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Tale of Veronica Hathaway

















Thirteen years passed and Veronica was now a full grown twenty years old lady . Her evil aunt Beatrice had gain legal rights of her parents property when she was just eighteen and her aunt only spent the money on herself and her daughter .


Loren was sent to a private high school while Veronica on the other hand was enrolled into a public college not as prestigious and has expensive has loren but was still very okay and the part thay really saddens the heart was the fact that her aunt Beatrice told her that she will only sponsor her education when she works at a stripper at a strip club she owns just because Veronica happens to be really pretty.


‘Veronica, Veronica ‘ her friend jessie called as she ran behind her





Hey jessie ,how are you ?’ I asked as i closed the big English textbook in my hand and dipped it in my bag


‘I am cool ,i have been calling you for awhile but you seem to be so focused on your book’


‘Yes ,i am …we have an exam coming up ,so i have to study hard ..i want to maintain my perfect grades ‘


‘Oh you nerd ,i sort of wish i was like you,all you ever do is focus on your studies while i was forced to go to college by my dad who for some reasons want me to be lawyer ‘


‘Lucky you,i mean i will go to college without anyone asking me to ,but here you are having a dad to sponsor your education ‘ i said with a my normal cold expression as i removed the string of hair from my face



‘And yea Veronica, we friends but you never invite me to your house ,i assume am your bestfriend since you never talk to anyone else in college just me ‘


‘Yea ,not a big fan of inviting friends to ny house and beside my aunt wouldn’t like that idea’


‘You live with your aunt? ,never told me that and we have been friends for like months ‘ jessie said


‘Yea ,it must have skipped my mind’i tucked my hair behind my ear and shrugged ‘i think i have to go ,have a lecture in five minute and i do not wanna miss it ‘


‘Yea sure..bye ‘ Jessie said while i nodded and walked away


My whole life i never had any friend and i never needed one either .i enjoy shutting everyone out cause after my parent accident and the inhumanely way my aunts treats me . I am scared and afraid to love anyone else or have anyone close to me . I am scared to make friends because i dread the fact that at the end of the day ,everyone i love and care about ends up leaving me. All alone in this cruel world. Jessie thinks she is my friend cause she is the only girl i talk to in college but i do not consider her my friend ,i consider her to be an acquaintance, i barely even know her and inviting her to my house will be nothing but wierd …and besides what could be more embarrassing than her finding out that my room is a cold, dark dirty basement in my parents mansion.


‘Hey Nica ‘Albert a really handsome guy who never misses an opportunity to talk to me greeted on my way to lecture


‘Hey i told you already, my name is Veronica okay .. do not call me nica ‘i corrected him as i walked pass him


‘I was wondering if you would like to have lunch with me later in the day?’


‘Sorry i can’t ,am busy ‘ i said


‘Then would you like to do something together later in the day ?’he asked



‘Well no can do Albert , we have exams coming up soon ,i have to study so i do not think i am available now ‘


‘Oh ..okay Cool’


‘Yea bye ‘ i waved as i walked away


Jessie made me believe Albert is crushing on me but for some reason i do not believe that cause he is like one of the hottest guy in school and even though he likes me ,i can never like him back and am just going to shut him out like everyone


Immediately after school, i resumed my work of being a stripper at my aunt’s strip club …i really do not enjoy this but apparently this is the only condition i was given if i want to remain in the house and also go to college


I really want to take my parents property from her


‘Hey s£xy b**ch ‘ a man old enough to be my dad said as he slapped my butt


I hate my life and didn’t like all the harassment i face each and everyday from different guys


I hate dancing on a pole naked and i hate my aunt so much and I hate her daughter loren ,i hate my parents for leaving me behind and most of all i hate this world


I walked into the house later in the night and walk straight to my room or should I say basement . I switched on my lamp and settled down in my room


‘I need to study ‘ i said as i brought out my textbook to study..i heard some sounds downstairs as i opened my door and walked down the stairs . I saw loren dressed in a very ritzy outfit sneaking into the house as she held her shoes in her hands .she had lots of make up on so i immediately assumed she is coming from one of her late night party she went to without her mums permission . Even though Loren is 17, aunt Beatrice can be really controlling and treats her like she is fifteen which is one of the reason she forbids her from going to late night parties


‘Loren ,you out again without aunt permission ‘



‘She sighed and tucked her hair behing her ear ‘do you mind ,i am not in the mood to listen to your nonsense, so get out of my way’


‘Whatever ‘i said as i turned my back and walked away


‘Talk about annoying ‘ Loren muttered


What her problem anyway, whatever happens between her and her mum is their business


The next morning, i was woken up by noises and i decided to walk downstairs to see what is going on


‘Mum why did you check my phone ‘Loren shouted


‘I saw a protection in your bag and some guy sent you a message thanking you for last night….were you out last night even after i forbid you to go to those parties ‘


‘Mum am not a kid anymore, can you just chill out please ‘


‘I will hit you ,did you tell anyone before leaving ? ‘ Aunt Beatrice asked while Loren looked aroud,her eyes stopped on me and she said ‘i told Veronica and she saw me coming back too’


‘What the…?’


‘Yes Veronica, tell mum the truth ‘ Catherine said


‘No i didn’t..i mean she didn’t tell me anything ‘ i said


Aunt Beatrice turned towards my direction and asked ‘ did she or did she not ask you for your permission ‘


‘No aunt she didn’t ‘


‘Well did you or did you not see her sneaking in last night?’she asked again



‘Well aunt i did but…..’i couldn’t finish my sentence before a slap landed on face ..i


held my cheek as my eyes glistened with tears… i turned to look at loren who had a mischievous smile on her face ,she seems to be so pleased with all this.


‘You saw that and you couldn’t even tell me ,now tell me how should i punish you ?’ Aunt Beatrice asked


‘Aunt i didn’t ‘


‘Stop trying to defend yourself Veronica, you made a mistake so you should be punished ‘ one of the nosey maid in thirties Amanda said..Aunt Beatrice didn’t make me inferior to the maids so the maids assumes am one of them and has no respect whatsoever for me ‘i think you should make her clean the entire house’


‘Well it is decided,today you won’t be going to college instead you will do all the works in the mansion with no help whatsoever from the maid’


‘But aunt Beatrice ‘


‘Don’t you dare argue ‘ she said as she walked away


I glared at Loren who made fun of me


‘That just a tip of an iceberg loren ,next time try to mind your business and stop spying on me…bye bye looser ‘ she said as she walked away


See why i said i hate my life


Her daughter is at fault but i get blamed not telling her


I hate both Beatrice and Alfred


I miss my mom and dad


They shouldn’t have left me behind



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