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Veronica paced back and forth in her room as she bit her lower lips in fraustration. The only thing she is happy about is the fact that Beatrice is not going to be living with them . She has her own house ,it bad enough that she has Williams to deal with ,adding Beatrice to the list will be a major problem.


‘I need some fresh air’ She said as she stood on her feet and walked out of the basement . The pool was surrounded by fancy lights ‘I am sure the water is nice ‘she said as she sat down on the lounge chair


‘Just who exactly is this new Chelsea, she doesn’t act like the old one . It like she is a new person . Is this all part of her schemes ..nahhhh I doubt it. Her amnesia is legit ,I confirmed it myself with the help of a trusted doctor and so far so good, i have no report from my private investigators.. I need some fresh air ‘


If only she remembers her past, she will know what really happened between William and her and also know how to fix it. But it not possible for now, she does not think the relationship between both of them is ever going to work out.


A big insect landed on her shoulder and she jumped up in fear and screamed cause she was freaked out by even the tiniest crawling or flying bugs.


Due to the way she stood on her feet abruptly, she slipped on the wet floor and fell into the pool.


William heard distance noises of someone shouting help but he couldn’t figure out where the sound was coming from ‘sounds like Chelsea, I wonder what that witch is up to this time’ he said as he ran towards the poolside immediately he figured out that was where the noise was coming from


‘Well well well.. Look who is drowning’ Williams said as he sat down on the lounge chair


‘William help, I can’t swim and I think i am terribly scared of water’ Veronica said as she struggled to swim out of the water



‘are you kidding me, you won an Olympic medal not swim?’

in swimming, how can you



‘look, William just get me out of here before I die. I don’t think i am a big fan of water’ she begged still struggling to stay on the surface of the water


‘I do not believe you, infact I do not believe a word you say. A swimmer that can’t swim.. How ridiculous is that’ William started getting worried when he could no longer hear her voice. ‘Is she really serious about drowning?’ He questioned himself


‘hey dramaqueen, Chelsea’ he called her name but there was no reply ‘she really can’t swim.. But I can’t get in the pool either’


Williams use to be great at swimming until he develops a sudden illness that allows him to get terribly sick when he is exposed to Cold ❄. He knows better than to step outside without using his pills and wearing a Coat during winter


‘but if I don’t jump into the pool she might die and how will I make her suffer. I hate her but not to the point of death. But if I go into that water, it will have severe Consequences for me’ William decided to save her and jumped into the water knowing fully well that thing might not end well for him


‘hey Chelsea’ he called her name as he patted her cheek lightly in the pool ‘she us unconscious’ Williams helped her out of the pool. He slowly dropped her near the poolside as he went on his knee next to her


‘Chelsea, wake up’ he called her name while patting her unconscious face ‘what should I do now?’ Williams asked himself as he tried to make Veronica regain her consciousness . Mouth to mouth resuscitation was the first thing that came to his mind. He was pretty sure he was not going to enjoy this, but he had no choice but to do it. Before his lip could touch Veronica’s lip, she suddenly started coughing spitting water from her mouth unto Williams face


‘What the hell’ William exclaimed as he stood on his feet abruptly clearly disgusted with the water Veronica accidentally spat at him. Veronica who was now fully conscious stood on her feet feeling deeply sorry for what she justdid to William


‘I am so sorry William, I really didn’t mean to…..’



‘I risked my health just to save your life and the thank you I get Is you shooting dirty water from your mouth right at my face’


‘I am really sorry, it not like I did that Deliberately ‘


‘Blah blah excuses ..if I get sick then it all your fault chelsea. And you will be responsible for this’ he said as he walked away


And now what is his problem, why is he getting so angry. He is so such a strange man,he didn’t even give me the chance to stay Thank you for helping me. Whatever ‘


I slept on my bed while thinking of my Current situation, am I really going to live the rest of my life like this ,In this basement ,being hated by my husband for the rest of my life . Maybe I have no feelings for William Morgan yet but that doesn’t mean I want him to hate me . What if I try to make things right between us . It probably a good idea if I get him to forgive me for my past mistakes ,but ..what exactly am I going to do?. I need a drink


Veronica stood on her feet and walked out of Of the basement to get herself some orange juice in the kitchen. She opened the fridge and they where Varities of drinks and juice boxes


‘Juice boxes.. well I wasn’t expecting this ‘ Veronica who wasnt really interested in the mini juice boxes took a jug of fresh orange juice and closed the Fridge .


