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‘What do you mean by that ‘ Beatrice asked as she dropped her luggage. William sighed and ran his hand through his hair as he sat down on the couch.


‘Take a seat Beatrice ‘ William said and Beatrice nodded and sat down on the bed


‘So now ,what going on ,why did you say that ?’ Beatrica asked as she focused solely on William . William took his time to explain everything to her while she sighed and stood on her feet .


‘If that is the case, why is that woman still in your house William,why are you still married to her. She is not the one we want so why can’t you just kick her out or hand her over to the police? ‘she asked while William smirked and said


‘Unlike you, I do not make decision out of haste and this is the main reason why I did not want to tell you this..I want to find out who it was that actually tricked me


..I want to know the person that replaced Veronica with Chelsea . And most importantly, I want to know what their motive is for doing something like that ‘he said and she sighed


‘But William, why should we harbor her..she is a muderer and who knows what she might do to you when she regains her consciousness?’ Beatrice looked really worried as she ran her hand through her long hair



‘Well you see ,we really do not have to worry about that and trust me I will get rid of her very soon..I just need some time to figure out who this person actually is ‘ he said and she sighed


‘I am really sorry for doubting you Beatrice ,you my brother after all and you can never do anything to betray me..I am so sorry for saying all those mean things and I promise I won’t say a word about this to anyone so sorry Will’ she apologized as she hugged him while William smiled lightly to himself . He knows Beatrice well enough to never break a promise and since she just made a promise to never tell anyone about this. Then she definitely wouldn’t.




William car pulled over in the driveway as Veronica panicked all over again. He has not been home the entire day and now that he is back. She was afraid that she might just walk into him and then he surely wouldn’t miss the chance to taunt her about what happened the previous night.


She had earlier Come to the decision that till they go back to Newyork ,she will not see or talk to William again . Which means she will just have to lock herself in the room forever or until a couple of days.


Her stomach grumbled later in the night ,she didn’t have dinner since she was afraid of seeing William. She rolled over continuously on the bed as she stared the ceiling looking frustrated .


‘I am sure William is asleep ,so I will just sneak to the kitchen ,get myself something to eat and run back inside this room . Yeah that a great plan’s Veronica stood on her feet and tiptoed pass Williams room. She was afraid If she tried to run ,it might wake William up and that might make her bump into him.


She walked into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator looking for something to eat. ‘ Waw something edible’ she smiled as she brought out the food and warm into the microwave. She was really shocked when she heard footsteps which made her switch off the kitchen light,close the refrigerator and found somewhere to hide.


William walked into the kitchen and switched on the light as he opened the refrigerator and got himself something to drink



Veronica couldn’t help but panic ,she really does not want William to see her and taunt her about the very embarrassing moment that occurred the previous night.


A spider crawled on Veronica’s leg and she screamed but actually covered her mouth with her hand really quickly just before she screams too loud . She was really freaked out by spider and now she has no choice but to harbor a spider on her leg till William leaves . William who heard her scream just before she covered her mouth looked towards her direction with a bottle of juice in his hand ..he dropped the juice on the table and slowly walked towards where Veronica was hiding and just when Veronica thought he was actually going to figure out she was hiding there . He was suddenly interrupted by a phone call as he turned his back and walked away right after picking his call.


Veronica came out of her hiding spot as she exhaled and rolled her eyes just before running out of the kitchen . She tiptoed pass William’s room and just when she was about to enter into her room


‘Chelsea ‘Williams Voice called and the bowl of macaroni and cheese fell right off her hand as she bit her lips in fraustration and rolled her eyes nervously


‘Oh William you……how are … ‘ she asked with a shakey voice as she turned to face him


He looked her at her from her head to her toe and back on her head again


‘Have you been avoiding me ?’ He asked while her eyes widened in shock. She wondered how he was able to figure that out . She didn’t know she made it look so obvious.


‘Oh so you were avoiding me ‘ He said while nodding


‘I was not avoiding you okay ‘


‘Then how come I haven’t seen you around since this morning?’



‘Well after I woke up in the car ,covered in my own Vomit. I couldn’t find you anywhere in the house . You went out this morning and left me alone to sleep in the car ‘


‘Oh no am sure you remember vomiting right in my face yesterday..I had to wash my face 46 times ‘William said while focusing on her .


‘Am sure you also remember trying to kiss me yesterday ‘Veronica already said it before she realised it . That was main part she doesn’t want to talk about and that is one of the many reasons she has been avoiding him .


Just like Veronica, William looked really embarrassed but he tried his best to cover it with his normal schoolboy attitude ‘well I wasn’t trying to kiss you ‘


‘Then what were you trying to do ‘


‘Mouth Yoga ‘ He said and immediately regretted it. That was the stupidest excuse he could have given her


‘Mouth Yoga ?’Veronica repeated looking confused


‘Yea doctor recommended, it not like I wanted to kiss you ,i was just doing some mouth Yoga ‘


‘You are lying ‘


‘What prove do you have?’ William asked


‘The way you stared at my lip yesterday is a propf… if I hadn’t vomited right in your face, God knows what you would have done to me ‘


‘So you Vomited in my face Deliberately ‘


‘No I didn’t okay and do not try to change the topic okay..I was drunk and yea mistakes like that are bound to happen’



‘Look i do not want you to get the wrong thoughts okay …i was also drunk yesterday, so yeah that what prompt me to wanna kiss you’


‘But you didnt have any alcohol yesterday ‘


‘I said I was drunk!’ He barked and that made Veronica flinch . He was just as embarrassed as she was or even more embarrassed and she thinks his facial expression right now is sort of cute . It just funny how she never acknowledges this guy Visuals . He is really handsome she can’t just take his eyes off him especially when he is dressed in casual . The black joggers ,white longsleeve and thin necklace around his neck makes him look drop dead gorgeous.


‘Look am going to bed ,you should also go to bed’ William said as he grabbed the door knob


‘Who is Veronica?’ Veronica asked while William looked absolutely shocked as he let go of the doorknob and looked at her


‘What did you say ?’he asked as he focused on her looking absolutely shocked


‘Earlier today ,I fell on the floor and hit my head really hard ..and then I saw this very blurry image in my head and a woman voice called Veronica..I really think am regaining my memory and this Veronica has something to do with my past and maybe it really important. So since you happen to know me very well ,can you please tell me who Veronica is ‘


William couldn’t help but stare at her looking dumbfounded . Now he has no idea of what to do next. Veronica is slowly regaining her memory and once that happen ,it will surely ruin his plan .


But one thing is for sure ,he can never tel this woman that she is Veronica and also her dark past .


He just has to find another way out of this.







Tale of Veronica Hathaway









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