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‘What the heck is her problem ,how dare she call me thirty four ..I mean look at me William do I look thirty four ‘ Veronica asked as she focused on William who was laughing to himself


‘Does she have to point out to you before you realise that, ofcourse you look thirty four ..I mean I told you to look at yourself in the mirror ,it will tell you what you look like ‘


‘Forget it ,asking you such question was a mistake ..I knew you were gonna tease me anyway and make me feel bad about myself . But I do not care ,go have the time of your life with stephany’


‘Will you stop sounding like the typical jealous wife and beside this relationship ain’t even real ,so why you so worked up about all this ?’he asked as he took a bite of the big green apple in his hand


‘I am not jealous okay, I just hate the way she was talking to me I do not like it at all ,she was purposely trying to get on my nerves’


‘No she wasn’t, so stating out the obvious getting on your nerves..I do the same thing all the time ,you never get so worked up .. So what makes her so different?” He sat down on the small chair in the kitchen and focused on her


‘Well that because I am used to you and I have learned to ignore you ..but when some random b**ch ‘


‘Language ‘ William cautioned while she sighed and ran her hand through her hair


‘Am going to the room’ she announced as she walked up the stairs


‘Yea and get ready for the party, we are going okay ‘


‘I am not going ‘ she yelled


‘You have to ,or grandmother will kill both you and I?’


Veronica stopped walking and turned back slowly’ grandmother?”


‘Yup ,she probably has her eyes on us right now …I have the feeling that she probably hired one of her spy, to make sure we are together this honeymoon ‘


‘Oh please ,no way she can do that ‘


‘She is my grandmother and I know her . It won’t hurt you if you just go to the girls party. Stop being so jealous because she is way hotter than you ‘


‘Way hotter than me !’ She inhaled deeply to control her anger and smiled forcefully ‘you know what ,I will meet you at the party and show you who is hotter ‘she said as she walked up the stairs and her footsteps was soon replaced with the loud sound of the door slamming.




‘ Waw William am so glad you here ,my friends will be very pleased to meet you ‘ Stephany said as soon as I entered her little house party. The music was loud and everyone had drinks in their hand . It not my kind of party ,since I am already use to classy business party with a calm atmosphere and classy guest . ‘ so do you like my party ‘she asked while I smiled lightly


‘Well it great..I guess ‘I tried my best not to hurt her feelings with my word since I am known to be a very honest person . Even though my honesty sometimes hurt people’s feeling even when i do not intend to sometimes


‘You guess ?…you do not like my party?’she asked looking a bit sad even though she was trying to cover her sadness with a smile.


‘No not bad….Am not used to this kind of party you know ,but trust me there is


room for change ‘ I tried to make her better while she smiled


‘Okay that great …seems your wife isn’t here ,I know she wouldn’t like this kind of party anyway,she doesn’t look cool enough for it ‘Stephany said while I gave her a light smile . She might be hot and all ,but I still have no feelings for her ,I am just cool with her . But for some reasons, I do not like her saying mean things about Veronica and I’m certainly not in the mood to defend Veronica cause she will get the wrong thoughts . Whatever is between Veronica and I should remain that way ,I do not want her to start thinking I have some kind of feelings for her which is definitely not true .


‘So wanna Dance?’ She asked while u smiled at her


‘Will love to, but am not really the dancing type ‘


‘Okay ,let me introduce you to my friends ‘


‘Okay ‘ I answered feeling really uncomfortable at the party as I stood on my feet


‘Hey girls, look who we have here William Morgan ‘ Stephane says as I waved at her friends who has the Expression of a hungry lion ready to jump on it prey


‘O .M.G ..I really can’t believe this,you are William morgan ..I am so happy to see you ,I can’t believe am standing in front of you ,am a huge fan’ they all looked really excited to meet me as Stephanie introduced me to them individually


‘Ummm,can you Excuse me ,I need to get a drink ‘


‘Yea sure ‘ she answered as I walked away . I needed some alone time and I was getting really suffocated in this party . I couldn’t help but wonder where Veronica is . She promised to be at the party now I feel like she Is breaking it . If she was here I will have someone to tease and I won’t have to be extraordinarily nice to Stephanie and her friends .



I brought the drink close to my mouth to gulp it down ,but I stopped it halfway when I set my eyes on something .The glass in my hand slipped right off immediately as I focused on what I just saw’


‘Hey William ‘ Veronica greeted with an arrogant smile on her face while I just stared at her with my mouth slightly opened





‘You do know he is married right?’My friend jenna said while I smirked


‘So doesn’t mean I can’t flirt with him me he is really cute and hot but I have no ulterior motive..and yeah am getting paid to do this ‘


‘Getting paid how ?’ She asked while I smiled


‘It nothing ,anyway you will find out very soon ‘


‘Yea okay ..but who is that hottie talking to Morgan right now?’


‘What hottie ?’I asked as I turned my back abruptly . I was shocked to see Veronica standing in front of William. Some part of me tells me she must have taken my insult to heart that she is looking way hotter than me tonight . But Nevertheless I won’t let her get anywhere close to William throughout this honeymoon of theirs




I wanted to ask her a lot of questions, like what did you do to yourself,why do you look so different, but for some reasons I just couldn’t say what was on my mind .


‘William ‘


‘Yea ‘


‘Ummmm will you stop staring at me ,it getting uncomfortable ‘.


‘Staring at you ,are you kidding me …I wasn’t staring at you but out of curiosity..what did you do to yourself?’I asked while she arched her brow



‘Proving you wrong, I am showing you that I am way hotter than Stephanie..I admit ,I am not the fashion type ,but I am still way hotter than Stephanie ‘


‘Well you ….’


‘Hey William ‘ Stephanie held me by the arm while smiling at me .. her eyes darted towards Veronica who looked at her with so much pride in her eyes ‘hey Chelsea ,O.M.G ,you look amazing…I mean wow ,the dress ,the boots ..I love your new hairstyle look pretty and twenty four again ,I see you must have taken my words to heart..but I didn’t mean it that way…but we still have to admit ,I look better in this outfits’


‘In this outfit ,I do not think you have ever worn outfits like this before..I mean must of the things you wear are so last season..and what am wearing now is a Mckara, a very expensive tell me darling ,can you afford a Mckara?’Veronica asked and ouch was that painful ..I should have just warned Stephanie against trying to exchange words with Veronica since she has smashing comebacks . And I can say what Veronica said really got to Stephanie judging from her tight grip on my hand


‘Too tight ‘I said as she slowly let me go and faked her laughter ‘ummm sorry ,I will be on the dance floor with William, you can dance alone ‘


‘Yea sure ,why not …I see you have no boyfriend, so go ahead, you can dance with my dear husband


.as it is ,I have learned to help the needy, so it really no can go ahead ‘


Stephanie dropped my hand as she glared at Veronica ‘ I will be in the bathroom ‘ she announced as she walked away while Veronica had a smirk on her face.





I hit my hand on the bathroom sink as I stared at the mirror


‘Whatever you are doing now ..I payed you for,if you want a clean job not take her words to heart ..she has a bad mouth agreed but you should be way smarter



than her ,do you get that ‘Beatrice said .I was so angry ,I wished I could just strangle that Chelsea


‘You know what Beatrice ,I thought she was an easy target..but I will just have to step up my game and most importantly make her pay for what she just said to me …I Promise I will’


‘Now that the spirit Stephanie, you just have to make her pay .it seems wherever Chelsea goes she is hated by someone..and now I am not alone ,you also hate her very much now Stephanie ‘


‘Yes I do ,I hate her a lot..I just have to make her pay for all she said to me ‘










Tale of Veronica Hathaway









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