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Veronica glared at Williams immediately he came out of the bathroom wearing a white t shirt and ash baggy joggers


‘Why are you giving me that look ,am done can go in now or do you want me to give you a special bath?’


‘Ahahah..very funny William Morgan ‘ she said as she tried to move push Williams aside like he did to her earlier but it seems impossible ‘why won’t you move ‘ she said trying to push him


‘What are you doing ?’ Williams asked as he folded his arms


“Am trying to push you away like you did to me ‘


‘Well you failing at it ‘ William informed while Veronica stared at him breathing loudly


‘Are you made of rock or something, I have been trying to push you ,why won’t you budge?’


‘Cause you a tiny person, do you think you can just push me aside?’ William asked


I don’t have this for nothing ‘he said flexing his biceps ‘You are such a show off, just move out of the way ‘


‘Not until you say please ‘


‘You want me to say please ,what a joke ‘ he replied


‘No problem, you know I could stay here all day long if I have to ‘He had a smirk on his face that Veronica wished she could punch right off


She inhaled deeply trying to control her anger just before she put on a very fake smile and said ‘please William…will you move out of the way ‘


William smirked and moved out of the way while Veronica glared at him and tried to punch him from the back while Williams turned around abruptly making Veronica hold her fist in the air


‘What are you trying to do ?’ He screwed up his face into a frown while Veronica


slowly lowered her fist and stammered


‘Nothing…just on my way to the bathroom ‘


‘Okay then walk in there ‘


‘Sure I will’ she walked into the bathroom while William smiled lightly to himself and picked up the hair dryer to dry up his hair..after some minutes, Veronica walked out of the bathroom dressed in shorts and top .William who was busy staring at himself in the mirror was suddenly distracted by her . He stared at Veronica who was busy drying her hair with a towel ,this was obviously the first time she was wearing something that was revealing a little skin in front of him .For some reason ,he couldn’t keep his eyes off her s£xy straight smooth legs and her small body curvy body .


‘What are you looking ‘Veronica questioned William knocking him out of his thought .William arrogantly stared at before smirking and turning his face towards the mirror ‘ nothing important ‘


Veronica’s forehead creased in anger but she decided to let it go cause she doesn’t seem to be in the mood to have any form of argument with William



‘You can sleep on the bed ,I will manage on the couch ‘William said as he sat down on the couch . Veronica eagerly climbed up the bed feeling happy that Williams decided to let her sleep without her having to fight for it . She suddenly felt guilty knowing filly Well that he wouldn’t be comfortable sleeping on the couch


‘Why don’t you sleep on the bed I will sleep on the couch ‘William lifted his head to look at Veronica that was formally bent down staring at his phone


‘And why ?’he asked


‘Well you see,you are not really used to sleeping on the couch and even though I find you annoying, I really can’t let you sleep on the couch going to be really uncomfortable for you ‘ Veronica said while William dropped his phone and crossed his legs while staring at her . She and Chelsea might have a striking resemblance but they are really not the same. Williams feels she is way better than Veronica and even though he doesn’t like her one bit ,he still can’t ignore the fact that she has a good heart unlike Chelsea


‘And why will I let you sleep on the couch ..I might not like you one bit ,but am still a gentleman ..I really can’t let a woman sleep on the couch while I have the big bed all to myself …so go to sleep, I will manage till tomorrow ‘


‘Then let sleep together on the bed then ,I will create a barrier with this pillow that way we will each have our side to ourself, then boom everyone is happy ‘ Veronica explained all this while creating barriers with the pillows


‘How am I suppose to be sure you won’t take advantage of me ?’William asked


‘I should be afraid of you taking advantage of me ,we all know what happened the last time ‘ she folded her arms and rolled her eyeballs


‘I already apologized okay and beside it wasn’t intentional.’ William said as he stood on his feet and Claimed his side of the bed ‘thanks for allowing me to sleep here your majesty..goodnight ‘he said in a very insincere manner as he lied on his bed and went to sleep



Veronica couldn’t sleep overnight constantly engulfed by the fear that Williams might try to do something funny when she is fully asleep. She already saw him with a thong in his pocket on their wedding night and the other night when he tried to have his way with her made her assume he was nothing but a big flirt .




