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I just have to stop being scared of her . I mean she is just a girl, she is nothing I can’t handle ..all you have to do is pull yourself together Williams ‘his little courage speech was interrupted when his cellphone rang. ‘And now who is this?’he asked as he checked his Phone ‘ grandmother ‘he muttered with a smile as he picked the call ‘hello grandma ‘


‘Hello William,how are you?’she asked


‘I am fine grandmother and you ?’



‘I am okay’


‘So why did you call so suddenly, is anything the matter. Don’t get me wrong it not like I am not happy you called ‘


‘Well everything is fine, I just wanted to inform you that am in new York right now and I will be coming over to your house first thing in the morning…I just can’t wait to see you and your beautiful wife ‘


‘oh that great grandmother ‘William’s and his grandmother spoke over the phone for awhile before he hung up with a smirk on his face


‘I am so happy ,grandmother is coming tomorrow ‘he said as he sat down on his bed . Something suddenly hit his mind that immediately wiped that smirk off his face . He was extremely excited to see his grandmother the following day ,but also ,he can not really risk telling his grandmother the real reason behind his marriage ‘ I have to tell Veronica about this. And most importantly, she has to move to this room …of grandmother finds out that I Make my wife sleep in the basement, she will make me sleep in the basement for the rest of my life ,she is really not going to spare ..I better go tell her this ‘William grabbed the door knob but thought of something that made him hesitate ‘ I am absolutely sure that if I try to see Veronica by this time of the night ,she is just going to taunt me and accuse me of sΒ£xual harassment..doing that will be the first thing I do in the morning ‘




Veronica was woken up by sounds of footsteps and mummering. ‘ I just want to sleep ‘ she said sleepily as she rolled on the bed lazily.


‘What the heck ‘ Veronica said in anger as she sat up strait clearly irritated by all the noises she has been hearing . The maids that were walking before stood still and focused on her .Veronica rubbed her eyes with her hand and looked at the maid with squinted eyes


‘What are you all doing here ,and where all my things ‘she said as she looked around and non of her clothes and outfits were in sights



‘Leave us ‘ William ordered the maid who bowed and immediately walked out of the room


‘William what is this, what are you doing here so early in the morning and where are my stuffs ? ‘ she asked with a puzzled look as she tucked her hair behind her ear


‘They are in my room ‘


‘Your room ,what gives..why are my things in your room?’


William sat down on the sofa and folded his arms ‘well you see my grandmother is finally coming back home after all this years’


‘sorry hold on a second, you have a grandmother’ Veronica asked looking so surprised


‘yes I do.. So?’ Williams asked as he arched his brow while Veronica shrugged


‘okay continue..’


‘so that is why I moved your stuffs to my room’


‘okay this might sound really rude, but I am sorry… What does your grandmother coming back home has to do with my things being moved to your room’


William sighed as he rubbed his temple with the tips of his fingers ‘how dumb are you?’ he asked


‘excuse you?’


‘my grandmother doesn’t know the truth about our relationship, and she is actually really excited to meet her new grand daughter in law, so if she finds out that i made my own wife sleep in the basement, I can only imagine what she will do to me’


“so in a nutshell, you are scared of your grandmother ‘



sort of, not really, I just respect her a lot and she means the world to me, if she finds out about our marriage and all, it might not end well for you and I at all’ it was obvious he was trying his best to sound unbothered by all this .


‘I see, well am not going to move away from this place at all’ Veronica said as she lied down on the bed


‘what the heck are you talking about?’ Williams asked as he arched his brow


‘well it simple, all I am saying is you have been very mean to me, so why in seven seas should I help you ‘ Veronica sat down on the bed and crossed her legs while staring at Williams who clenched his fist in anger


‘Look ver…I mean Chelsea ” he corrected himself very fast before he could pronounce her full real name ‘I am not in the mood to argue with you so let go now ‘


‘Excuse you ..I just asked you why in seven seas should I help you ‘


‘You are not helping me in anyway okay, you also helping yourself. Think about this, if our grandmother finds out the truth about this union . It will surely get to your mother and once it does you know what will happen’


Veronica ran her hand through her hair in fraustration since William just managed to convince him . She had planned to use this to blackmail him into apologizing to her for all his past misdeeds.


