this party, it for cool people and you look like you love reading book know typical housewife behavior, but it cool I love it’


‘Are you done …bye now ‘


‘Am sorry ,and you a bit feisty…question is ,have you ever been invited to a party like this ‘


‘Have your face ever been invited to my hand ‘Veronica muttered


‘Excuse me ‘


‘It nothing ,thanks for the cookie, expect William and I at the party..bye ‘Veronica waved as she slammed the door at her face


Stephany smiled sheepishly as she turned to look at Beatrice at the other end of the road and gave her a thumbs up .


Beatrice nodded with a grin on her face and said ‘this is only the beginning Chelsea, now Stephanie will be my key to destroy this perfect honeymoon ‘








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