She flinched in fear immediately she Closed the fridge and saw Williams standing close to her. He has been standing there all along but could not see him Thanks to the refrigerator door that was blocking her’You scared me what are you doing here’ It was obvious he had no interest in answering her questions as he opened the refrigerator himself and grabbed another jug of fresh orange juice . Veronica decided to ignore him as she tried to reach for a glass in the top cabinet


‘Why does it have to be up there’ she asked herself while standing on her toe and stretching her hand as far as possible to grab the glass


‘Move away dwarf’ William said as he pushed her away rudely and easily grabbed the glass that was on the top shelf


‘Dwarf? ‘ Veronica asked


‘Yes dwarf’ William answered as he handed over a glass to her . Veronica sighed as she poured herself a glass of juice . She was clearly not ready to argue with him so she decided to take the glass of juice to her room.


Just before she could step out of the kitchen ,she heard Williams coughing non stop and she turned to her back to see what was going on. ‘Hey are you okay?’


‘Did I tell you something is wrong with me ?’ William asked


‘Okay then ‘ Veronica answered as she turned her back to leave but William started coughing again


‘Okay something is definitely wrong with you ‘she said as she walked towards him. ‘You a mess William ‘Veronica said as she stared at him. He looks really pale and weak . And his nose was extremely red like he rubbed it to much


‘Just sit down now ‘ Veronica held him by the arms while pointing towards one of the small kitchen


‘Don’t touch me ‘William said as he jerked her hands off him


‘Stop being stubborn okay,I just want to help ‘


‘Chelsea you …..’


‘Just keep quiet and sit down ‘ Veronica barked ,while William stares at her for awhile and suprisingly, ‘he obeyed her and sat down on the chair calmly


Veronica used her hand to brush his soft and silky black hair to the back as she placed the back of hand on his head to feel his temperature. ‘Waw you burning this because you jumped into the pool to save me?’


‘..what was your first clue ?’William asked rudely


‘Oh am really sorry. This is all my fault’



‘Your sorry isn’t going to fix anything..first you the reason my brother died and now you want to be the reason I die .how ridiculous ‘


‘Yea you right ‘ Veronica answered


‘About being the reason my brother died..Ofcourse I know I am right ‘William answered


‘No ,not about that .About sorry not fixing everything . But I know what can fix it ‘


‘Uhn?’ William asked


She brought out some ingredients like honey ,bitter gourd, etc and mixed it together turning it into a juice perfect for Cold


‘Here have this ‘


‘Eeww what is this disgusting thing you plan on killing me ..’


‘It medicine, am sure it will cure your cough instantly ‘


‘You can’t do anything right ..How can Chelsea of all people make a medicine . You always call the doctor even when you get bitten by a mosquito’


‘Well that doesn’t really sound like something I will don’t


‘Well it is who you are .. I might die if i drink this and beside how did you know how to make this ?’


‘A woman, a woman taught me how to make this ‘ Veronica said as she rubbed her temples trying to remember something but all she could see was blurry images . ‘ I can remember a woman taught me this ..but her face ,I can’t just picture it…anyway forget that just have this ‘


‘Am not drinking that ‘



‘You should..try it ‘ Veronica said as she handed over the glass to him . William stared at it for awhile before gulping down the entire glass


‘Shoot . Wtf is this ?’ William asked


‘It should make you feel better ..goodnight ‘ Veronica said as she picked up her glass juice and walked away.


Veronica couldn’t stop trying to remember who the woman who taught her this mixture actually is but all her attempt were in vain




The next morning, Veronica was already dressed for work and decided to prepare breakfast for William as her way of saying sorry for making him sick and also thank you for saving her the previous night .


