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‘What do you mean by that Beatrice ?’William couldn’t believe his sister could ever say such to him . Her hatred for Chelsea is actually deeper than she thought it actually is


‘I am serious as hell William ,if you walk over there and help her, then that means you love for me is so weak and I can never consider you my brother again ‘ Beatrice threatened while William’s just stared at her


‘You really can’t be serious right now ,you putting our relationship on the line ,why


..nothing can ever be stronger than the bond between you and I, but if you put on the line just because you do not want me to help the girl you do not like that just strong’


‘I hate her William, I do not dislike her alone ,I hate her so much you can’t imagine just how much I hate and if this bond between you and I is really so strong ,then you will not help this woman ,you will help your sister ‘William was in a dilemma



as Beatrice went on and on ..he really had no idea what to do and words can’t Express just how much he loves his sister . But on the other hand ,he just couldn’t let Veronica suffer for the sin she never committed . If this girl were to be Chelsea, then he would be more than happy to watch the show .’but she is a woman just like you Beatrice, why will you even let her do this?’


‘I am so sorry but this woman is nothing like me ,if you really want to help her . Forget about me being your sister ‘ William eyes darted towards Veronica who was about to strip like she said earlier, his eyes focused on angry Beatrice and sighed before saying ‘I am really sorry Beatrice ‘


‘What ?” Beatrice mouth fell wide open as William walked towards Veronica. She really couldn’t believe the fact that her brother just chose to help the woman he hates so much over his own sister. It was like she was having a nightmare and if she pinch herself so hard she might finally wake up from this.


you said your brother loves you so much but he actually left you to save that woman,how sad ‘ Stephanie said to Beatrice who still couldn’t believe her eyes as she shaked her head and walked away.


‘That enough get down from the table ‘William said to Veronica as he stretches his hand towards her expecting her to take it so he can he help her down but Veronica who was obviously intoxicated started laughing for no reason ‘and why should I stop , I wanna give everyone a show . This party is so boring ,need to spice it up a little William,please just let me dance okay ‘


‘No Veronica you are going home ‘ William insisted while Veronica kept on winning like a little child


‘Hey the girl doesn’t wanna leave, just let her go’ some random guy the same age as William held William’s hand while william simply glared at him


‘Hey let go of him ,he is my husband .how dare you hold him like that ‘Veronica barked at the guy who held William’s hand


‘Look Kyle that William morgan ,if you try to pick a fight with him ,it will have severe consequences..his very rich and famous and can ruin your life in a matter of



seconds ‘ one of Kyle’s friend ,the gug who held William’s by his hand warned him before he committed the mistake of picking a fight with William. Kyle nodded as he slowly let go of William while William on the other hand grabbed Veronica by the hand and dragged her out of the party.


‘Get in the car ‘ William ordered Veronica who folded her arms and pouted her lips like a child


‘No I do not want to get into the car ‘ she protested William who was already pissed off her by her little action placed his hand on her head as he bent her head making her get into the car and closed the door. William Also got into the car and looked at Veronica who folded her arms and frowned in a really cute way . William who wasn’t ready to deal with her ignited the car and drove away .


‘Stop ,stop ,stop ‘ Veronica said about 15 minutes later as William stopped the car immediately


‘And now ,what is wrong ?’ He asked as he placed his hand on the stirring wheel


‘I am so dizzy William, I need air not drive this car again ‘ she said as she got down from the car while William ran his hand through his hair looking very frustrated as he also got down from the car .


‘What is it now ?’ William asked as Veronica was twirling till got dizzy and collapsed on the car .


‘Look at the stars William, doesn’t it look so beautiful?’Veronica asked while spreading her arm on the car and looking at the sky . William Sat next to Veronica on the car as he stared at her


‘Why don’t you lie down on the car ,the view is better from up here ‘


‘Why did you drink so much when you know you couldn’t handle it ?’ William asked as he lay down next to her on the car while also staring at the stars .



‘You see you fight with me a lot William’s, I was thinking when I drink a lot of alcohol ..then we will not fight tonight,I will just go straight to bed ‘ William lied down on his side as he supported his head with his hand


‘But you the one who loves picking a fight with me most of the time ‘


‘No ,actually I do not like fighting with you..I want us to be friends but it seems you can never forgive me for the bad things I did in the past..but I must have you know that am deeply sorry ,even though my apologies can’t change anything ‘she said while laughing for no reason, while William on the hand smile lightly to himself as he looked at her


‘What if I tell you I forgive you and I want us to be friends ?’he asked


Veronica smiled brightly and said ‘ really ,are you serious want us to be friends ‘


‘Well if we are going to live in the Same building ,we can atleast try to be friends and get along with each other’


‘Then you will never fight with me again”


‘Ofcourse I will fight with you ‘


‘But you said you want us to be friends’ Veronica pouted and folded her arms while William smiled due to her little action


‘Just cause we are friends now doesn’t mean we wouldn’t fight every low and then ..Ofcourse friends fight ..but I will try to reduce it a little ‘


Veronica smiled and asked “then you won’t call me ugly anymore ?’