‘And where are we going to?’Veronica asked the next morning, it was 8:00am and they did not even bother to have breakfast before William made her freshen up and get into his car


‘You will see when we get there ‘


‘You did not let me have breakfast am so hungry ‘ Her stomach grumbled as she sighed in annoyance accepting her current fate.


‘You want to stop and have breakfast at a restaurant ‘ Veronica nodded in a very cute manner that made William smile lightly



‘Will you calm down ,the food is going nowhere ‘ William cautioned Veronica who turned deaf ears to whatever he has to say as she munched on the cottage cheese pancake with raspberry jelly


‘No am good ‘she said while chewing on her food


‘Atleast try to act like a lady ,and this contains lots of calories, it really not healthy for you ‘ William informed Veronica who drank a cup of orange juice and said


‘I eat this for breakfast almost everyday’


‘No way ..I mean if you truly do that you should weigh atleast 600 pounds by now ‘ he said as he used his fork to push his salad back and forth on the plate whole stareing at it


i feel like it a gift, I eat a lot sometimes and hardly workout ,but still i don’t get fat at all’



‘I see’William said as he finally had a bite of his breakfast ‘well a lot of people had to work out a lot to maintain their figure but it seems you not one of them’


‘Ummmm not really ‘Veronica said while William shrugged


‘So do you enjoy eating all this vegetables and salads ‘


‘I have no choice, I have to always look good not like I enjoy them all the time…but I have to eat healthy ‘.


‘Are you kidding me ,this is all you eat ,why don’t I take you to nice places today to have normal food for normal people, although I hardly know anywhere in Florida but I can find my way through the Help of my mobile phone ‘


‘No way I will eat one of those food filled with calories ‘ William said as he dropped his f**k ‘and beside I don’t have a big appetite ‘


‘Let Make today different, come on it my treat ,but first have a bite of this way ‘ she offered him one of her pancake but William instantly made a grimace


‘No way am eating that, it not healthy at all’


‘Come on William try it out’ Veronica tried to convince him but he wasn’t willing to taste it at all ‘just try it ‘


‘Fine fine ,whatever’he gave in tired of Veronica’s winning . He had small a bite of the food and he immediately had a smile on his face . Veronica just stared at him while she also smiled lightly to herself, she couldn’t just ignore how handsome he looks when smiling. She is not the type to smile but it seems the jerk she doesn’t get along with too well is changing that aspect of her life. And now ,the fact that she is smiling because he is smiling is quite strange


‘I want another one ‘William said as he tries to take another pancake


‘Hey order yours and welcome to the real world ,am not giving you any of my food ‘ Veronica said as she shielded her food with her hand


‘Selfish ‘Williams muttered while Veronica stuck out her tongue childishly.


‘I told you it really good’


‘Well you were not wrong ‘ William said as he picked up the savette on the table ‘you have some jelly over here..wipe it off ‘he said pointing to the side of his own lip to show Veronica just where the stain is on her face


‘Here ?’ She asked cleaning the wrong side with her savette


‘Not there ..just a little to the left ‘


‘Like this?’she asked but she was still wiping the wrong place


‘Just hand it over ‘William collected the savette from her as he slowly reached for the side of her lip and slowly wiped the stain while unknowingly parting her lips with his thumb..Veronica on the hand was staring at him while for some reason Williams was already enchanted by the feeling of her small soft lip against his hand .


‘Here all done ‘ he said as he dropped the savette on the table


‘Thank you ‘Veronica blinked repeatedly as she smiled nervously and continues munching on her breakfast


‘You should smile more often ,you kinda cute ‘William said while Veronica started coughing almost choking on her breakfast immediately she heard a compliment from William


‘Are you okay ?’ He asked looking a bit worried for her


‘Yea am fine ‘she said as she took a sip of her orange juice . She looked at William and said ‘you should also smile more often don’t look like the total jerk you are when you do that ‘


William laughed silently while Veronica also joined him in laughing as they both chatted while enjoying their breakfast









Tale of Veronica Hathaway






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