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‘What with the sunshades anyway, we are inside ‘ Veronica asked as she sat down on the airportVIP chair and crossed her leg .


‘Unlike you I am popular and loved by everyone, this sunshade Is a way to avoid some of my fans. We all saw what happened at the restaurant, that how crazy they are about me ‘He said as he joined her on the chair making sure he maintains a safe distance from her .


‘When will our flight take off anyway?’ She asked as she ran her hand through her hair and rolled her eyes in fraustration.


‘I didnt book a flight ‘ William answered as he focused on his phone .


‘Then what are we taking to Florida, are we going to walk to Florida william ‘ she asked as she glared at him waiting for her response to the question she asked


‘No Chelsea, I am not going to walk to Florida but I do not know about you. If I could have my way ,I will prefer you walking while I ride in a classy private jet’


‘What do You mean by classy private jet’ Veronica asked with an air quote


‘It means smarty pants , that we are travelling to Florida by a private jet not some public transport okay ‘



‘Okay Williams, If we are really travelling by a private jet ,then what the hell is this private jet ‘ she air quoted ‘private jet’


The pilot is just a little late ,he will be here very soon ma’m’ Williams personal assistant informed Veronica. Veronica couldn’t help but wonder what kind of person brings his personal assistant with him on his honeymoon, but in order to avoid future arguments, she decided not to ask him that question . There is one thing she is finding so hard to ignore and that’s the two extremely huge bodyguards dressed in black that accompanied them


‘But why do we need them anyway?’I asked William who ran his hand through his hair in fraustration and removed his shades ‘can you just quit it with the question already. And beside if you


And beside you are not blind, you saw what happened at the restaurant. And that 0 put on his shades again as he turned his face towards his P. A ‘make sure you have that pilot fired as soonas we get to Florida’


‘Okay sir’ his P. A answered. The pilot finnally arrived, and it was a matter of seconds before the flight took off. Veronica closed her eyes and inhaled deeply as the plane took off while William stared at her


‘what wrong, never been on a plane before?’ Williams asked while going through a magazine that has his picture on the cover page


‘mother told me that I have been to Lot of places, but to be sincere. This just feels like my first time on a plane’


William looked at Veronica and muttered to himself ‘I guess she has never been in an airplane before’


‘look out the window, the view is good ‘


William said to Veronica who stared at him for awhile before looking out the window . He was right ,the view is really food .Veronica couldn’t help but wonder if she had really been on a plane before. Even she had lost her memory, things like this are suppose to be a little familiar,but it all looks absolutely new to her . Nothing about her current lifestyle looks new.



After few hours of flying in the air ,the plane finally landed and Veronica and William got into the car and headed for their honeymoon resort.


Veronica and William got into the room and looked around it. It was a five star hotel and the hotel room was decorated honeymoon style with rose petals on the bed ,Candle lights etc


‘The heck is this ?’Williams asked as he sat down on a couch


‘It a room ‘


‘I know it a room but what with all this decorations?…it not like I am ever going to be interested in being romantic with you ‘ Williams said while Veronica rolled her eyes in fraustration


‘I do not think I am ready to argue with you this time,it was a long journey ‘


‘It was a two hours and 37 minutes journey .’ Veronica clarified as she rolled her arms


‘Well still too long for me ,anyway I will have a bath and sleep on the bed can sleep on the couch or maybe on the balcony, I really do not care as long as I get the couch ‘


‘Are you kidding me right now William, you want me your wife to sleep on the should sleep on the couch ,I will take the bed ‘Veronica said


‘Wife my foot …and I am never going to do that, why should I ever sleep on the couch ..this is why I never wanted to go on a honeymoon with you ,you a major pain in the neck ‘William said in his normal cool way as he rubbed his neck and sat down on the couch


‘Like you aren’t a pain in the ass for me ..I never wanted this honeymoon, I am here because of grandmother and now I have to tolerate you William Morgan for her .You are so annoying I wish I could just strangle you right here and right now ‘



‘Oh Veronica looks like you hot ..I think you need to cool down ‘ William said as he splashed water from the bottle he was drinking on her


‘You William’ Veronica also picked up her bottle of water and splashed it in his face


‘Look at the girl who doesn’t believe in revenge ‘


‘I started thinking revenge is the best option ever since I met you William Morgan ‘Veronica answered


‘You know what, I can’t live like this, I can argue with you all night long..I will Just move to another room ‘


‘Yea do that okay ..just do that ‘Veronica said


‘Yea first thing in the morning ‘


‘Morning, I thought you were going tonight, trust me I will be really happy if you go tonight ‘


‘I am done with you Chelsea’ William said as he opened his box and picked his towel from it while Veronica also did the same thing


‘And where do you think you are going?’ William asked


‘I am going to the bathroom, you not blind are you ?’ She replied as she grabbed the doorknob and pushed the door open


‘Hold on a sec Chelsea .. I want to use the bathroom ,so do you mind ?’


‘Ofcourse I mind ,I want to use the bathroom ‘


‘But I said I wanted to use the bathroom first ‘


‘Well no one cares ..I am using the bathroom and that is it ‘ William said as he pushed her aside and walked into the bathroom



‘How dare you push me aside


. just because you are taller and bigger than me , does that make you strong enough to push me aside?’ Veronica asked as she also entered the bathroom


‘I see you are in the bathroom, what do you want now ,you want us to take a romantic shower like every other couple..’


‘Eeww ,what are you talking about ‘ Veronica asked as she arched her brow


Williams soon realized that talking dirty with her is the best way to get rid of her seeing how affected she was by what he just said


‘Ummm ..come to think of it, my wife is actually sort of pretty, with nice body as come I didn’t realize that earlier..come with me baby, let have a nice time in the hot tub, it gonna be a long bath ‘ Veronica bit her lips in anger and was clearly irritated by Williams word


‘You cheap man. .how dare you look at me that way ‘ she said as she turned her back to leave


“Hey don’t flatter yourself, there is nothing in you to look at anyway..i just wanted to get rid of you …anyway you can wait here and watch me bath or you can leave the bathroom ‘


‘Am going anyway ..I just hate you ‘


‘I hate you too sweetheart ‘ William replied as Veronica walked out of the going to be a long honeymoon filled with Chaos for this two








Tale of Veronica Hathaway









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