‘Okay fine let go ‘ she said as she stood on her feet and walked out of the house while William followed her


‘When will your grandmother be here? ‘ she asked


‘Am already here ‘ a voice answered as Williams and Veronica simultaneously turned towards the end of the corridor


‘Grandmother ‘ Williams called her name with a smile on his face . Veronica couldn’t help but notice this ,this must be the first time she is seeing a sincere and



beautiful smile on Williams face . His grandmother must really mean a lot to him like he had said earlier


‘I am really happy to see you grandmother been awhile’


‘Well you hardly visit me ,so i had no Choice but to see my loving grandson ..where is Beatrice by the way ?’she asked


‘Well grandmother, Beatrice will be here very soon. Just tell me about your trip’


‘I will eventually do that ,but first let me see your wife ‘ she said as she walked towards Veronica


‘You are extremely beautiful my dear ‘ she said as she caressed her cheek with a smile on her face


‘Hello ma’m, am so happy to see you ..and I must admit ,you are also extremely beautiful ‘ Veronica charmed the old woman with her sweet talk ,while she smiled back in response


‘I am really sorry I couldn’t come to your wedding but here have this ‘ she said as she gave her a small box


‘What is this grandmother?’Veronica asked as she arched her brow


‘Why don’t you open the box and see for yourself ‘ she said while Veronica opened the box


‘ A gold bracelet ,grandmother, this looks really expensive I really can’t ‘


‘Shhhhhh,it a gift and I will feel very sad if you do not accept it. Williams didn’t you tell her how much I hate people rejecting my gifts ‘


‘Yes Chelsea, it a gift just accept it..grandmother really doesn’t like people rejecting her gift’ Veronica sighed and closed the little box.


‘Thank you very much for this grandmother, it is really ‘



‘Well beautiful girls deserves beautiful things ‘ she turned to Williams and said ‘ I am so tired now ,take me to my room please ‘


‘Sure thing grandmother ‘ he answered with a smile on his face as he led her to her room


Veronica slowly opened the door to Williams room and inhaled deeply


‘I was thrown out of this room by William just days ago and now ,the same Williams just brought me back to this room .how funny?’


‘Do not be too happy with yourself Chelsea, you will leave this room as fast you came in very soon’ William said as he walked into the room


‘Ah great you here. And by the way, it not like I enjoy being close to you anyway. I am doing this for your grandmother’s sake ‘


‘How ironic, you are doing this for your sake . Stop acting like you are doing me a favour’


‘Your grandmother is the sweetest person I have ever seen . I can’t help but wonder how she got a jerk like you as a grandson ‘


‘I wasn’t born a jerk ,your look alike made me the jerk I am today ‘ The words only came out of William before he realised what he just said


‘My look alike what do you mean by my look alike ‘


‘You such a dummy, I was being sarcastic. I was obviously referring to you, I just used the word look alike ‘


‘Whatever, the last thing I want now is to be so close to you ‘


‘Like I also want to be so close to you ..why don’t you move to the closet ,so I can have my room all to myself ‘



‘You want me to move into the closet,why don’t you move into the bathroom so I can have this room all to myself ..I just can’t wait till grandmother goes back to Paris, so I won’t have to breathe the same air as you ‘


‘I am so tired of arguing with you’ William said as he sat down on the bed


‘Like I am also interested in arguing with you any further ‘


For some reason Williams just couldn’t help but curse himself mentally. He made a big mistake marrying this woman, she is worse than Chelsea Meyer and unlike other woman he had come across with ,she doesn’t seem to be charmed by his good looks, fame and wealth. It like she doesn’t give a damn about those things at all


She appears to be a simple,innocent and smart woman which makes William confused on why she will want to murder her own family . But he wasn’t really concerned because her personal story is none of his business . The only reason she is still with him is to find out the master planner.


‘Really William did that ‘


‘Ofcourse he did ‘ grandmother replied. She and Veronica were having a little chats in the sitting room while William on the other hand was staring at them . He was not really pleased with the fact that his grandmother seems to be enjoying her company a little too much . When he finally decides to end things with Veronica, he is not sure of how he is going to tell her the full story. She will obviously be hurt cause she seems to like Veronica


‘So now Chelsea how was your honeymoon?’


‘Honeymoon grandmother?’ Veronica asked


‘Yes honeymoon ‘ she answered


‘Well you see ,there’s no honeymoon..I mean Williams and I have not done that yet ‘


‘What, you both have been married for weeks and you have not gone on your honeymoon, that wierd….why Williams ‘



‘I have just been really busy grandmother ‘ he lied


‘Well ,I am here and am going to make things right are going on your honeymoon tomorrow ‘


‘What!’ William and Veronica shouted at the same time as they stared at each other


‘What wrong ?’


‘But I have a meeting tomorrow ‘William said


‘Cancel everything, you going on your honeymoon tomorrow and that final’ she said as she stood on her feet


William and Veronica can’t stand each other for a second and going on a honeymoon just seems extreme


It like pure hell for both of them and one thing is for sure ,this is going to be a trip to remember in a bad way








Tale of Veronica Hathaway









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