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But what the point of conducting a DNA ,this thing is as clear as crystal. That girl in there is a muderer, I better hand her over to the police . William dialed a number on his phone instantly and brought his phone close to his ear .


‘This is 911,what your emergency?’


‘Well there is…’ William suddenly thought of something which made him hesitate as he slowly lowered his phone ‘I really can’t hand her over to the police yet ‘


‘What your emergency?’ A woman Voice asked over the Phone bringing William’s out of his deep thoughts


‘Ummm, it nothing ,sorry for the disturbance ‘ he apologized as he hung up . He knew Veronica couldn’t have done this ,she has lost her Memory so now way she could have planned something like this . He knew that whoever had disguised Veronica as Chelsea has to be a part of the Meyers family .


‘If I handover Veronica to the police ,then I will not know the person that tried to trick me and also used Veronica in this big plan of his ..till I find out whosoever did this , Veronica just has to stay in this house ‘


William heard a knock on his room door and sat down on the couch as he answered ‘ come in ‘


Veronica slowly entered his room and walked towards him. Evil thoughts clouded Williams mind as she stood in front of him with her hands behind her back . Since Veronica is a wanted Muderer, he was afraid she is here to seek her revenge for Indirectly Harassing her few hours ago . All he could focus on was the fear that she had maybe a knife all a gun behind her that she is ready to attack him with


‘Look before you kill me ,let me just say I didn’t mean to do it ,actually I wanted to find out something and then….’



‘Excuse you ,why will I kill you ?’ Veronica asked with a Puzzled Expression


‘Well what do you have behind you ,a gun or a knife ..just know if you kill me you are going to jail ‘


‘I wonder if you have any brain up there sometimes …look am not in the mood to play around with you, I just want to give you this ‘ She said as she stretched her hand that was behind her really fast and that made William flinch and Close his eyes in fear thinking she was going to kill him. When he felt no form of physical attack ,he slowly opened his eyes and saw a confused Veronica and a white envelope in front of him


He sighed in relief as he asked switching very fast from his cute and Scared look to his normal cold and rude behavior


‘..what is this?’ He asked as he arched his brow while staring at Veronica


an envelope not blind are you? Veronica asked as she dropped the envelope on the little table in front of him and folded her arms


William slowly picked up the envelope with his eyes fixed on Veronica and opened it ‘Money?’


‘That my rent for this month ..Excuse me?’ She said as she turned her back to leave


‘You are not trying to kill me ?’ He aske d while Veronica turned around looking confused


‘Why will I try to kill you ?’ She asked


‘Well ,cause of what happened earlier ..And by the way am so sorry for that ,it wasn’t intentional, I just needed to find out something extremely important ‘


‘Oh I see …no need to be scared ,I won’t kill you ..unlike i don’t do the revenge thingy..I just seat back ,relax and let Karma take control ‘


‘Says the girl who murdered someone ‘ William muttered



‘Excuse you ?’Veronica asked


‘Nothing, I didn’t say nothing ‘


‘You know for a guy who is a former Judo champion, boxing coach and has a black belt in karate ,you really are afraid of me, am just a girl’


‘Afraid of you my foot ,I just do not like hurting girls ‘


‘Oh I see ,that great’ Veronica said as she walked out of the room. The girl must be a very dangerous criminal..I have never seen her laugh ,smile or cry before it like she doesn’t know how to do those things . She is really grumpy, am so scared of her’




The kitchen light was unstable as it keeps dimming and brightening. A woman dressed in white with long hair covering her face stood at the other end of the big kitchen


‘Who are you ? ‘ William asked but there was no reply ,all he could hear was eerie noises as the woman didn’t bother to move from where she was standing. ‘I ask you who are you?’ William said but there was no reply. He inhaled deeply as he walked towards the woman in white . Slowly placed his hand on her shoulder while she lifted her head abruptly . Her skin was so pale and her hair was everywhere which gave her a ghost like look.


‘Hey William ‘ she called his name with a devious smile on her face


‘Veronica ‘ he called


‘Let have fun ‘she said as she pointed the knife at his throat


‘No!’ William shouted waking him up from his nightmare. Beads of sweat ran down his forehead as he wiped them off with the back of his hand . ‘ that was just a nightmare..I need some water ‘ he said as he turned to his left to pour himself a glass of water from his glass jug ,but he was out of water.



‘The f**k ‘ he cursed as he picked up his mini remote to press the electronic bell that always summons the maids.’ Those maids ,firing all of them will be the first thing I do tomorrow ‘ he said dropping the remote after pressing it continuously and no one showed up.


He stood on his feet and walked down the stairs to get himself a bottle of water . He opened the fridge, took a bottle water, remove the link and brough the bottle close to his mouth to drink the water . He closed the fridge while drinking the water and turned around only to see Veronica standing about five feet away from him, dressed in white ,with her long hair covering rough and covering part of her hair . The kitchen light was misbehaving while Veronica stood still like a ghost in the kitchen with a knife in her hand . William almost chocked on his water so he sprayed the water from his mouth in the air preventing him chocking . Veronica slowly walked towards him while he moved back until his back touched the fridge.


‘Look Chelsea, I know you and I had a lot of misunderstanding in the past but please, killing me is not the answer . I will do whatever you want just don’t kill me’


Veronica kept walking towards William turning deaf ears on Williams plea with the knife in her hand


‘You really don’t want to do this Chelsea..please do not kill me ,I promise not to bother you again’ .


Veronica was not a feet away from Williams as she slowly raised the knife in her hands


‘Look Veronica please don’t kill me ,am so sorry for might have been a muderer in the past ,when you mudered Beatrice Alfred her daughter,but There’s still room for change you know ?’


‘What wrong with the light anyway ‘ Veronica said as she walked towards the light switch and somehow managed to fix it . She came back in front of Williams and removed the earphones she had in ears all this while ‘ and you , ..what are you doing in front of the refrigerator, you want to divorce me and marry it ..move away from it now’ Veronica said


‘Wait ,you had those earphones plugged in the whole time?’



‘Yes ,so ?’


‘So you didn’t hear anything I said ‘


‘Ofcourse I did not …and I am not interested ‘


‘What are you doing with that knife ?’ William asked


‘To cut my apple ,that in the fridge ..I bought them earlier today and I enjoy my apple only when i slice it’


‘Ohhhhh, I see’ William said as he slowly moved away from the refrigerator.


Veronica opened it and brought out the apples she had put in it fridge .


‘Excuse me ‘she said to William who was standing in her way while he slowly stepped aside for her to pass


Veronica stopped walking immediately she thought of something and slowly turned her back to see William ‘do not tell me you still under the impression that I want to kill you ‘


‘What, me way ‘William said as he folded his arms trying to sound unbothered.


‘I can tell you lying .. I told you I believe in karma ,I am not the revenge kind of person, and killing you is a little too extreme..and I do not know what brought about that nasty thing in your head but one thing am sure of. You wanna know it ?’


‘What is that ?’


‘You a Coward ‘


‘What?’ William asked as his forehead creased in anger


‘Yeah you should change your name from Williams Morgan to Williams Chicken ..get it ,cause you a Chicken ‘



‘Ahahah …how funny ‘William said sarcastically


‘Say whatever you want to still not gonna change the fact that you a chicken


….Coward ‘Veronica said as she walked .


‘You !’ William sighed and ran his hand through his hair ‘ …..That girl ..she might


not be Chelsea but I still can’t stand her …me a Coward, what a joke ‘ T.b.c





Tale of Veronica Hathaway









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