She knocked on the door with the tray of food in her hand ,but when there was no reply she pushed the door open and walked into his room


‘He is still sleeping..he looks better than yesterday ‘she said as she dropped the bowl of chicken noodle soup on the table


‘I better get going ‘Veronica said as she turned to leave but William grabbed her by the hand and pulled her on the bed with him . He placed his muscular hand and leg on her small body preventing her from moving. William was fully asleep when he was doing all this ,so he isn’t aware of what he was doing


‘William ‘ Veronica called his name while tapping him . She tried to move him away but he was way too heavy for her ‘ William wake up ‘ Veronica called as he opened his eyes lazily. His facial expression changed from sleep to serious immediately he laid his eyes on Veronica


‘You what are you doing on my bed ?’


‘I can explain ‘


‘How dare you come into my room and try to take advantage of me



.’advantage of you ,are you crazy or something..I am not taking advantage of you ‘


‘Well if you not ,then what are you doing on my bed .I didn’t put you here ‘William said


‘You did did it when you were sleeping okay..’


‘And how come I did not know this ?’ William asked


‘Cause you were sleeping


.I brought you breakfast and the next you did was pull me on the bed ‘ Veronica said


‘Why should I believe have always tried to take advantage of me .and why bring me breakfast you the worst cook’


‘I am not okay and before you talk see where your hand is so we can know who is taking advantage of who?’ Veronica said as she arched her brow


‘What do you mean my ha…..’William could not complete his statement when he


realised his left hand had been on Veronica’s b**bs all along ‘oh am sorry I did not ‘he said in embarrassment as he moved away from her while Veronica stood on her feet


‘Why didn’t you tell me my hand was there ‘


‘Did you let me kept on accusing me ‘She said ‘you took advantage of me disgust me William ‘


‘Hey it not like I had fun doing it either . I didn’t do it on purpose .’


‘whatever ‘she said as she turned her back to leave


‘Do they make you uncomfortable ?’ William asked


What ?’Veronica asked with a frown



‘That bee sting on your chest you call b**bs ..their size makes you feel uncomfortable right ?’


‘Excuse you?’


‘No offense Have you thought of having implants, that thing on your chest is nothing to be proud of ..I never realised my hand was there all along .. I thought it was on your ribcage cause all I could feel was pure bone ‘


‘You do know saying no offense is not a license to offend someone ‘


I mean ,if you marry an unlucky guy immediately we divorce and maybe you have kids ard you going to feed them with that thing ?’


You …’


‘Am sorry to say but you has flat as a pancake ‘


‘Fuck you …you body shamer ‘she said as she turned her back to leave while William was laughing cause she looked kinda hurt by what he said even though she is trying her best to hide it


‘Wait a second why are you dressed like a waiter ?’William asked


‘Cause I work as waiter ‘


‘You…. a waiter …are you freaking kidding me ‘


‘Am not ‘


‘Just what are you trying to prove with this new you. .. the Chelsea I know will rather die than be a waiter ‘


‘I am not trying to prove anything, this is me ..maybe I am not the Chelsea you know anymore ‘ she said as she walked


Walked away


‘What the heck?’


William looked at the soup and it looked absolutely delicious. He had a taste of it


‘Waw ..did Chelsea really make this …this is so good sure the chef made this not her ,she can’t cook like this ‘


But what is wrong with Chelsea, she is so strange..


Chelsea a waiter


His phone rang and he checked the screen for caller ID


Private investigators


‘Hello ..any news ‘


‘Well sir ..on the day of Chelsea’s accident, I just found out she was not the only one in that Vehicle ‘




But nobody mentioned to me that she was not the only one


‘Who is the other woman ?’William asked


‘I do not know that yet sir ,but I will find that out as soon as possible and get back to you ‘ he said as he hung up


So that day Chelsea wasn’t the only in the Vehicle, there was some other woman with her . But no one mentioned this to me . If they didn’t mention this that means the other Woman must play a very important role in this whole Puzzle


So who is this mysterious woman that was with Chelsea on the day of the accident


Is she dead or alive









Tale of Veronica Hathaway









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