‘I never call you ugly ‘


‘You always say ,look in the mirror, it will tell you just what you look like ‘



‘But when you look in the mirror,do you see an ugly woman?’ He asked and she shaked her head signifying no


‘You are what you see yourself as one is allowed to tell you just what you look like . Only you can tell yourself that ..if you feel you are beautiful and even if others call you ugly it shouldn’t matter and if you feel you ugly and other people call you beautiful, should it also matter ..Only you can define yourself, no one can’ Veronica smiled while William stood on his feet ‘ Now that you have recieved enough fresh air ,can we get into the car now..this place might be dangerous by this time “William asked while Veronica nodded and stood on her feet and got into the car


‘Hey use your seat belt ‘ he said while she threw her back on the car seat and closed her eyes


‘Am so lazy ,I can’t use it..let just go ‘she said while William inhaled deeply to control his anger .. he reaches for the seat belt as his body covered Veronica small body .. they shared eye contact just when he was about to pull the belt over her. William wondered why he never realizes just how beautiful this woman is..she might look a lot like Chelsea but there is still a big difference..the tip of their pointed noses rubbed each other slightly as William wondered what it would be like to kiss her small round lips with his hand buried deep in her thick black hair ,he wanted to know just how good her lips would feel against his and If they would really feel as good as they look right now. He had different kind of unusual thoughts in his mind that he wondered what exactly could have prompt them now. He was just to curious to stop himself from knowing just what it feels to kiss Veronica and just when he was about to shoot his shot ,Veronica interrupted him by vomiting right in his face and on her body as she immediately lost consciousness,while William who didn’t want to believe this just happened slowly sat on his seat looking like he was going go crazy any moment .




The afternoon sun reflected on Veronica’s face as she slowly opened her eyes and rubbed her temple. ‘Ohhh my head hurts ‘ She complained as she looked around and found out she was in Williams car covered in her own Vomit .



‘Eeewwww ,what is smells so bad ‘ she was seriously irritated as she opened the car door and got down ..the car was parked in front of their house and she seriously couldn’t believe her dear husband left her in the car to spend the night there. Just what kind of a man is he.


She checked her time as she walked into the house and was absolutely shocked to see it was 2:00pm in the afternoon, there was no sign of William anyway. ‘Where could he have gone to’ s ‘ she said trying her best to remember all that happened the previous. Her eyes widened in shock as she used her hand to cover her opened mouth when she remembered all that happened the previous night . ‘Oh no am in so much trouble, what will William do to me . He will taunt me for the rest of my life and make me regret vomiting right in his face..oh you so stupid Chelsea, you so stupid..what to do ,I think the best option is make sure he never sees me till we go back to New York unless he wouldn’t spare me so dead, that was so embarrassing..the best option is avoiding William..yes ,I will avoid him forever wonder he left me alone in the car..oh am so stupid ‘ Veronica slipped and fell on the floor hitting her head as she suddenly saw blurry images of a woman calling the name Veronica.. she stood on her feet while holding her head as she tried to remember just where she has heard that name, it sounds so familiar but the harder she tries the more her head hurts




‘I do not want to talk to you William, you betrayed me by choosing her over me ,I just can’t forgive you for that ‘ Beatrice said angrily packing her bags ready to go back to new York


‘Will you just calm down Beatrice, I am your brother and I know what I am doing okay ‘William said


‘No you stop being my brother the moment you chose her over me ‘


‘Just listen Beatrice ‘


‘No ,I do not want to ..I hate you William, you have fallen in love with our worst enemy, I can’t forgive you for that ‘



‘Beatrice just listen ‘William tried to calm her down but she wasn’t willing to listen to anything he had to say


‘No ,I do not want to…get lost, I am out of here ‘ she said while William tried to stop her from leaving Florida without reconciling with her


‘Beatrice listen ‘


‘I hate you William, you fell in love with her and forgot how she hurt your family so unfair are not my brother ‘she zipped her big bag and dropped it on the floor


‘I am your brother ,it better you listen to me now Beatrice ‘


‘You are not my brother ,there is not relationship between us ‘ she said as she pulled her big bag with her on the floor .


‘Beatrice ‘


‘Leave me alone william’


‘She is not Chelsea ,she is Veronica’ William said while Beatrice stopped walking and turned to look at William


‘What ?’


‘She is not the evil Chelsea, she is Veronica. A totally different person ‘


”what… veronica”








Tale of Veronica Hathaway









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