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You here? and so early? ‘ The manager asked looking suprised at the same time trying to use a smile to cover this expression.


‘Well ,punctuality is the soul of business ‘Veronica answered while The manager stared at her with so much admiration


‘Well come with me so I can introduce you to the team ‘ The manager Mrs Wilson said to Veronica who nodded and followed her ‘ Hello everyone meet Chelsea Morgan ,our new employee here at Mercer restaurant, I want all of you to treat her well and be nice to her’


Mrs Wilson left Veronica with the rest of the workers after all the necessary formalities.


‘So who exactly are you?’ A very cute lady same age as Veronica asked


‘I am Chelsea, Mrs Wilson introduced me earlier remember ‘



‘No not that,what am trying to say is Mrs Wilson isn’t nice enough to give any of her employees a warm welcome talk less of an introduction. Something tells me you are special ‘


‘Well she must be in a very good mood ‘ Veronica said with a shrug while the lady sighed


‘Well ,if you say so ..and yeah where are my manners. Am chloe ‘


‘ Nice to meet you Chloe, well Excuse me. I need to drop my bag in the locker ‘


‘Wait a second ,is that McKara bag you holding. This thing cost an arm and a leg ,how were you able to afford it?’ Chloe asked with so much bewilderment


‘Well someone got it for me .As a gift ‘


‘Someone gifted you Mckara .That so cool . I am tots gonna wig out if someone gifted me a Mckara ‘


‘Yea ,you can have it if you want it ‘ Veronica said


‘Nah. Not necessary, it not polite to regift a gift you know ‘ Chloe said


‘Okay then ,Excuse me ‘ Veronica figured if she wants to hide her true identity from them ,she will just try to blend in . And the first step in doing that is not bringing a 20 thousand dollars designer bag to work.


‘Hey watch it ‘ A grumpy looking co worker said immediately Veronica bumped into her by accident on her way to the locker


‘Am so…..’


‘Whatever ‘ she said rudely as she walked away


‘Yeishhh ..what are problem?’



‘That Jade ..and yeah she is a real sadist. I am warning you cause I like you ,do not cross apart. She isn’t exactly a nice or happy human’ Chloe warned with a frown on her face while staring at Jade who was sitted alone while staring at something on her cellphone


‘Well I have no plans of crossing her part ‘ Veronica told Chloe who shrugged and walked away.


The day was like every other normal day ,there wasn’t a lot of work for her since the restaurant didn’t get too much customers. She managed to maintain a good relationship with all the girls except jade who isn’t the social kind of person . Veronica is just like jade but the only difference is she still talks to the other girls when necessary, but will never be found chit chatting with the other girls when she is suppose to do her work diligently.


William arrived back home after a long day at the office. He had several business meetings and several deals to seal


‘Welcome back sir ,what should I prepare for dinner?’ The chief chef asked William who sat down on the couch


‘I must compliment you for the chicken noodle soup you made this morning. It was good ,just make that again’


‘Well sir I wasn’t the one who prepared that ‘ the chef answered while William whose was on his cellphone turned to look at the chef ‘


‘If you didn’t make it ,then who did ?’


‘Your wife sir ,she was the one who made this’


William couldn’t believe what he was hearing . He knows Chelsea very well and cooking isn’t part of her qualities. She was a horrible cook and now she was able to make a food this morning.


He was absolutely confused as he stood on his feet and went straight to his room .



He doesn’t know how this is possible but he is beginning to have some doubts about this new Chelsea. The way she speaks, act and everything is all different and she isn’t obsessed with him like before. This new Chelsea is like the opposite of Chelsea. He is absolutely curious, something keeps telling him that there’s something wrong here but how is he going to find out


An idea immediately hit his mind and even though he doesn’t like that idea ,he had no choice but to do it if he wants to find out the truth.


Veronica was completely burned out when she arrived back at the house ,she tossed her back aside and collapsed on the bed .


‘If I work hard like this everyday, then I will have more than enough to pay Williams bill and by the way where is William


Someone barged into her room while Veronica lifted her upper body to see who it was that just barged into her room


‘William you …can’t you knock ,I could have been naked you know ‘ Veronica said as she stood on her feet


‘Take off your clothes, I need to see something ‘


‘Excuse you.. have you gone mad, take off my clothes, how ridiculous ‘


William who wasn’t willing to argue with her any further pushed her on the bed while he climbed on the bed


‘William let go of me’ Veronica said while hitting him continuously. He raised her arms above her head with his left hand .Veronica struggled to free herself but she couldn’t escape since his hold on her cause he was just too strong ‘


‘Let go of me what are you doing?’ She asked but William didn’t answer instead he tore her shirt while black Lacey bra was exposed in front of him . William looked absolutely shocked immediately he tore shirt as he slowly let go of her .Veronica on the other hand pushed him off and slapped him really hard across the face.



‘How dare you cheap disgusting man’ Veronica said as she used her thorned shirt to cover her exposed body


William who was absolutely shocked from what he just saw couldn’t retaliate or say anything in his defense, instead he slowly stood on his feet and walked out of the basement room.


‘How can he do this …I don’t think I can live in this house anymore, most especially after what he has done ‘.


But ,she was suppose to have a scar on her waist. Chelsea obsession for William is so strong that she once burnt herself with hot iron rod when William told her he doesn’t love her at all. She did this to commit suicide but William was able to stop her before she could harm herself any further. Even though William was able to stop her from killing herself, that little action left a nasty scar on her waist that can’t just disappear.


‘ Could this be that this is not Chelsea but someone else’


He arched his brow as he recieved a call from the private investigator he hired


‘Any news?’he asked


‘Sir I spoke to one of the nurse in the same hospital Chelsea had an accident. ‘




‘The name of the girl Chelsea was with is Veronica Hathaway . I just sent you a picture of her’


William quickly checked his phone to see this Veronica photo and what he saw shocked him . Veronica looked exactly like Chelsea no difference except the short hair


‘What happened to Veronica,Hathaway?’ William asked over the phone



‘Well she is in coma ,unlike Chelsea she didn’t regain consciousness so she is Currently in coma . The nurse told me that she was moved from the hospital by some unknown medical practitioners and she has no idea where she was taken to ‘


‘Okay Thanks I will call you back ‘ William said as he disconnected the call


‘This new Chelsea looks like the Old Chelsea, but doesn’t act like the old Chelsea. And she has short hair just like Veronica Hathaway. She can cook ,willing to work as a waiter, isn’t proud or rude like the old Chelsea and doesn’t throw herself at me all the time. Veronica Hathaway, where have I heard that name . She’s the muderer, the lady who mudered Beatrice Alfred and her daughter ….That means they have


been a mistake, this woman is Veronica Hathaway not Chelsea Meyer and the real Chelsea is in coma and has been taken somewhere where no one will find her . That means I have been tricked and just like me Veronica has been lied to ,she really has Amnesia and someone tried to use this to their advantage. Since the real Chelsea is in Coma ,they used Veronica has a replacement. I was punishing the wrong person. But I really can’t jump into conclusions, it might not be what I think. I need more prove to be sure this is Veronica not Chelsea. But what can I do ‘ he stroked his chin while thinking of his next line of action


yes a DNA test. I will have to get Mr Meyers and this person’s DNA test somehow. If it is positive, then she is Chelsea, but if it is negative then she’s not ‘








Tale of Veronica Hathaway









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