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William stood on his balcony staring at the sky. He just couldn’t get over the fact that Veronica wants a divorce. They got married just few months ago and now she wants a divorce . What will his grandmother think ,what will her parent think . And most importantly, will he be able to deal with the fact that she is not longer his wife




I don’t know why I am suddenly concerned about Veronica, everything is all so strange to me . I have never liked Veronica so why does her wanting a divorce matters to me all of a suddenly. I mean getting freed from her should make me happy . I do not know why I am so bothered by this but for now ,I will have to do all I can to make her stay no matter what.




I just can’t understand why William got so mad at me just because I want a divorce. One thing is for sure and that is he doesn’t like me one bit,but him getting angry



just because I wanted a divorce is really wierd. Peharps it in his plan to ruin my life totally before getting the divorce we both want. But I just won’t allow that happen . I must get the divorce this marriage deserves as soon as possible and thankfully, today is the last day of this Excuse of honeymoon .


I woke up the next morning and the first person I saw didn’t really make me happy . William was sitted on the sofa staring at me while I rubbed my sleepy eyes and sat up straight .


‘What do you want this morning ?…it too early to fight with me ‘I said as I packed my hair in a bun .


‘Today is the last day of our honeymoon ‘


‘So?’I asked


‘Grandma told us to buy her a nice gift together ,so come on let go to the store ‘he said as he stood on his feet


‘This is probably one of your many plans to torment me .. am sure when we both go to that store ,you are just gonna frame me or something know what I do not even trust you . You capable of anything ‘ I went on and on while William just folded his arms and stared at me .


‘Are you done ?..’he asked ‘get ready we are going to the store’he said as he walked out of the room. I sighed in fraustration and sat down on the bed. I really wonder what he is up to this time.




I really do not know what to gift grandmother ‘ I said while William seems to be enjoying the attention he was getting from all the girls who thinks he is handsome. They keep stopping and staring at him like is some kind of celebrity. Well he is kind of a celebrity but it still so annoying when they treat him like he is the most good looking guy in the world .


‘Grandma loves expensive jewelry..I will just buy her a jewelry from the jewelry section over there ‘William said as he walked towards the jewelry store in the mall while Veronica followed him.



‘What do you think of this ?’ William asked as he showed me a very beautiful gold necklace.


‘It pretty William, but I do not think I can afford any of this . I mean they look so expensive ‘


‘Relax. I am the one paying not you ‘he said as he checked the other jewelries available in the store . The store keeper were really happy to see him here and they still find it hard to believe that someone like William morgan will come to their store ,when he is rich enough to have one of the world’s most expensive Jewelry made especially for him.


My eyes caught a very beautiful necklace and I smiled lightly to myself as I walked towards it to check it out . It looked really nice and I must admit I really love it but I just had to let go of it when I saw the ridiculous price . It way too expensive. No way I can afford it . I turned my back and saw William who has been staring at me all this while .


‘What wrong, I thought you were checking that out ‘ he said while I let out a nervous smile


‘It way too expensive for me ,I have rent to pay to you and other stuffs, I don’t even earn that much from working as a waiter ,so I can’t afford a half a million diamond necklace. Will have to work fifty years to get that’ I said as I walked


away while William got what he wanted for his grandmother and they both got out of the store


Veronica already knew this is the last day of their honeymoon ,so it might as well be their last day together as a couple.





I sat down in the living room watching TV when a document was placed on the table before me . I looked up at Veronica who dropped the document on the table and back at the document


‘What is this ?’i asked



‘Why don’t you check it out ‘Veronica said as Williams sighed and picked up the document,went through it .


‘A divorce paper’ he said as he looked at Veronica again


‘Yes Willam, a divorce paper ..please sign it ‘she said as she gave him a pen .


‘Is it really that easy for you to break relationships ‘


‘Is there any special relationship we share …no there isn’t William, the only relationship we share is hatred ‘


‘I am not signing it ‘ he said as he stood on his feet and wanted to walk away but Veronica held him by the wrist


‘You are not walking away from this like you did yesterday .. William what is your problem? . This is what you want right, then why are you being so adamant on not signing this papers . Are you scared that the court might tell you to give me your money or what . I promise I won’t ask for anything ,just free me for this marriage ‘


William angrily grabbed Veronica by the arm as he said calmly but with so much anger in his eyes ‘you think this is all about money ,girl i have enough money I do not know what to do with it so you think it will bother me if you ask for divorce money ‘


‘Then what exactly is your problem ,why are you refusing to sign the papers .you hate me so much and I believe I have suffered enough ‘William let go of her as he ran his hand through his hair ‘ William what the point of this marriage, tell me why I should stay in this marriage?’


‘Tell me do you perhaps have someone you like already ,have you been seeing someone behind my back . And maybe you have promised to marry him ,maybe that why you are so bent on ending this marriage ‘


‘Oh stop it William, this marriage might be fake but unlike you I am not disloyal, do you get that. If I truly had someone in mind ,I would have told you that a long



time ago . I mean what there to hide ?..i want a divorce cause this marriage is leading nowhere and I have no reason to stay in it again . My mom is better now and am sure when I explain things to her ,she will understand ‘


‘Fine ,let make a deal . I will sign those divorce papers on one condition ‘


‘Which is?’


’30 days ,you will have to give me 30 days to prove to you that there is more than enough reason for you to stay in this marriage and after that 30 days if you still want a divorce then i will Voluntarily give it to you ‘


‘You want me to stay 30 more days . So you can prove what ?’


‘I do not know Chelsea, but if you give me few more days ,I promise I will give you a reason to stay and if I can’t . I will be more than happy to set you free’


Veronica thought for awhile before sighing and said ‘okay ,if you can ever give me a reason to stay. Then I will gladly stay but if you can’t, I will leave forever William and I will never come back








Tale of Veronica Hathaway









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